Monday, 23 January 2017

Today's a bad day with all the crazy traffic going on. Can't help feeling frustrated! I hate it every time of the year when it gets really close to Chinese New Year because everyone choose to complete their errands or go for shopping at the very very last minute.

If my description fits any one of you, please make it a resolution next new year that you will not leave your to do list until the very last minute. Let's welcome the Chinese New Year in a good mood instead. 

Anyhow, I'm SO glad to be skipping malls this year for my outfit shopping this year. Thanks to online shopping, it's fuss free and an enjoyable one this year. (; 

If you still have not got your new clothes by now, I would really recommend you to skip the mall at all cost! Try out online shopping at Toki Choi instead and you won't regret it! I got most of mine from there and what I got matches the picture and the sizing pretty well! (:

This is actually my second time purchasing from them. You can view the outfits from my first purchase here

Cold shoulder top and dressing are now making waves in every girl's wardrobe. I would understand why because they look astoundingly feminine and beautiful! Together with floral prints, Cold Shoulder Tie Front Top matches easily with skirt to give a really feminine look or even with a pair of jeans for a casual day out.

Red symbolizes Chinese New Year and it is always a must to get at least one piece or red apparel to celebrate the occasion. Are you one of those who are still sticking to this tradition as well?

Instead of one, I actually got 2 instead. One of it would be this High Low Hem Tee. Casual designs like these are my favourite because they provide comfort but yet makes you look good effortlessly.

A choice of long sleeve red casual top this year because of the crazy weather. It's maximum sun in the morning but the next thing you know, it starts to rain cats and dogs. This will save me from catching a cold ^^ Put on a long necklace to add some fun to your outfit if this seems too plain.

My second selection for a red top is this Knitted Cozy Top with Ribbon Tie Back. You would think I am crazy to be getting two very similar top but to tell the truth, I could not resist this! Right at the back is this cute Ribbon Tie Back which makes it all special!

Although named a Knitted Cozy Top, the material is actually not too warm for our Malaysia weather. In fact, it was just right for me, considering the temperature is getting low at night lately.

You like it? That's why I fell in love with. <3
Do check out the other colours which they have. The blue's love too!

If you like what you just saw, here's the links;
Hi Low Hem Tee (sold out)

Check out their Chinese New Year Promotion happening 20 - 24 Jan!

Toki Choi

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nope, this is not about a throwback post on a Christmas Dinner at Morganfield's. That was posted here and THAT was also when I notice that the platter which was served to us was incomplete and rather different from what I saw in the menu. Of course, I was upset about this discovery and so would you, if you found out the same thing, right?

This was the menu which I saw and lead us to decide to order this Jolly Christmas Platter or, you could refer the picture below for a clearer picture on what the set offers. Every item was listed in the menu as well.

For convenience, I'll list out what the Jolly Christmas Platter (RM249.90) has to offer;
  • 1/2 slab spare ribs (choice of Hickory BBQ / Garlicky BBQ / Smoke Peppercorn /or Spicy Lemongrass)
  • Jack Daniel's Glazed Baby Back
  • Roasted Whole Turkey Drumstick marinated with Herb Yoghurt basted with BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage 
  • Grilled Herby Hog Sausage 
  • Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage 
  • Christmas Stuffing
  • Seasonal Veggies
  • Garden Salad
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Flat Chips
  • Cranberry Jam & Gizzard Gravy  

Quiz time! What do you see different or missing in their advertised platter in comparison to ours? To prevent from driving you guys again, I'll just reveal the answers!
  1. Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage (***missing from the platter)
  2. Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage (no where in sight. both was definitely the same type of Grilled Herby Hog Sausage)
None of the discovery above was informed in advance; whether they ran our of the Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage or Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage.

I notified them through facebook message on the 6th of January but was only given a reply on this matter as above by 14th of January, which was a week later. 

The next week after, I received a postal from Morganfield's. I was flustered to find 2 RM10 vouchers in there. 

So.. hmm..  are these vouchers...

 a reward for noticing the missing Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage
 a value replacement for the missing Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage?
 or just a sincere apology for a customer's bad experience?

What's your view on the handling of this case by their customer service?

Morganfield's Malaysia

Monday, 16 January 2017

I've previously came across pictures of KESOM Cafe delicacies on instagram and thought I've give this place a try as they serve something unique. I never knew of the existence of these Malay delicacies until I came across this place. So let's see what I've missed all these while! 

They had a November Meal Deal during my visit which is a package of  Nasi Kerabu + Ayam Goreng Berempah + Serai Pandan Drink for only RM13.50.

The usual Nasi Kerabu (RM8.00) consist of Basmathi Rice steamed with "Bunga Telang extracted water" paired with Kesom Special Tumis, Budu, Kerisik Ikan, Kerisik Kelapa, Acar, Sambal Belacan, Telor Masin and Keropok Ikan.

Nasi Dagang (RM7.00) consist of traditionally prepared Beras Dagang (known as wild rice from the East Coast) steamed for hours with coconut milk and herbs. The rice is paired with Sambal Belacan, Acar, Telur Rebus, Keropok Ikan and some Gulai Sayur with Kari Kuah and Gulai,

I've also ordered;

  • Bubur Cha Cha (RM4.50) - one of my favourite local dessert consisting of Coconut Milk, Sweet Potato, Tapioca, Yam and sago. Yumms! There wasn't anything special but it was moderately good to satisfy my comforting craving.
  • Sambal Petai Tempeh Tofu (RM3.50) - another comforting dish for us Malaysians, a sambal type of chili dish fried with the "Stinky petai" which we would actually claim aromatic instead,  tempeh, the fermented soy beans and also the bland tofu which the local somehow finds it delicious! 
  • Gulai Ikan Raja Berangkat (RM6.00) - Fish with yellow curry gravy cooked with a mix of spices and also some salt and sugar to taste.

