Wednesday, 30 May 2018

If you have been following my blog, Organique probably rings a bell in your mind. If not, please feel free to check out more here! Last Christmas was the first time I tried out Organique products and haven been using the Rehydrate range since then. I love Organique products as almost all of their ingredients used are natural or naturally derived.

"Organique is well-known for using 100% natural Olinda Spring Water with more than 95% of the Australian native ingredients which are natural or naturally derived."

It is not easy to source for all natural and organic. Therefore, it is impressive to know that they use mostly synthetic and naturally derived active ingredients, preservatives and stabilisers, although not 100% natural, they are preferred, recognised, allowed by Organic Certification (EcoCert, Australian Certified Organic, Cosmosis & ISO 22716 etc) bodies. Hence, Each have been proven safe, non-irritable, to have no side effects, or cause allergies over the many years they have been in use, and are environmentally responsible. 

 // Picking out my Rehydrate //

  // Picking out my Rehydrate //

Over the weekends, Organique by Orlinda Bloom collaborated with Guardian to promote weekend deals! I have actually shared this on instagram and I hope everyone did not missed out the promotion! If you did, you can always catch on the future deals! So just make sure to follow me on my instagram @tenshichn!

Sunway Piramid - 21 & 22 April 2018.
1Utama -  28 & 29 April 2018.
Mid Valley - 5 & 6 May 2018
KLCC 12 & 13 May 2018.

// Age-Reverse Range //

Two highlighted range of products which you can definitely try out is the Rehydrate Range and the Age-Reverse RangeRehydrate Range is suitable for dry skin as it keep the skin moisturize and hydrated for 24 hour whit the Age-Reverse Range is suitable for skin aging about 40 years old as the ingredients help to firm, lifts and recover damages on skin due to aging factors.

Bundled purchase of Organique products as below are entitled to gifts according to the 3 different promotions as below;  


a) Weekend Bundle Deal (Up to 30% OFF)
- Buy Rehydrate Foaming Cleanser + Rehydrate Balancing Toner OR Age Reverse Cleanser + Age Reverse Toning Essence GET FREE SACHET PACK
- Only for first 30 customers. While stocks last

// FREE 1 (ONE) 30ml Rehydrate Cleanser + 1 (ONE) Mirror //

b) Purchase Above RM200
- Buy any Organique products worth RM200 and above GET FREE 1 (ONE) 30ml Rehydrate Cleanser + 1 (ONE) Mirror
- Only for non-promotional items
- Only for first 50 customers. While stocks last

//  FREE 1 (ONE) 3ml Rehydrate Eye Concentrate + 1 (ONE) 30ml Rehydrate Cleanser + 1 (ONE) Travelling Pouch //

c) Purchase Above RM400
- Buy any Organique products worth RM400 and above GET FREE 1 (ONE) 3ml Rehydrate Eye Concentrate + 1 (ONE) 30ml Rehydrate Cleanser + 1 (ONE) Travelling Pouch
- Only for first 50 customers. While stocks last

Thank you Organique & Guardian for such lovely promotions! 💕

Organique @ Guardian

Sunday, 13 May 2018


It's finally Mother's Day! I guess a lot of people will be celebrating this loving day today! I can feel the world being filled with waves of soft bubble hearts everywhere! <3 Aww so much love!

It is common that a lot of people will choose to celebrate today. Shopping malls and eateries will all probably be quite packed and calling for patience! I'm glad I decided to plan out a more enjoyable and care-free moment with mom without having to go through the hassle of braving the crowd for Mother's Day celebration.

It's actually something new, a day out which I never thought mommy would agree to. Therefore, I'm really glad mom seems to have enjoyed herself so much too! So what was that all about?

A actually had a intimate date with mom where I brought mom for a makeover, wearing matching clothings and just enjoy a good time over food and desserts together!

// Hair makeover at Number76, Bangsar //

First stop is Number76 salon at Bangsar. Number76 is always a good choice for a hair makeover because most of the time, they are able to create a good hairstyle. Most of the time.

Mommy had recently cut her long hair to shoulder length had it permed last month. However, I wanted to give her a new hairstyle which would look more sophisticated yet care-free. Something which I think she would look really good in. I showed the stylist a reference and mommy's hair came out looking about 80% similar!

Considering it's just wash, blow plus a little styling, it looks pretty good! <3

// Mommy and her new hairstyle //

// Mommy and her new hairstyle //

Next station is make-up at De Vouge Wedding! I have had my make-up done by Geozo from De Vouge Wedding for a few occasions and I love how she does my make-up! Not too dramatic but kinda like down-to-earth classy. Class without trying too hard.

