Thursday, 30 April 2015

With all the social stress going around, it is definitely the right time to have a girly spa day out! Found out about this all-in-one pamper centre from Jenny and Angelica~

For stress release, it is always nice to go for a massage! A full body massage let helps to loosen up all the tensed muscle and veins leading to a relaxed mind and soul as well. Everyone need a recharge once in a while~ Come with a girl friend for a pamper day out or even with your boyfriend / girlfriend for a relaxing date! ^^

If you're not into full massage, you can always go for leg / foot massage. Unlike most reflexology foot massage, the massage here is up to the hips. I am not usually a fan of foot massage but the foot massage provided here does not cause a lot of crazy pain discomfort. It was actually the first leg massage which made me feel very relaxed.

While I had my leg massage, Angelica went for a facial relaxation. Other than just a quiet relaxation treatment, it helps brightens and removes dull skin. The centre was quite huge and equipped with many rooms for massage and facial service.

Products used for the facial service are of quality dermatology product from Paris known as Darphin.

After fixing up our inner soul and relaxing our body, let's not forget about the finishing touch to make ourselves look beautiful! The last pampering station will be spa manicure and pedicure!

Scrub service is provided to remove dead skin before the manicure and pedicure spa for maximum goodness absorption into the skin. A layer of beneficial cream will be massaged on our skin before being wrapped within a heated pack. Skin feels softer and smoother after the treatment.

Lastly would be the manicure and pedicure service where dead skins and cuticle will be removed. *Please excuse my "boxer pants". Lol. They made me change into the boxer because my long pants would cause inconvenience during the treatment (during foot massage and manicure / pedicure spa treatment). So remember to wear / bring a short if you are going for the leg massage as well!

The nail colours provided are a variety which includes high quality nail polish brand such as CHANEL. I opted for french nails design and a light pink on my feet nails for a matching color.

It was my first time trying on gel polish and also french manicure. Absolutely love the simplicity and colour! The light pink base also makes growing nails less visible.

The service personals are all very polite and friendly. I manage to spark a conversation with the girl doing my nails, making the experience more enjoyable.

The whole package took about 3 hours to complete. As usual, a healthy ginger tea was served at the end of the service. It was quite an enjoyable pampering experience through out the different services.

Good news is, for every new customer, they are eligible for the Grand Opening Promotion! If you want to be pampered in a 3 in 1 service package like us, you can opt for the 3 in 1 package which consist of; Spa Manicure (1 hr) + Body Massage (1hr) + Brightening Facial (1.5 Hrs) !

You might think that a package like this would cost you a bomb but let me tell you this little secret! They actually just cost your RM98! To be eligible for this offer, you just need to be a new customer!

It is definitely super worth it but if you would just like to try the ala carte services, the promotion prices are just as good;
  • CHANEL Manicure - just RM28!
  • Brightening Facial - just RM68!
  • 1 Hour Body Massage - just RM35!
  • 1 Hour Foor Reflexology - just RM 28!
No hassle of any coupon required! Just need to walk in and enjoy the services at these special prices! However, do make sure you give them a call to book your place to avoid disappointment!

V Beauty Care & Body Care

a: No. C-01-3, Oasis Square Office, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 47301, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
(just above Malindo office)
t:  +603 7832 1838

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Was invited for food review with fellow blogger babes!

A great place for small get together to catch up with friends at the comfort of home cook style meals. :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thanks to Watsons Malaysia for the movie premiere ticket to watch  The Avengers : Age of Ultron, one of the most anticipated movie of the year!

For a movie running for about 2 1/2 hours, I have to say it is worth spending your time as it got my attention glued to the screen the whole time. My favourite would be the addition of the twins. I couldn't help but notice the pretty face playing Wanda Maximoff and when the credit plays, it shows that the character was played by Elizabeth Olsen. Suddenly I was asking myself,"is that one of the Olsen twins?". Turn out it is! Glad to see her on screen again and can't wait to see more of her!

The movie is not fully packed with actions all the way and I actually like what I see in between the actions. Packed with much humor, it definitely succeed in entertaining us throughout the movie. My favourite scenes in this movie would be those involving the HULK. Watch and you'll see why.

In the end, it's sad to see separation from some of the characters..

"Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” stars Robert Downey Jr., who returns as Iron Man, along with Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk. Together with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and with the additional support of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, the team must reassemble to defeat James Spader as Ultron, a terrifying technological villain hell-bent on human extinction. Along the way, they confront two mysterious and powerful newcomers, Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Pietro Maximoff, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and meet an old friend in a new form when Paul Bettany becomes Vision.

Written and directed by Joss Whedon and produced by Kevin Feige, Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963. Get set for an action-packed thrill ride when The Avengers return in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on May 1, 2015."


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

おはよ~ Ohayo~ First of all, sorry to be coming back from Osaka and yet no post about my travel in Japan yet! ごめんね~ Gomen ne~

But here's something awesome to fill the gap while I sort and edit the pictures to prepare them for posting!

In this post, I will be reviewing not 1, not 2, but 3 Japanese Hair Products which I have been using to prepare and set my curls before a day out!

Products I will be reviewing today are;
  1. Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>
  2. Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> 
  3. Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax>

My hair has gone through rebonding last year because the laziness finally got to me. Long hair + curls are really a lot of work. So I have in and straighten them up! Much easier maintainance but I got so bored of long hair just after a while and regretted. Lol.

I've chopped my hair twice this year but the rebonding parts are still here to stay. However, I still curl my hair but the problem is that because I have gone through straightening treatments, the curls usually don't stay. So I bought some hair products to make them stay~

Firstly, very sorry for the pale face and also wearing my house tee for this review. Malaysia is getting freaking hot, I don't feel like changing into my outfit first when prepping up my hair and make up. So please bear with me >.<

First up is Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>. They have another one which is <Super Hold>, green in colour. Got this from Japan so I'm not sure if it is available here in Malaysia. Usually, I would have doubt over the weaker product but because I can't really read what they wrote, I decided to go for the pink one because the colour looks nice. Haha. Typical girl I guess. When in doubt, choose the one which looks better ;P

However, I find the Regular Hold to be doing quite a good job or rather, an amazing job! Sufficient to hold down my baby hairs. That's the main reason I was so attracted the product when I saw it. My eyes just glitter~ You have no idea how many products I have tried to keep my baby hair at bay~

Just a simple demo to show the usage and effectiveness. As seen above, before application, my hair looks frizzy and messy, baby hair all around. Application is really easy. Just stroll the product along my hair according to the hair flow direction. 

The result is really obvious in the after picture. No more stubborn baby hair standing up! The picture kind of looked like as if it was a clean crop from photoshop instead right? That's how amazing this product is! <3

I have seen this Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax> in local Tesco before but have never thought to giving it a try because I am already using the hair spray. Decided to get the mini one in Japan to give it a try because I forgot my hair spray. Also because I got the mini one (20g. normal would be 60g) which is cute! 

However, End up they sealed it with all my other purchases because it was tax free. >.< Swt.

Anyway, I finally get to try it now that I'm out of Japan~ The texture is like a soft smooth wax. It also does not feel very sticky like most common hair wax. Apparently, this is one of the product's feature. It contains a non-sticky powder which absorbs the oil, reduce the stickiness but yet able to retain the power of wax for easy styling. Also said to be formulated with hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and non-drying effect!

How to use it? Just need to scoop up a little with my finger and rub them evenly on my fingers.. Then I just wrap my individual curls around my fingers and scrunch them upwards to secure the curls. Just as easy as that!

The curls will stay unless I run my fingers through my hairs. That would straighten and destroy the curls. >.< I guess it happens because of my rebonded hair. Which explains why I need 1 more step to secure my curls~

Last step to secure my curls with the Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard>. Got  this from one of the local Tesco as well. Should be easily available in most pharmacy convenient stores.

How to use? Just spray lightly from about 15-20cm away. Important to remember not to brush as it will destroy the holding of curls. It has a light green floral smell but I prefer not to breath while the spray lingers around. After all, they are chemicals. >.<

Although it is said to be super hard spray, it curls feels soft and natural but I would advice not to run your fingers through them to let them hold in place. It is said to make the curls last in hot and humid weather which I pretty much agree. :) 

This is how the curls look after application of Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax> and Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> but before I wax the frizzy top and baby hair with Utena's Matomage. If you love the results, consider getting these awesome Japanese products!

