Wednesday, 28 June 2017

May has always been my favourite month. I don't really hope for all things good to happen during other months but May has always been my hopeful months for everything nice to happen ^^ This post will just be about being grateful and sharing all the good things that happened in the special month of May. :)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Can't believe it's mid year already! How time flies~ Some of you might be exhausted from work and am looking for a place to hangout and catch up with friend on Friday nights of during the weekends! If you are, don't forget to check out on Afterwerk! A name which is pretty familiar with those who stays near Old Klang Road or often passes by Scott Garden.

Make sure you follow me till the end of the post because I've got a treat for you and your friends at Afterwerk!

Friday, 23 June 2017

"Heyy, morning! You look tired!
Have not have your cup of coffee?"

This is the most common verse of greeting you will get if you work in a white collar office. Office work can be very exhausting most of the time. Hence, majority of the office work force count on their daily dosage of caffeine to be their wake up call or to keep them more alert during work.

However, little did everyone know that the packets of instant coffee which they usually count on contains only a minimal amount of coffee extract. Then what exactly is in these packets of 3-in-1 instant coffee which makes such an aromatic cup coffee and gives alertness? Truth to be told, the ingredient which takes up the high percentage is sugar. The sudden sugar rush could be the culprit in making the drinkers think that it is the effect of caffeine but in fact, it could just a placebo effect. And the aromatic coffee? It is probably the flavour enhancer which is widely used in creation of instant beverages.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

I don't know since when, but it was from as long ago as I can remember that Water Filter has slowly became a necessity in every household. The beginning technology of Water Filter only serves the purpose of filtering macro dirts. 

Slowly, the evolution of water filter technology has brought us more of that. The experts from Diamond has finally discovered that nothing is better than naturally purified water. Premium quality natural materials has been carefully selected to be used as filter material. The premium materials selected includes the precious diatomite, “Ocean Diamond” - natural coral calcium, coconut shell based activated carbon, bamboo charcoal based activated carbon were selected to be the filter materials

The Coral Alkaline Water Machine DIAMOND CORAL can perfectly purifies water without electricity as the purification is done naturally through filtration using the selected quality materials. The natural purification removes rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others whiles retains the beneficial minerals in the water.

As DIAMOND CORAL filtration works naturally, it uses up to 6 filters multiple-filter design to guarantee greater performance. Sufficient contact time is created through lengthened water flow in the filter to go through the purifying materials for a complete purification.

DIAMOND CORAL has gone through testing and certification by the Water Quality Association in 200 safety and performance tests according to NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste & odor, and NSF/ANSI 53 for turbidity and VOCs, meaning to say, water which flows through the filter is safe for drinking.

Unlike most water filters which has been created with a least aesthetic look, DIAMOND CORAL is completely presentable in your beautiful kitchen. As a plus point, it might even get stares and capture attentions from passerby. You can view more of their different DIAMOND CORAL selection here.

Having had Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Machine at home for more than a month, I'd like to share my experiences;

Before this, I always experience yellowy water from the pipe once in a while especially when there is a water disruption. The water could be so dirty to some extend that I fear the safety of drinking it. The filter that I have been using is the most basic of them all and could only trap macro dirts thus I would need to resort to boiling water to kill bacteria or any germs before they are cool down for consumption.

Since I have Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Machine at home for more than a month, I felt much safer drinking water right out of the filter. The water taste better and more fresh in comparison to before where the water actually has a weird lingering dirt taste.

Psychology or physically, I felt much healthier and happier knowing that the water which I consume into my body is safe and clean.

DIAMOND CORAL understands us as consumer thoroughly, thus offering us a FREE TRIAL experience of using the DIAMOND CORAL for 60 days (click here) before making a final decision to purchase the water filter. This shows the confidence they have in their quality product. Since there is nothing to loose, contact them now to take your first step towards providing healthy drinking water for you and your family. 

Diamond Coral

Friday, 16 June 2017

If you're a city girl, you'll be just like me. I'm always on the lookout for a place to relax, rejuvenate and enhance our worn out natural beauty every weekend. However, it could turn into a less enjoyable treat when we have to go to different location for different rejuvenation such as facial, massage and pedicure manicure services.

