Friday, 6 December 2013

Rise and shine! 

Up at 5 a.m., got ready and head to つきじ Tsukiji Market! I'm just kidding.. but that's what people tourist usually do when they want to visit Tsukiji Market for the Fish Auction. Initially, that was what I wanted to do; have a look at the Fish Auction, walk about in their wet market just to see how it is like. You must be thinking, Wet Market? Eww. But really, every country's market is different. Not to mention country. There was once I visited the fish market at Semporna, Sabah. Guess what type of fishes are being laid on the table? You might answer, Normal edible fishes? Well, they are of course edible but the fishes there are of pretty colours! Those we only see when we visit places like Aquaria, Underwater World! Yes, those sort of pretty fishes. I doubt they are edible but.. if they are sold in the market, they should be edible right?

#Ootd: Cat print sheer shirt from Cotton On with washed rugged jeans + tan belt and black hoisery and studded bag.

Took the train to つきじしじょ Tsukijishijo Station and found this. It says do not rush. I guess it's a really dangerous place at peak hour. Anyway, the market is just a few steps away from the station. When you're out of the entrance, just turn left, go straight for about 10m and the market will be on your left. Don't think anyone would miss it.

Walk straight into the market and in a short distance, you will see a lot of people with stretch of shops.This is the touristy part of the market. Most shops are selling eateries.

Spot anyone looking Japanese? Not really, right? To be honest, Japanese don't come to this place to eat the freshest sushi! It's rather something claimed by the flooding tourist. Lol. Honestly! But oh well, since we are here, let's have a touristy experience, right?

This is on another row of Sushi Shops. See the amount of people queuing up? There's actually many sushi shops there. Doubt most of the people here knows which one is the best. Oh, did I mention that it's noon when I took the picture? So yea. Unless you are going for the auction, don't bother waking up early in the morning for it. I'm sure the salmon are still as fresh by noon :) All raw fishes in Japan are fresh enough I would say, compare to Malaysia. Unless you have a Godly tongue, you can taste the difference in the freshness by a few hours.

The queue are super long outside every shop. Here's a random bike picture :)

Only shops selling Sushi have long queues out there. If you found any without queues outside their shop, they are probably selling other food such as chicken set meals or てっぱにゃき Teppanyaki sets.

This is わさび Wasabi before being made into the wasabi paste served in Sushi Bars. I told my aunt this is wasabi because the label says わさび but she didn't believe me x.x And look! Even the wasabi here is kept fresh with ice!

Would you join the queue? That's something to ponder on if you want to try the tourist claimed freshest sushi here!

We queued for this one; やまざき Yamazaki. If I'm not mistaken, it can only hold about 15 guests at a time.

Look! It's even on trip advisor! That's the menu on the glass door. You can try to make up your mind first before entering to save on decision time.

Preparing sushi for us!

Fresh abalone for rich China people! Kidding..

Ingredients to be placed on top of the sushi rice.

Ready to eat! *yum* 11 pieces of sushi. Sushi rice topped with unagi, sea urchin, fish roe, semi-raw shrimp, raw fish slices and etc... Cost ¥3,675 (RM121.28) Expensive or what?!

This one is about ¥3,150 (RMI03.95)  think. I can't remember. Rice topped with Fish roe, sea urchin and served with semi-raw shrimp, few types of raw fish slice and etc....

Souvenir stall selling all kinds of Tsukiji Fish Market t-shirts, caps, boots, clogs, sushi keychains and magnets..

On the way to center of Ginza, where all the high end shops are. Japanese guy who wants to appear in my photo. My brother would love their petrol stations! You get all the petrol you paid for.

A ramen shop we passed. That's some long line of customers! All standing while having their meal. Looks really tempting =/ Wish I could just grab a bowl but have to move with the group. Moreover, we just had sushi. Haha.

Walking towards Ginza from Tsukiji Fish Market. Passed by the Opera House. Hmm.. かぶきざ Kabukiza. The principal theater in Tokyo for traditional Kabuki drama form says Wikipedia.

That's みつこし Mitsukoshi. I think it's a famous department store in Ginza since long ago. You can find all kinds of branded items in there including their high end Japanese brands.

That's ぎんざわこ Ginza Wako. Famous for watches, jewelleries, chocolates, porcelains, dishwares, handbags and upscale foreign goods. I like the structure and the clock tower on top.

Lastly, just wanna show this picture of a pharmacy you should look out for in case you need anything from there. まつもときよし Matsumoto KiYoshi. It is like our Watson and Guardian in Malaysia. Kose is cheap in Japan. You might want to grab some face mask sheets and hand cream. :)

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  1. Hi !!! Nice article!!
    Do you know if there is a shop that sells the t-shirts of tsujiki online? Because I can not find any!!
    If you know please advised?
    Thanks in advanced!
    Nice Blog!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for reading! I did saw a stall selling Tsukiji merchandise in d market itself but not online.

      Sorry for not being able to help!