Hope you guys enjoy my review! <3

Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>
Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> 
Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax>

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Had my hair bleached and coloured with pretty vibrant colours last month @ Divo Hair connection. Blogged about it in the previous blog post here. So, I finally had the chance to test out Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo!

I don't colour my hair much but even when I did, I have not used special shampoo for coloured hair before. Hence, I used to wonder if they really make a difference.

I have mentioned briefly about the product here before, the liquid is white and has a little fragrance to it but as you continue to use, you will not notice the smell much anymore. It lathers quite easily and creates lots of bubble, making hair wash easy. After rinsing, the hair feels squeaky clean, with no moisture. I don't really like the feeling like when I run my fingers through my hair, it feels very tangled. That's how squeaky clean it is after the shampoo wash.

Hence, it is crucial to use conditioner after the shampoo wash. I applied on another brand for conditioner as I didn't have the full set of Matrix Biolage Colourlast product. Hair does not feel tangled anymore and is easy to brush through. Yay! So all is good.

Here's a series of photo from the day I got my hair coloured till 4 weeks later. You will be able to judge for yourself how it fare in colour lasting.

I only get to try the shampoo but I have heard from friends that this brand is actually quite good, provided you used the whole set which is including the conditioner and shine shake to treat color hair.

Here's more info from the description from Biolage Website;

Color-treated hair can fade and lose it's luster over time. Inspired by nature's fade-defying orchid,  Biolage COLORLAST Shampoo helps maintain the color depth, tone and shine for vivid color-treated hair. Give her hair salon-vibrant color for up to 9 weeks*.
*When using the system of COLORLAST Shampoo and Conditioner vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.
●Low pH shampoo for color-treated hair helps prolong color vibrancy
●Gently cleanses to prevent unnecessary stripping of color
●Paraben-free formula is suitable for color-treated hair

For more info, please visit;

Friday, 17 April 2015

I love flowers! I love the light floating scent of flowers lingering around me.

I still remember the first time he gave me flowers. It happened because he got me upset with something he said. I wasn't angry at him to the unforgivable extend but the bouquet definitely led to a hidden smile deep inside. 

I knew it wasn't cheap. So I told him not to get me flowers anymore because they just wither and die easily. Said it like I don't fancy flowers that much. Deep down inside, it was like fighting the urge to look forward to another bouquet in the future. Try to be logical and sensible instead of just letting my feelings empower my brain.

After a year together, he got me flowers again! 

This time, it was like the old school way. Very old school.

2 separate bulk of flowers, which I would like to put them nicely as the old school way


Because they were not wrapped in nice placements of a bouquet. It felt like receiving those beautiful weeds and flowers which he plucked off some Springfield. Romantic?

To be honest, I was having mixed feeling when I saw him with the flowers. Love them because they are from him and they are.. well, flowers. Tad bit disappointed because if I were to receive flowers from him, I some how have an expectation of the flowers to be nicely wrapped up or at least tie into a bouquet. Can I say it's one of those silly young girl's fancy expectation I had in me? Or are there any other girls with me on this? 

I couldn't help but show my disappointment while at the same time, feeling bad for showing this feeling to him after all his effort of getting me flowers. Talk about dilemma and fighting the evil soul. But then, it wasn't really his fault. He went to a floral supplier expecting to find a florist shop which offers wrapping services. Make sense right? But to his dismay, they really don't provide wrapping service. Still, he bought them flowers, knowing I'll love them and definitely not knowing I will give him this reaction.

At the beginning, the battle of the to do and not to do rules of giving flowers to a girl keep churning in my head. I was telling myself, "if I'm a guy, I would definitely give the girl a nicely wrapped up or tied up bouquet of flower of just don't give it to her at all." I just could not sink in to naturally accept flowers in that condition.

Our expectations were so opposite.

Somehow, as the day pass and reaches dawn, the senses came to me. No grudge held, my heart just melts thinking of the flowers (resting in my pail because I don't have a vase big enough for them flowers. lol)... thinking of what he did (planning and buying those flowers for me), what he thought (my smile when I see the flowers), what he wanted most (to make me happy and feel special on this special day).

At the beginning, I reacted from my automatic mild conscious expectation (kinda like the nerve reflex before the info hits the brain) but in the end, I reacted from my conscious mind where I could feel and understand where his sweet thoughts came about.