So, yeaaaaa! This is why I trust Geozo to give my mom a nice make-up so that we can take many many pretty photos on that day! So happy and so excited because it has been some time since I've seen mommy get pretty!

// Make-up and nail service at De Vouge Wedding //

De Vouge Wedding was having a promotion package of RM168 which includes makeup, hair styling and simple nail/shape colour during my enquiry. I decided not to take the package because I wanted mommy to have a full relaxing day which also includes hair wash as well. If it was a makeover to attend an event, this package would be so worth it!

Geozo does a good job in creating a personalized look which is suitable for every individual but remain pretty natural. However, if you prefer something more louder and strong, I am sure she will be able to cater to your demand too. Click HERE if you're interested to see her previous work on my makeover.

// Make-up and nail service at De Vouge Wedding //

// My pretty mommy after a full transformation! //

What do you think about my mommy's transformation? I think she look gorgeoussss!!!

However, the transformation is not complete without a wardrobe makeover! Not exactly a wardrobe but we got 2 new pairs of matching outfit from a local clothing brand Suitable / Vangie. I actually didn't expect to find something which is suitable for both our age range! I thought it was considered lucky enough if we could get one matching outfit but we ended up with two pairs of matching. We couldn't decide between which so we end up getting both! 😏 *tralalalala* 

The first pair is more to denim colours.

The dress mommy is wearing has little frills on the short sleeves and some embroidery yellow flowers for details. I love how it was simple with a little details on it so that it isn't just too plain. Mommy looks sweet and chic in the dress. 💗

The outfit I had on is a denim colour blouse with a slight satiny gloss to it. I love the folded details on the sleeve which is good for both formal and casual wear. I had it paired with a below knee length wide pants. One thing I really like about Vangie clothing is that they are really comfortable even under the Malaysia weather.

// Lunch date with mommy //

// Do we look like sisters? //

// My cover girl! //

I have fun taking pictures with and for mommy! She was a born poser. I was easy for me to get nice shots of mommy because she pose so naturally. Hehe. *thumbs up*

These pictures were taken at Fifth Palate Cafe where we had our lunch date. Mommy wanted to try out their Malaysian Breakfast and Cold Pressed Juice but both were sold out. So Mommy had to opt for Ramen which taste pretty standard while I had the Asam Laksa Pasta which I quite like.

// Lunch date at Fifth Palate //

// Vangie Twinning with Mommy //

For the last destination of our date, it has to be at P.S. Tokyo! 💕 I want our date to end with the sweetest note, so much sweetness that it could last her till next year. Haha. Also because the interior here is great for portrait shooting. 💖

// Can I stick with chu forever? //

// My cover girl //

// My natural poser queen <3 //

// Feeling cloud nine whenever I'm with my queen //

What we are wearing here is our second matchy outfit from Vangie / Suitable. Mommy had on a drop shoulder blouse with white dots. The material is really soft and flowy, it gives a feminine touch. I picked a smilar one with cotton material and white embroidery details. It has a ribbon tie details on the shoulder and slight puffy sleeve end.

I was happy just looking at mommy enjoying her beautiful Lavender Soft Serve Cone. I felt like I had a happier time on this date with mommy rather than she herself did. *sheepish laugh* I can't deny that spending time with mommy now is the best thing since I don't get to get sticky with her like I do last time. 💓

// Soft serve moment together //

// I don't mind mommy feeding me forever 😝//

I took so many photos with mommy, it probably exhaust her for a bit. Therefore, thank you mommy for bearing with this and let me create a beautiful memory with you this Mother's Day which I could cherish for a very long time and also look back in the future.

Before I end this post, I just want to tell mommy that you will forever be gorgeous in my heart and I hope you will stay healthy and happy for a long long time more.

Thank you for having me in this world as your dearest daughter and I will forever cherish us. 💝

So much that I don't mind being cheesy because of you. 😂

I Love You always and forever. 💘

// ILY Mommy <3 //

Hair: Number76 Bangsar

a: 50, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Makeup: De Vouge Wedding
a: 20-3A, Jln PJU 5/7, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. 
t: +603 6140 7811 / +6012 7132 032

Outfits: Vangie / Suitable

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I wonder if any of you remember this brand. I mentioned about Organique and my love at first sight for their Lavender Lover Set Cream Series but then I didn't purchase the series because I still have tons of moisture lotion at home. Still, I could not really forget about it! Sometimes, the things you love or like, do not necessarily you have to purchase it for your own use. 😊