Saturday, 31 May 2014

As the title suggest.. mostly FOOD!

Langkawi is a pretty small island and the place for good food is actually not many. Have tried a few when we were there last year (am deliberating if I should blog about them) and this year, we tried different place food again.

It was extremely hot when we got off the airport. Rented a Viva for RM70 since it is more convenient and cost about the same if we travel by cab. Before heading to our place for the night at Kuah, we figured that we should get some food first.

1. THAI MAMA @ Jalan Pantai Tengah

This was our first stop because one of my friend wanted to try this badly on our last day (last year) but it wasn't open for business yet. So, this year, die die have to try this restaurant. Lol. Found this restaurant advertised on the Langkawi Free Map with a picture of a boy name Justin recommending it. I have no idea who this kid is but we jokingly figure out that it must be the kid of the owner. Haha..

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Everytime I fell inlove with a song, I kept it playing on loop until I get sick of it.
Does anyone else do that? or am I just the weird one.


This is probably my 2nd or 3rd time at Bone and Pot Steamboat. Don't know why but I always remember it as Pork & Bone instead. Too crazy about pork bone soup. Haha..

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When you're stressed about something, quick get it done and over with.
The longer you wait, the more your stress piles up and the worse it feels.


Smmmile, it's three cheesy with mini shell pasta!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Always keep a rainbow with you.

When you get upset, look at it and it will remind you that something beautiful will happen soon to make up for the bad moments!


Stumble upon a youtube video about expats in Malaysia.. What are expats? Expat is short for expatriate; people who are residing in a different country rather than the country of their upbringing temporarily or permanently.

Perked my interest and I went to check out her youtube account and this video below;

Yay or nay? Are you supportive of plastic surgery or are you strictly an au naturale person who are against it? Personally, I think it's great if it could help someone boost their confidence level and feel great about themselves. Honestly, I can be a hypocrite but in a good way. I guess? Sometimes I become anti-plastic surgery when I see that  they are better off before going under the knife. But then again, if they feel great about the result, it is a personal preference and definition of beauty I guess..

BUT I'm not simply encouraging people to go under the knife blindly just because they want it. There are actually crazy loads of things to consider and research before actually deciding whether you really want it or not and be prepared for the aftermath.

Then the video above linked to this..

 Yes. Please try really HARD to love and accept yourself and be happy with it before deciding that you really want to go under the knife. Do not do it for anyone but yourself and be really clear about everything after the changes.

Youtube sure knows how to recommend videos and keep your attention. It's a good thing when you have plenty of time but not otherwise. Lol.

Anyway, I'm amazed how convincing these youtubers can be. Amazing. Makes me think about all the beauty product reviews and they all seems so convincing that when they say the product is darn good, they are darn right!

I like her advice. Drink more water, get more sleep, eat more vegetables and fruits. The most important thing is learn to have a strong confidence and belief in yourself. I always believe that if you can control your inner voice, your conscience, you can achieve crazy things. It is a crazy powerful thing.

The law of attraction.

Sorry for disappearing for such a long time! Had quite a trip and been sick for almost 2 weeks! *sniff sniff* Still down with mild running nose.


Anyway, here's a short review on Home Made Fish Head Noodle in Midvalley Megamall!

The amount of customers alone can tell you that the food here is worth a try. 

It's been around in Midvalley for at least 4 to 5 years. Kind of brings back a nostalgic feeling when I was working in Topshop years ago. Think I have been there for twice or so. Not that the food is not good but it was considered pricey back then when I was working in a retail shop.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Music is my drug.

When I look for escape from the reality, I turn to music. Most of them relate to emo-tions. Not a healthy genre but it makes me feel so much better. Even if it's for a while.

That's why music is my drug. Not healthy but it makes me feel good.


The war is on! I'm kidding, but still they are straight on rivals / competitors two Penang White Curry Instant Noodle!

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle vs. Penang Favourite Ah Lai White Curry Noodle

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

When you need to make a decision regarding your life, your journey, you need to trust yourself.
After all, you are the one who is going to have to go through it and face the consequences.


Bankara is the Ramen!

Since my trip to Japan, the Ramen I ate in Malaysia taste pretty bland. This is the neg effect of tasting something to authentic and yummy from their motherland x.x

But thennnn.... Bankara Ramen gave me some hope!

Bankara Ramen is another newly open Ramen chainstore from Japan and since they have around 60 outlets in their motherland, I guess it's worth a try!