At the end of the day, it really is the thoughts that counts!

Still, I would be prefer if the flowers were presented to me in a bouquet in the future. :D (doesn't matter if it's just held together by a string. Don't need to be fancy. Just as long as they are held together as a bouquet)

There's really no right or wrong because all humans are unique where brains think differently, expect differently. This is where both partners will need to compromise with each other. Communicate more to understand what makes each other happy and compromise on them.

Ending this with a personality question.  Which type of person are you?
  • Someone who would give presents of things which the person like and expect the same from your present giver.

  • Someone who would just appreciate anything that you receive from a person even if it is something which you do not want / dislike and expect the same from your present receiver.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hey guys! If you remember, I blogged about Benzac - an acne-free skin solution last November, here.

I have been using the Oily to Combination Skin range for 5 months now and counting. Hence, I would highly recommend this brand to those looking for an acne free skin care solution!

I have used up a whole bottle of foam cleanser and am currently using the liquid cleanser. They are actually similar but I personally prefer the foam cleanser because it would save he the hassle of puffing the liquid cleanser into foams with my hands! That's me being lazy! Hehe..

Friday, 10 April 2015

Yay! Just got DEAR, KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ BB Cream from NattaCosme for review! Although I am an avid user of BB Cream, I've given up buying and trying new BB creams because they are just not very good compare to the current one I am using, not to mention that some which I bought are pretty expensive too! So I'm really happy to receive this parcel from NattaCosme!

Usually, I only put on BB Cream instead of foundation and powder because of my pore problem. Foundation + Powderwill turn out very cakey and very dry hence showing my pores and lines more vividly

Parcels from NattaCosme are always cute! This time around, it is a cute Korean style parcel consisting;
  •  DEAR, KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ BB Cream
  • CERRO QUEEN Natural Emulsion Powder Puff
  • Vintage Bow Hair Claw
  • cute envelope and notes

The DEAR, KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ BB Cream comes in a tube so it's easy to control the output of amount which I need to use. This is actually my first time using a sponge when applying BB cream. Usually, I would just spread a thin layer with one of my finger, slide it on my skin sideways and then gently pat it on to set the cream.

Squeeze some out on to the sponge to give you an idea on the cream condition. The cream is definitely not solid and thick nor is it very liquify and oily. The cream feels light and smooth. Colour wise, it has a little reddish undertone.

Before application

So, how I applied the BB Cream is.. I usually apply more moisturizer or water essence on my face first whenever I am going to apply BB Cream / makeup. This is to create a smoother foundation on my skin (to prevent the caking up) before the start of make up application due to my dry skin condition.

However, due to the light texture of KLAIRS's BB cream, I do not see a need for this. I'm also amazed with the fact that it stays on with very very little oil formation on my skin from day to night which only means one thing; no dryness on face -> no oil emmittance!

As usual, I would squeeze out a fair bit on one of my left finger. Spread it a thinner on my left finger with one of my right finger and then spread a thin layer on my face. I notice some lines formation due to the usage of my finger. This is when CERRO QUEEN Natural Emulsion Powder Puff comes into action. I gently pat the sponge on my skin with a very light pressure to even the cream. This results in a smoother surface formation.

A before and after comparison.

There might not be a very visible difference in skin colour tone between the before and after application because one of the strength of this BB cream is that it blends really well with our skin tone. What you would notice is the evenness of skin tone on the left side in comparison to the uneven skin tone on the right.

As for coverage, the level of coverage is between minimal and moderate. It won't be able to cover obvious acne redness or dark tone eye bags due to lightness of the cream. For these, I would usually pat on some concealer evenly on those spots before balancing the uneven skin tone with a layer of BB cream.

Another comparison of before and after.

It is said that this BB cream...
  • is developed through a unique formula which minimize irritation, catering to troubled and sensitive skins (my skin type)!  
  • has a benefit of whitening / anti-wrinkle care / SPF 40 PA++ sun block.
  • has an additional water tank component of Hyaluronic Acid for deep moisturizing.
  • blends really well with our natural skin tone even with different thickness application which also leads to only one cream for all skin tones!
  • is a supple blemish cream which creates an all day lasting natural look in one step without the hassle of primer / foundation / finishing powder!
After application on both side!

