Sunday, 30 April 2017

I've heard so much about the Koi Bubble Tea when it was only available at Singapore back then. Not only were they saying so much goodness about Koi Bubble Tea but even said that it is much better than the best one we have here!  Finally, it has cross the shore and arrived in Malaysia! First outlet opened to public at 1Utama.

Definitely need to drop by and taste what is so SO good that everything is raving about it! I've got 2 in my hands; The Bubble Black Tea and also the Golden Bubble Milk Tea.

The recommended is Golden Bubble Milk Tea as promoted at their counter.

So what's the difference between Bubble Tea with milk and without milk? Well, after trying out both version, I would recommend those who go for the version without milk to add in a higher percentage of sugar to their drink. Black tea personally taste bitter, earthy and roasty. Milk added to the drink will usually weaken the natural tea flavour, hence only little sugar is only needed to balance the flavour. 

The Golden Bubbles or Pearls are made with tapioca and also brown sugar, known to be smaller in size than those offered in the market and also gives an enticing chewy texture. To be honest, the bubbles/pearls are the reason I make a purchase every time. Some people do not like the bubbles/pearls but I very upset every time I'm left with a lot of tea without the pearls at the end of the drink.  

My order is always 25% sugar and 25% ice. How do you usually like yours?

 // Koi Bubble Milk Tea Menu and Price //

They currently offer 5 category of drinks which are; Flavoured Tea / Milk Tea / Chewy Tea / Macchiato. I should really try out their Macchiato (bubble tea with added milk foam) the next time I drop by!

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If you are ever in Taiwan looking for KOI Bubble Milk Tea, you might want to look for 50 Lan instead. Apparently, they use a different name in Taiwan. For now, let's go try out the Koi Bubble Tea here!

Koi Bubble Milk Tea

a: Utama Shopping Centre, Lot LG 329, Lower Ground Floor, 1, City Centre, Bandar Utama, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
t: +60 3-7731 8911



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