Sambal Petai Tempeh Tofu (RM3.50)

Gulai Ikan Raja Berangkat (RM6.00)  

When I enter the place at around lunch time on a Monday, the place was filled with many white collar patrons, making it looks like a work station canteen. :D

Ikan Goreng Kunyit (RM5.00 - RM7.00 depending on the size)  Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM5)

Gulai / Kari Ayam Kawah (RM6.00)  

Gulai Sayur (RM4.00)  Sayur (RM3.00)  Sambal Petai (RM3.50)

KESOM Cafe menu

KESOM Cafe menu

Overall, the food taste special but it does not create a craving. Perhaps it is because my taste buds are not accustomed to the different flavours. My partner who have tasted the originals at Kelantan commented that the flavours were light and accustomed to the local demands. The menu prices are set to above average but it's alright for a once in a while indulgence.

It is not easy to locate the place as the signboard above is misleading. Do look out for the "blook warehouse" signboard instead.


a: F-46-G Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya.
t: +603-7886 6559

Thursday, 12 January 2017


On the 12th Day of Christmas!

Finally! Where else would be good as a gathering place? If you're a pork lover, you should definitely set a date here with your family or friends! Why? Because there's just so many choices of pork dishes to try out, you won't be able to try it out all by yourself or with just a partner.

Pumpkin Soup  Roasted pumpkin & herbs

Sweet Belly  Signature roast pork belly, crispy skin, honey soy sauce

Garden Duck  smoked duck breast slices, grilled watermelon, cheery tomatoes, toasted pecans, orange brandy reductions

Char Siew Curry Cream  House made marinated char siew, shimeiji mushroom, grilled eggplants.

ANTE Carbonara  Streaky bacon, white button mushrooms, parmeson cheese

The Chargrilled Pork Steak  Signature Steak, russet potatoes, truffle sauce, cheery tomatoes and honey glazed rockets

Pork Diane  Seared pork loin, button mushrooms, russet potatoes, green pea mash, white wine cream sauce

Ofcourse, these meals are not complete without desserts. Desserts not to be missed are definitely;

Valrhona Chocolate Delice  Strawberries, Blueberries, Hazelnut feuilletine and earl grey cream
Cream Brulee  with candid olives and chocolate

Thanks ANTE, 1 Utama for hosting us MHB for the night.

ANTE, 1 Utama

a: LOT F346, NEW WING, RAINFOREST, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre. Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
t: +603 7732 5204
t: 10.00am - 10.00pm, Sun - Thurs, 10.00am - 10.30pm, Fri - Sat

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

On the 11th Day of Christmas!

We had a mini gathering at Morganfield's because we wanted to try the Oink! Oink! Christmas Platter :D Well-known for their pork-ribs which comes with an expensive price tag, it's usually a place chosen to celebrate special occasions. My first time here too!

Menu for Christmas is;
  • Mini Jolly Christmas Platter (RM159.90)
  • Jolly Christmas Platter (RM249.90)

We were spoilt for choice with a wide range of beverage choices to choose from but it's always good to have these pork platters with some beer :D They have special in house promotion for 3 pint of beers. Do check it out if you're ordering beers for 3 :)

It took sometime before the platter arrives and we were crazy hungry by then. Guess it was because of the rainy weather and also the amount of customers due to the festive season.

We had this Jolly Christmas Platter (RM249.90) for 3-4 person consisting of;

  • 1/2 slab spare ribs (choice of Hickory BBQ / Garlicky BBQ / Smoke Peppercorn /or Spicy Lemongrass)
  • Jack Daniel's Glazed Baby Back
  • Roasted Whole Turkey Drumstick marinated with Herb Yoghurt basted with BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage (***missing from my serving *insert horror face*)
  • Grilled Herby Hog Sausage 
  • Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage (but from what I see in the picture, both sausage is probably the same too! =.= I don't think any one of it was the Spicy Devil Sausage)
  • Christmas Stuffing
  • Seasonal Veggies
  • Garden Salad
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Flat Chips
  • Cranberry Jam & Gizzard Gravy  
***I was only aware of the missing Bratwurst Sausage as I was listing the platter items. Definitely felt upset about this discovery. I have writen a  separate post on how they handle this matter. Read all about it here.

I actually like the Jack Daniel's Glazed Baby Back, short ribs more than the spare ribs as they are more tasteful and delicious. Their flat chips were fairly thick but still crunchy. It was a good :)

The drumstick however, lacks flavour, unlike that it has gone through marination process as the flavours definitely did not sip into the meat. Perhaps a longer marination process would help.

Overall, it was just a fairly good meal but did not seems to have met my expectation I had on their much raved about spare ribs for the price I paid for. The platter was also cold when served, which reduce my appetite although was already hungry by the time it arrived.

I doubt I would ever return it as the food and service I received does not justify to the price I paid.

First and last visit.

Morganfield's Malaysia