What I like about this BB cream...
  • does not cause dryness of skin hence no oil production by skin throughout the day! (really really like this!)
  • feels light on the skin.
  • blends really well with natural skin tone which leads to even skin tone but not discolouration even with thick application.
I just wish it gives more coverage on my dark eye circles and acne scars. Hehe.. Then I could skip my concealer too!

My complete everyday look with Topshop eyeshadow pallete + Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner + Shizens Lips Tattoo.

*you can view my makeup blogpost with Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and Shizens Lips Tattoo on the links itself! 

If you love the result of DEAR, KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ BB Cream too, you can get it online from Natta Cosme!

In conjunction with the upcoming Mother's DayNatta Cosme is giving out RM6 discount for purchase above RM100! Just remember to check out with the coupon code 105MD15, valid till 15th May 2014!

DEAR, KLAIRS Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


It was a weekend of food journey as I explore the old and new all around! Most of you would think that I get a lot of food review sponsors but that is absolutely not true. If there's one person sponsoring a huge chunk of my food review, it's got to be my my bf! Hahaha.. *hugs* :D

Thick Toast was never one of my favourite food but this absolutely change my thought on it! Yes, I have to admit that Haraju Cube Honey Toast is unlike any other thick toast I have tasted. I'll reveal why soon!

There was a mass crowd over the weekend! As much as I hope there was no queue, I have to face with the reality of much waiting before I can sink my teeth in their yummy toast! Initially thought of having lunch here but am so grateful that I came after my lunch else where.

It was waiting, waiting, waiting, and more waiting after we were seated. Not very excited face, yea? Coz kinda bored of waiting already. Lol.

Bf ordered the Ham Cheese Sliced Toast while I went for the Azuki Matcha Honey Toast. By the time our orders arrived, this is no longer an after meal dessert. I was hungry again and his Ham Cheese Sliced Toast seems more tempting than mine. >.<

Ham Cheese Sliced toast - RM13.90

A well balanced flavour of ham, cheese and egg garnished with herbs and pepper. Side with a mayo potato salad. We were hungry, so it tasted really good. Lol. Ham and cheese have always been one of my favourite! With the addition of a half cooked runny egg yolk, it pretty much makes it irresistible! Still, I would prefer a little less pepper used.

 Azuki Matcha Honey Toast - RM25.90

Ask me for ice-cream flavours, mine will always be Matcha / Green Tea because I'm just crazy about Japanese Green Tea like that. At the sight of it, it feels like this dessert is meant for 3 person.. but as I gobble it up, it seems like it only takes one hungry person to down this whole Honey Toast. Haha.

A toasted 1/3 loaf of a bread topped with cream,  a huge spoonful of Matcha ice-cream, Azuki / Red Bean paste and just some squeeze of choco syrup for illustration purpose.

The ice-cream texture seems thicker and melts down more slowly, stays in solid form while I pair them with the toast bit by bit. Before I had a try on the bread skin, I was wondering why every table seems to leave out the skin. When I had a try, I finally knew why. It was really solid and hard to chew on in comparison with the skin of most bread used for toast.

As to why this is my favourite toast so far, the answer lies in the ugly picture above. Lol. Initially the thickness of the toast wasn't very appealing to me because it gives me a sight that it's just thick soft breads inside which will get stuck in between my teeth when they get soggy. Yes, that's the reason why I never liked thick toast.

The honey toast by Harajuku Cube was unlike any other. They have cut out the bread in smaller cubes and toasted them in the oven to provide a more crunchy bite for each smaller cubes. This way, their toast is not soggy and sticky when paired with ice-cream! Yums!

Other variety honey toast / sliced toast / etc offered are as the menu below;

Damage done for a date at Harajuku Cube. The price for the Honey Toast shocked me instantly when I saw the receipt. *jaw drop big time* 

Bf: Didn't you see the price when you look at the menu?

Honestly, I didn't. I also didn't expect the price to be this crazy expensive. I have say it again that their Honey Toast bread was the best I have eaten but for a price like this, I would think twice before ordering it again. >.<

Are you tempted yet?

Haraju Cube

a: Lot 103, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (above boat noodle)
t: +6016-666 5973

h: Tues - Thurs 11:00am - 11:00pm / Fri - Sat 11:00am - 12:00am / Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm