Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The end of the year is approaching and so is the start of another year.

Cherish the past and appreciate the future.

Those who are partying and drinking tonight, party and drink sensibly... stay safe not for yourself but for your loved ones.

Just got to know that a friend didn't get to make it to the new year.

R.I.P. Leo.. You're a great loss to us and will be missed dearly.


Last destination of the trip! とうきょうたわー Tokyo Tower! One of the highlighted trip in my itinerary! If you have read my previous post, you would know that I was looking forward to visit Tokyo Tower rather than Sky Tree. Weird? o.O

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hey! How was your Christmas? I actually had more fun before the actual day itself..

Huge Christmas Tree at the lobby of Gardens Mall. Wouldn't it be great if I could pluck those presents off the tree. Feels like a kid again ;P

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It's the 25th of December! Merry Christmas  メリークリスマス to everyone! I hope everyone will have a great time exchanging present, hanging out together, or rather, just enjoying each other's company :) After all, one of the famous quote during Christmas is; 

All I want for Christmas is You!


For the rest of you who is just bumping at home like me to avoid the crowd and the jam, let's do some shopping! :D They have some great sales going on till the end of the year! So better hurry up!

*click the picture below and do some shopping nao!*

 Let's continue with our Japan journey!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

If you have  been following my instagram @tenshichn, you would know that I occasionally post up videos about the smoothies I make on random days, especially on days when I'm running low... It really bringtens up my day :)

What's Smoothie? Smoothie is..

Easy and fun to make.
Yummy n delicious.
A different variety everyday.
Good for health!

Alright, the mainstream meaning of Smoothie is a drink made out of blended fresh fruits which could also include mixture of ice, frozen fruits, milk, yogurt and etc.

Warning: loud blender noise in parts of the video.

17 December 2013
Milk + Mango Yogurt + Pineapple 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Have three hours to spent on my own at Gardens while I wait for mom. So I thought I'd finish this post on Ipad and post it but plan failed =/

1. Can't even detect Gong Cha's Wifi. Ada macam tiada. Phail 100%.
2. Could not scroll on post edit page using Safari OR Chrome on Ipad which leads to Point no.3
3. Downloaded blogger on Ipad but so limited functions -__________- Could not even select image size. This app super phailed.
4. Too much distraction in this place. Suddenly a baby rat came out of no where and everyone who saw it keep taking picture of it. Poor soul looks so lost that it went round and round thrice before going off to somewhere.
5. Times up!

So end up doing this at home when I'm back..

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

If you're a new student at University of Nottingham or you happen to be around Semenyih area looking for lunch, this is a good place for some Pan Mee, a type of Chinese Hakka style noodle in Malaysia. Direct translation; Flat Flour Noodle. Sounds funny. Haha..

Anyway, I used to frequent this shop and another stall in Broga which operates at the small market place but the one in Broga serioussssly does not taste good anymore. It is kind of disappointing. Well, atleast this one still stays it's best :)

They used to be operating on the road side on an open space area with zink roof which can get you feeling pretty hot and sweaty because of Malaysia's hot n humid weather. Kind of got to thank God that the land owner finally decided to develop that piece of land.

Hence they need to move to the shop lot on the opposite of their old place. It is right on top of the Kedai Kaca dan Aluminium Chin Fat shop.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Rise and shine! 

Up at 5 a.m., got ready and head to つきじ Tsukiji Market! I'm just kidding.. but that's what people tourist usually do when they want to visit Tsukiji Market for the Fish Auction. Initially, that was what I wanted to do; have a look at the Fish Auction, walk about in their wet market just to see how it is like. You must be thinking, Wet Market? Eww. But really, every country's market is different. Not to mention country. There was once I visited the fish market at Semporna, Sabah. Guess what type of fishes are being laid on the table? You might answer, Normal edible fishes? Well, they are of course edible but the fishes there are of pretty colours! Those we only see when we visit places like Aquaria, Underwater World! Yes, those sort of pretty fishes. I doubt they are edible but.. if they are sold in the market, they should be edible right?

