Sunday, 3 November 2013

Holla! This is gonna be a pretty long holiday for some people. Maybe stretching from Saturday (Diwali) to Tuesday (Awal Muharram).

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, my first time in Japan! Departure: 2:30pm from Malaysia. Can't remember if I had boarded Airasia X before.. but.. it definitely feels good for a budget flight ^^

Thank you Airasia!

Flipped through the flight magazine and found this article about Bon Odori from Japan. A festival organized by Panasonic in Shah Alam which most Malaysians that participated do not really know what it is. 

Time for yummy meal! It's Green Curry Chicken. Although might not look so but it's actually quite good :)

Reached Haneda Airport and this is the first picture I took, (trying to be a typical first time Japanese tourist). Lol. Anyway, Haneda Airport is actually the old airport which now cater more to Domestic Flight while their new Narita Airport caters to most International Flights. Still, everything looks and feels very new here. It is probably renovated not long ago. And.. I actually like smaller airports more. Less complications, less people, less walking. :)

Bought my PASMO card with ¥10,000 credits inside because I predicted lots of traveling which might cost me ¥6,000 to ¥7,000 (RM198 to RM231) and boarded the train to KEIKYU Kamata (which is further away from Fresa Inn compared to JR Line Kamata Station but Keikyu Kamata is a shorter train distance) .

It was almost midnight but there are still lots of people taking the train. Not many people got off at Keikyu Kamata. I guess it was kind of like the outskirt / quiet area. The surrounding of the station was undergoing some construction. I tried to find my way to Fresa Inn with a map in hand and some lousy sense of direction. Halfway, I realized I probably swayed off the route I'm suppose to follow but not too far off coz I ended up in front of JR Line Kamata Station. It was near but I still got lost. Ended up asking for directions in a Family Mart. Can't really understand what the cashier was saying but she was really helpful with signs and everything and I ended up in front of Fresa Inn! It was just a minute away. :D

Very polite receptionist checked me in to the hotel. The room looks very new and comfortable. It is recently renovated as well, like less than 1 or 2 months ago. Decided to bunk here at Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Kamata for the night due to the good reviews from Lonely Planet. the room cost ¥6,800 (about RM225). The bed was a double bed size ^^ The one we got later on in Prince Hotel N Tower at Shinagawa was just a single bed and less comfortable. =/

Amazing how they can still cram a bathtub in the washroom despite the small space available. It is small space but not unbearable or unpleasant. :)

This is the plug type used in Japan. Also supplied by the hotel but unfortunately, it didn't charge although plugged in.

Opposite the hotel is an arcade which opens till pretty late.

Went back to Family Mart after we settle down our luggage. Just in time because the truck just replenished most of the food packs!   So much to choose from and amazingly, everything looks so yummy! Can never say the same for the food in 7-11 here ;P

¥398 わふうまくのうちえべんとう (Wafu makunouchi bento) Japanese Style Packed rice (RM13.14) Not cheap but definitely worth it coz it was really yummy!! Definitely a satisfying meal!

¥430 (RM14.19) わかどりとあおねぎのかずぱすた (Wakadori to ao negi no kazu pasuta) Onion+Chicken Spaghetti. Don't really understand but they seems to always emphasize the existence of onions. Looks so plain that I thought this was gonna be pretty tasteless with just olive oil and some seasoning but boy was I wrong. This taste good as well ^^

So much food there that they even have their own Family Mart しろくま (Shirokuma)! ¥290 Fruity  Ice-cream! (RM9.57)

So.. that's it. My first night that totally bores you ;P

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