Wednesday, 30 April 2014

For every changes to take place, there need to be a digestive period.


Dim sum tea break at Grand Harbour!

Dim sum is best enjoyed with a group of people because this way, we can share a variety of food!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The one who dares to hold my hand will be the one who can holds it. 12042014.


Initially wanted to go to Number76 for haircut before Chinese New Year but they were freakin fully booked! It's crazy!

So I had to just to some random salon opposite my house for a haircut. I asked for a trim and get it layered. I think I got a cut and my hair just got thicker.. zzz.. Don't know how that could happen.

So last month, decided to go to Number76, and look for Amy to layer my hair :) First visit to their new Bangsar2 branch, just right beside the Bangsar Poslaju.

Super in love with their floor tiles design! Always fascinated with these small tiles design. Might even consider it for my new home! If I have one*

Monday, 14 April 2014

2nd day at Penang! 

I've actually been around looking for these Street Arts 2 years ago but guess I'll bring my cousin around this time! They should be looking forward to it in this trip. There's a few which I've not seen before though..

The street art in Penang which was completed back in 2012 was actually a project by the George Town Festival. Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithunia born artist was the person who completed all these drawings. 

Later on, perhaps it sparks interest of other artist in Penang, a different set of Murals start to pop up like this giant Cat!

MEOW! This cat is much much taller me! Almost a floor high as you can see the railing on top of the cat.

Friday, 11 April 2014

A trip to Penang during the Chinese New Year!

I was actually going by bus but last minute change of plan and I have a holiday group! Sort of. Haha..

Mom said she wanted to revisit Bukit Bendera (but it didn't happen at last) and we brought along my two little cousins! It was a very short trip but was fun.

Very impromptu.

Book a room at GLOW last minute as well. Glad it turned out to be a really nice place.

The room. Less is More.

Just the way I like it. Very simple and comfortable. Looks brand new too!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hmm... and I wonder how crazy it can get!

Can't believe I'm only tasting it now when it has been here since end of 2011.How time flies..

I am not really a fan of fried stuff but I remember my brother saying this was good. So I guess I have to try. :)

It's actually just very simple food. Potato. But it;s amazing how they can use potatoes and make it into so many different dishes and flavours! the most famous and well known shape potato has ever been turned to is of course FRIES! Everybody love fries! Don't you?

Now we can have more amazing fries! What's your call?
Crazy Honey Mustard? Crazy Spicy? Pizza-pizza? Wasabi Mayo? There's so much more!

Moar different forms of potatoes! Crazy curl, Queen's Mashed Potato (think this must be their signature dish), Wedges, English Hash Brown and Potato Skinhead. Other than potatoes, they also have other types of food to compliment your potato orders. Eg, Hotdog, Fish n Chip,Spagetti, Squid Crunch (sounds yummy!) and Onion Rings~

Friday, 4 April 2014

Traveling to other places around the world is awe-some!! But it makes you crave for things that you do not have access to back home. >.<

I had the bestEST EVER Pistachio Gelato in the whole wide world when I was in Venice! Doesn;t look very nice but you can check it out here.

Since then, whenever there is new gelato place in town, I get all fidgety and wants to try their Pistachio flavour!