#Ootd: Cat print sheer shirt from Cotton On with washed rugged jeans + tan belt and black hoisery and studded bag.

Monday, 2 December 2013

I took a shower to wake up. 

Well, technically it's quite true. i was so wasted for the day that I thought my head would plonk on the table top any time. So, wake up call ~

Thanks to Kim for the free ticket, I attended this Business Think Different Seminar last weekend and met quite a lot of new people. These type of seminar/talk has so much proven that brain drains the most energy out of your body! That is why by the end of the day, I feel totally knackered.

I usually take 2 heavy meals a day, but during these 2 days, I had 3 heavy meals! My body has been asking me to input more food to be processed into energy!!!

Anyway, let's get straight to the point. Here's a picture of my meal:

Does the picture look weird to you? Kind of, right? Notice what's missing? Tons and tons of curry gravy!! Actually I don't prefer soaking my rice with curry. I mean, I LOVE curry and I would LOVE to soak my rice in curry gravy but not when it's spicy. ;P Yes, I'm a lousy Malaysian with low toleration for spiciness.

Anyway, I don't think you would be interested in that unappealing food photo. So let's move on...

Friday, 29 November 2013

*short commercial break*

BLACK FRIDAY Weekend Deals!

Happening from 29th November till 1st December 2013!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Was awaken early in the morning to be mom's chauffeur for the whole day x.x

Now feeling extremely sleepy.Going to be an early night for me tonight.


I was at Kepong and every time if anyone ask me: Lunch makan (eat) where? I can just think of this place. BRILLIANT Nasi Lemak House because I'm a sucker (apology for the language :P) for Pork Rendang Nasi Lemak.

I was introduced to this place by one of my high school buddy who works in Kepong. 

Ever since my first Pork Rendang Nasi Lemak experience there, that's the only thing that popped into my head when it comes to food in Kepong.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Good news! Old blog posts retrieved and I will start uploading them here soon! <3


It's Sunday today, the busiest day of the week at たけしたどり Takeshita Dori, the symbol of はらじゅく Harajuku.

Most tourist might skip this day to visit but I just want to experience the real crowd on a Sunday. ;P

 #Ootd - Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M Neon Pink Striped Sleeveless Tee, Cardigan for overlay, and not forgetting the cheap shade from Topshop ;P

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I had a dream.

They visit me quite frequently and it's usually when the sun began to rise, like it has a timing.

Previously I had this Ramen in a Plate Soaked in Water with Soaped Dirty Dishes Stacked on Top dream.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Been almost a week since my last post. I've been busy, busy, it's so exhausting but it's worth it because everything's heading the positive direction.. :)

Less than 15% to go and I will be done with 1Q84! Can't wait for it!


So, we took a train from あさくさ Asakusa to おだいば Odaiba! With transit of course.

Odaiba is one of the place I was looking forward to during this trip coz it looks really fun!

*Got this off the internet* Look at all the fun stuff! If I was alone, I'd love to venture all around Odaiba whole day! Even thinking back about this place makes me excited!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

I no like you.

Your carpark exit system is faulty =/

Had a bad day. Just feels like getting home asap.

Paid for parking ticket. RM16. You guys must be wondering what I was doing there for the ticket to end up RM16.

Anyway, I never liked the way their ticket system works. You pay for the ticket and they give you a receipt with a barcode to be scanned at the exit.

The thing is, when I scanned the receipt, the gate bar lifts open and then it just falls back down.

Wow, did it expect me to drive pass within 1 millisecond.


Reverse, scan again and it says,"ticket rescanned". I knew this would happen! *deep sigh*

Calls for the security nearby. He took my ticket and scan it again... like it will work wonders for him =/

Obviously didn't work so he had to inform the office.