It is only a true treat when I can find it all in one place and I think I just found one of the few pampering centre which can offer just this!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

We often crack our heads to choose the right gift for guys, and our dad especially because he is a grown man who can afford almost anything that he have in mind. Especially for Father's Day, we always wanted to give something really meaningful and beneficial to him rather than just something materialistic or just beautiful aesthetically.

Just recently, I was introduced this item which fits the criteria perfectly! It is now my turn to introduce you to this item and let you know why I think it is the best gift for Father's Day this year! This item which I am eager to introduce to you is the Diamond 3-Second Instant Water Dispenser elegantly called the Diamond Coral WaterBar.  

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I still remember the first time I was dragged for a facial treatment during my teenage year for the first time. My family has a sensitive skin genetic issue where most of us will easily end up with large facial pore scars as we grow into young adults if not taken care of.. I believe that is an issue my mom is very worried about.

Facial treatments has became so expensive nowadays that we should really understand and get to know the service and product that we are paying for before engaging in any facial treatment individually or as a package. 

Most facial treatment will only treat the visible problem on our top skin layer but has anyone ever told you that beauty comes from within? That is something I believe too, that true beauty comes from nurturing within. 

Rather than what most beauty centre offers, this time around I tried Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment for the first time at Dermique, Subang Taipan.

// Gel exfoliation // 

The process of  Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment are as below;
  1. Pre-cleansing step
  2. Exfoliation with bio-enzyme
  3. Brightening exfoliant
  4. Meridian Face Massage
  5. Meridian Hand Massage
  6. Head Energizing Oxygen Spray
  7. Extraction using the Clip & Pick Technique
  8. Shoulder Massage
  9. Intensive Calming Mask
// Clip & Pick Exfoliation Technique //

There are a few process which I like in this treatment such as (like no.1) the gel exfoliation which reduce the likelihood of getting dry and peeling skin after the exfoliation process. It is most recommended for people with skin type like mine which is combination of dry and oily.

Extraction process during facial treatment usually involve a stainless steel blackhead / acne / pimple pen extractor stick and this is always unfavourable for people who have low tolerance for pain. For people with sensitive skin, they might even have swollen face as an aftermath.. 

 // Head Energizing O2 Spray //

At Dermique, (like no.2) black head extraction is done with a technique called clip and pick. Not to even mention about pain, there was barely anything felt at all. This zero pain extraction is prefect for people who always avoided facial because they are afraid of this painful procedure. The technique was made possible with the assistance of a magnifying tool. 

  // Meridian Face Massage //

  // Meridian Scalp Massage // 

  // Left- Before / Right - After Meridian  Massage // 

(like no.3) Meridian Massage is a signature process at Dermique Subang Taipan Branch and it might not be available at other branches. Meridian Massage is based on a healing method from the eastern culture. It stimulates the acupressure points using certain technique to help clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi (a bodily energy flow) and blood flow thereby improving the inner health of our body.

 // Meridian Massage //

Meridian Massage included in the treatment is on parts of our face. There is an option to select Meridian Massage for an additional body part such as hand and arm for RM40. Certain pressure is applied for this massage. The pressure was bearable for me as I like it slightly strong but you can always let them know your preference to have an enjoyable massage :)

2 trips to Dermique and I'm feeling to much better mentally and physically thanks to the Meridian Massage and the relaxing facial treatment. A must try if you like the comfort of massage!

To have a more thorough understanding of the Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment, please view the video above. :)

Current promotion for first trial right now is RM128 (N/P: RM518) for this Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment. Make sure you do not miss this promotion price! <3 Do share your experience with me after going for the treatment as I'd love to hear more about it! 

Beaute Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd - Dermique Subang Taipan

a: No. 10-1, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan, 47620 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor
t: +603-80818000 / +6012-2162965

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Let's start with a question;

How many of you are attracted to a beautiful smile at first sight?

I have at admit, I am one of those who are attracted to people with beautiful smiles. I envy them and I look up to them for creating such warm vibes, they just seems so beautiful and friendly! Irresistible! Opss, so now you know my secret!