Stuck here for 15 minutes and nothing happened. I start to lose my patient and I holler at the security and asked why this is taking so long.

He said it's my fault, that I scanned it twice. Wow.. I'm like totally speechless. How is it my fault?

I went on rage but he said he can't do anything. I demand him to get people from his management here.

There's nothing I can do so I just waited and waited. Guess how long it takes them?

Damn right it was > 30 minutes.

I park my car in your carpark and you charge me based on hours.

Do I charge you per hour for wasting my time?

Bad. Day. Max.

Friday, 15 November 2013

It was dad's birthday few days ago..

Brother suggested The Roof at 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama and so we went! Unfortunately, they were having some kinda function there and it was all occupied. 

So we head to Sunway Giza which is nearby. This time, brother brought us to d'italiane kitchen. Sounds macam yes ;P but the food was really meh =/ I would say kinda below average. Maybe it's because of what I ordered. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

おはようございます!Ohayou Gozaimasu!

Good morning! I'm sure many of you are familiar with that verse. Haha..  

Or should I say おやすみなさい~ which represents good night since most people are drooling on the bed at this hour, fallen into a deep sleep. But here I am updating my blog. I actually prefer to work at night. Somehow, I'm more productive and feels more awake at night. Nocturnal you could say. But according to the law of nature, I am suppose to be sleeping right now so that my body can rest, repair, dispose of toxin and etc..


The starting and also the ending point for most of the days during my stay there, Shinagawa Station. A huge crossing hub of numerous different train lines. Busy bee hub just like an airport.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Uploaded the photos but could not really get myself to continue this post.. could not get into the suitable happy mood. Perhaps it has got to do with the new reading.. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Intensely addictive. Can't remember when was the last time I actually read something for long.. probably has been too long.. Too long that somehow as I read, simple sentence structure could suddenly confuse me.. it's confusing. Probably telling me that the familiar tends to fade away without practice..

Just bought a pack of Sun Maid Raisin Mini Snack Packs, placed just on the table within reach. Undeniably highly addictive as well.. Popping in one after another. Group of mini packs staring at me. Makes me steal glances at them almost every minute, resisting the temptation to gobble up another mini pack.  

Click open the WMP icon and Utada Hikaru's song starts to play. She has always been one of my favorite. Somehow, I felt like listening to Prisoner of Love and the sound of it actually made me felt better.. Half of the time, I have a tendency to repeat a song that feels right for hours, days, weeks until I get sick of it.


First morning in Tokyo, Japan after a good night rest. Woke up fresh and excited. Traveled from Kamata to Shinagawa.  I will be staying at Prince Hotel N Tower which is just right opposite Shinagawa Station. Apparently, Shinagawa has become a new busy business hub. Hence, Prince Hotel has been the choice of many business travelers.

Ootd: Brown n black striped sweater with moderate thickness, just right for a slightly chill weather paired with a slightly washed dirty blue Topshop Leigh jeans.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Holla! This is gonna be a pretty long holiday for some people. Maybe stretching from Saturday (Diwali) to Tuesday (Awal Muharram).

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, my first time in Japan! Departure: 2:30pm from Malaysia. Can't remember if I had boarded Airasia X before.. but.. it definitely feels good for a budget flight ^^

Monday, 28 October 2013

It's been a very busy month and will still be till the end of the month! Some people would prefer to have a more relaxing month but honestly, I'm enjoying the busy schedule! Why? Because it makes me feel that I'm not wasting my time! Makes me feel like October is such a productive month!

Anyway, spent Friday to Sunday at a Congress! One of those early Rise and Shine days! Haha.. Hopefully the participation will bear fruit before the end of the year! *pray hard*

Right, suppose to be blogging about my planning for the Tokyo Trip Itinerary! So, how did I plan, where did I refer to, and who did I ask for advice?!?! Well, before I.. *ahem* start my lecture, I'll share my itinerary. If you think it's good, read on. If you think it's crappy, just forget it and move to another information source.

Friday, 25 October 2013

UAE のはなび

Long due photos! Was not motivated to crop the photos as most of them are totally not presentable. Lol..

I was late, which leads to a totally unprepared setting, it was smoky, then it was drizzling and then it drizzle heavily. So much excuses. Lol..

Anyway, here's a few of the most presentable ones among the lot. Sorry for the smoky, tiny fireworks =/ I think I just belittled them..

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Heard of Simple Life? Nope, it's not a reality T.V. show. It's actually an eatery that has been around for quite sometime but I did not get to try it out till yesterday..

It was totally packed when I was there, all tables occupied. So I had to wait for a few minutes before there's an empty table. I actually place a high expectation on the food and the environment after all the comments I heard from other people..

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It is my first time trying out Korea's Food a Holic 3D mask! At first, I was quite skeptical because I have not heard of the brand but then I was quite curious about this 3D mask! How is it like? Guess what?
When I put it on, I love it a lot! ^^ I choose to try out the Snail Natural Essence Mask because this snail thing seems to be quite hype recently. Lol..

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Just woke up from a really really long nap.

Am probably starting to have those numb disappointment feeling after another #FailedAttempt. Haha..

Don't think I am going to share much since I don't think there's a point/benefit of sharing if I didn't make it, right?

Pretty Hot Babes vs Sir Richard Branson. Which is your choice?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hectic hectic first half of October!

Got back from Tokyo/Phuket on Friday. 

Woke up early on Saturday to update my resume, extracted some info about Malaysia Airlines, cabin crew interview and head for the interview!

They start giving out the Q(ueue) Number from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Therefore, If you want to get done with it fast, come really early. I read about it from other blogs but I need to get sufficient sleep and do some last minute research hence I only reach there about 11.40 a.m. My Q number was 498, in the 2nd last batch.

It is easy to look for the location. Just google 'Malaysia Airlines Academy' and you will find the location. It works on Waze too. 

If you are driving, you can park your car along the road outside. I was actually worried about my car as I was inside for 12 hours with my car parked along the road but thank God nothing happened.

So, parked car, fill in visitor slip at the Guard House, walk in to get my Q number, fill it up and just wait for them to call you. 2 hours passed and only 100 was called. Therefore, I actually had alot of time to read up but reading so much makes me really sleepy.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! (although by the time I posted it, it's already past 12, lol) Or maybe I should just say.. I hope everyone had a great time! ^^

Here's one of my favourite Jelly Mooncake! <3

My aunt told me I used to hold on to a whole mooncake (the traditional/original type) and ate it all by myself @.@ But now that I tried it again, I don't think I would eat a whole mooncake again. Lol.. 

#The things that kids do..

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

アメリカチームのはなび~ I missed the fireworks by Disney *sigh*

Anyway, here's some quick steps & tips for newbie photographer by a newbie photographer.. (make sense? no?)

1. Framing
This actually depends on how massive the fireworks are. Usually, fireworks for celebrations and competitions are super massive and humongous. Therefore, you will need to find a location far enough so that you will be able to capture the whole firework into your frame unless you just want to capture a fraction of it. For starters, I'd say, get a far enough location and capture the whole fireworks into your frame. You can still crop them if you want to later on.. Horizontal or vertical, you ask? I usually go for horizontal as fireworks are usually wide rather than tall but then again, it depends on individuals. You can always experiment on both and decide on which you like.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


The weather wasn't siding China yesterday. It started raining before I left ma house but it actually got me more excited. Lol. After dinner, I finally left house with a hopeful spirit because it was still drizzling softly. As I reach Persiaran Lakeview, the drizzle still continues but it's good enough that it has soften down.

Although the weather wasn't perfect, there were more patrons compare to the day before. Many has set up their tripods, shielding with umbrellas while patiently and eagerly waiting for the show to start. I don't even know if it is going to start as planned due to the weather. Kids behind me was even counting down to 10 p.m. but it din't start at 10 p.m. Haha..

Much to our relief, there was announcement after some minutes and the show began! ^^

China was very generous with their fireworks. They were huge, fast, numerous and very fancy ^^ If you are a spectator, you would totally be awed by the show they put up but if you are a photographer, you would be a little dampen because there were smokes captured in most of the photos due to China's quick and generous shots. Haha..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures albeit the smokes..

Saturday, 14 September 2013


It was time for Team France to perform yesterday! Overall, I think they did okay.. Photos turn out nice but it starts to get smoky after a while and the whole sky turns grey and photo turns crappy..

Friday, 13 September 2013

Received some bad news from my brother few days ago. We won't be able to retrieve back my domain name. *sigh* Unless I am willing to pay huge sum for it which I feel, is not worth it. Goodbye Forsakengel.com. The only solution now is to retrieve all entries manually into another new blog. It's a bittersweet process. In a way, I'm glad because I don't have to pay for domain fees anymore but it has been part of me. Guess I'll just have to let go and let time heal the wound... Maybe I made it sound too drastic :D Haha..

I'm not sure how many times I have repeated this but.. here it goes again since I can't retrieve back my old post now. Let me reminiscence a little... Can't believe that it's been so long since I started blogging... more than a decade ago. How time flies.. It used to be a very personal place where I would pour out all my sober and happy moments but not so now since blogging has became so public.. but it is still a good place to record things that happen in my life. It's always good to look back. Especially trip pictures. 

With this, I hope to blog more often rather than getting more and more discouraged! Who know, maybe one day it would be my source of income and I'll never have to worry about my sustainable income anymore! Haha..

Monday, 9 September 2013

Been a very long time since I've been to the cinema. Just in luck, got a pair of free tickets from a friend because he was unable to use it. :) Initially wanted to watch Unbeatable but there wasn't much space left. Just the few front rows.. So went to Pacific Rim instead before it got taken down. 

The starting totally looks like one of those Ultraman scenes. Haha.. but it turned out to be a really awesome movie! Glad I get to watch it :) For those who have missed it at the cinema, you should catch hold of a cd or something.. It's really good :) Here's the trailer to get you started.


Friday, 30 August 2013

After all the hype about Number76 for such a long time, I finally paid a visit to their pretty new branch in Bangsar which open about few months ago.

It is located in a newly furnished corner lot buiding called Telawi Square - previously Czip Lee Stationary (looks like a cute mini mall with a slim escalator. Haha..) opposite Bangsar Village. Number76 is right at the top floor above Shawn Cutler.

Got this picture off Third-Dotter Blogspot

Friday, 23 August 2013

When nail stickers started out in the market, I find them very unpleasant because they look like aluminium foil on nails. It is always silver like with very reflection surface like these...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

はじめまして。わたしは..... です。どうぞよろしく~
How are you? I'm ..... Nice to meet you~

Umm.. this is actually a continuous blog from my previous.. but right now, I can't import my previous entries into this blog b'cause the blog domain expired. Am trying to get the domain subscribed for another year but pretty much got kicked around in a huge football field. So, it's going to take sometime before I get back the domain and.. import the old entries to this blog :)

What do I usually blog about? Well, things that happens in my life, travel, food, a little bit of fashion, and pretty much everything else.. Mostly, I think would be travel post..

I've started blogging really early.. like during my teen years but I've gotten lazy for the past 2-3 years and kind of abandon my blog.. I'm taking an initiative to "jump start" my blog again because I feel that it's a really good thing to do, to record my life and look back at the past although, most of the time, things I do in the past seems so silly now ;D

Another reason I'd like to continue blogging is to practice my beginner Japanese. so, every now and then, you'd see some Japanese character popping up :)

So, I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and leave comments behind :)

So.. see you!