Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Love Thai food? Crazy for fiery spicy food? This is definitely a place for you to visit!

Bf was having a very "heaty" body condition when we were in Bangkok but this was not something we were going to miss! Die die, had our dinner there and cool off later on with tons of coconut juice!

Monday, 20 July 2015

First read about this cafe from a local blog and fell head over heal in love with this place. The nice ambiance and ease of locating prompt me to give it a visit~ Those who is going to Bangkok might want to check this place out too! It is just a few walks away from the station. Probably less than 5 minutes away.


Had a cup of frothy Hot Milk (45baht), a Long Black (75baht)  and a slice of banana truffle cake (110baht). There was nothing fancy about the hot milk, just a comforting cup of froth milk which gives a better texture. The long black was too liquify / diluted and just tiny wee bits of crema can be seen. No aroma too, so not a good cup of coffee. The cake was not bad though ^^ Love the sweet banana which was not soft and a good combination with the chocolate. the scrapes of coconut on top blends quite well too! 

I'm thinking this particular cafe is more for the tourist than the local as one of the activity that most visitors would do is to write / draw up their special note and post it around the cafe. My first trip with love and notes left for each other ^^ Wondering if it's still there..

Notes all over the walls left by others. wonder if they do clear up the old notes to make space for the new ones~

Visitors going crazy and even posting on the light cover. Haha..

The cafe counter is small and cozy but they serve a variety of drinks and cakes. Their froth milk is probably one of the cheapest I had!

The back portion of the shop was reserved for lifestyle and homey products. They are all arranged very nicely and gives out a good comfortable vibe to the cafe. Dried flowers and wooden brackets are love!

They sell a wide range or postcards which we can purchase and send it to friends and families back home. I'm one of those who would buy a piece of 2 postcards for collection. Definitely love to send one home to myself too but most of the time, am upset that I don't receive them most of the time. Yes, we do have postal problems here in Malaysia where post officers just dump letters/envelopes/cards somewhere so they don't have to deliver. Just hope it would stop by now.

Very much in love with the bags but the price tags are more to the hefty side. Or else I would probably have gotten one. Wonder when was the last time I had a backpack on during traveling. Miss it much.

The product highlights are most probably the aromatherapy oils, candles, soaps and any other related. I really love their scented products but again, it seems a little pricey to me. Perhaps I will get them one day when money is not much of a constraint for me.. For now, I just prefer to spend on something else :)

I would very much recommend anyone visiting Bangkok to drop by this place if you are looking for a nice quiet place to unwind from your hectic travelling. <3

Everyday by Karmakarmet Cafe

a: 1/F, Yada Building, Silom Rd., Bangkok, Thailand (Near to BTS Sala Daeng Train Station - Exit no.3)
t: 02-237-1148
h: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Friday, 17 July 2015

Hieeee!!! I hope my expression did not scared you off. Haha.. I just had a long day and would prefer not to show you my tired face. Don't think anyone would like looking at a dull tired face. :D

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Still wondering why I did not take a picture of the cafe and environment but nevermind! The food here is too good not to be shared! This chain of milky indulgence in pretty much one of a kind and the one of the best I ever had! Farm Design is a cafe dessert chain in Bangkok where the milk they use to make desserts and make your white coffee are all the way from Hokkaido, Japan!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Been so demotivated to blog lately but will try to clear off these travel post of last year! *face of horror* Yes, guilty as charged for delaying my Bangkok post till now.. *guilty face*

So there are a lot of cafe and yummy food chains here in Bangkok. All look really good and inviting! While going around the "food floor" at Siam Paragon, we stumble across this Pancake Cafe. It was really packed with customers and we had to wait for a bit before we could get a table.

Although this guy's face is not very friendly or inviting, the pancake taste otherwise. Please forgive his expression. He probably had a very busy and tiring day flipping so many pancakes to serve us. Haha..

This cafe practice an open kitchen concept. I like open kitchen concept because it keeps us relieved knowing that our food were handled with much care and cleanliness. Other than that, it is something to entertain while we wait for our order, right?

I just ordered the plain and basic one because to know if the food is good or not, always go back to the basics! So here's my fluffy pancakes finally! Each and everyone of them taste really soft, fluffy and warm! Not a bit soggy! 

They were not super exceptionally yummy till my taste buds exploded but it does make you melt a little at every munch~ Besides this, of course they do have other choices in the menu such as those topped with delicious ice-creams and fruits!

So if you would like some good pancakes, head on to Pancake Cafe @ Siam Paragon in Bangkok!

Pancake Cafe @ Siam Paragon

a: Dining Paradise 3rd Floor Paradise Park / 1st fl. Nawamin City Avenue / The Circle Ratchapruk / Siam Paragon G-Floor

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

MarySharon? The first thing that came into my mind about this brand MarySharon, were questions of where is it from and if it is safe to use. After all, this is a facial skin care brand and I am very particular about products that I will be applying on my skin as they will be absorbed into my skin and body.

After some googling, I found a lot of pictures and testimonials about MarySharon skin care range from China. Yes, MarySharon is actually a brand from China but it is not just any regular product formulated and manufactured in China which we need to be afraid of.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Helle there... Mr.Moustache & Ms.SexyLips.. Saw lots of review about this Mr & Mrs Cafe at Oasis Damansara. Took so long for me to finally visit this place because it's so far away! Oasis Damansara is somewhere in the way to the old Subang Airport and this place actually has a lot to offer in terms of yummy food!

The first time I was there was for the MHB Chinese New Year reunion dinner, posted here.

Finally decided to drop by one fine weekend for brunch. Saw many reviews on their food. Must try!

For drinks, we ordered Long Black (RM8.00) and a Hot Nutella Chocolate (RM12.00)  🍫 Bf said it's not his cup of coffee coz it's really dark roast... Like just bitter.. So I guess it's just like coffee you find in common places.. The chocolate in the other hand, comes in cute latte art and is quite yummy ^^ It's more chocolatey rich in taste with the additional ingredient of Nutella~ *slurp*

There's these cute props for you to take picture with on every table. Kinda like their signature item in almost every picture taken in their cafe.

Ahhh~ my long hair before the hair cut! Gonna take some long months before they grow back~ Some girls like the short hair look but bf and mom still prefer the long hair look...

Ok! Back to food!

My berries pancake. Very delicious there stack fluuufffyyyyy pancakes top with halfed strawberries, some few blueberries at the side, creams and must-have bitter cube on top! Don't know since when, I started to love butters! Especially those fragrant bitter cubes they would serve in restaurant with bread a starter. So, this made me really happy ^^

French Roast with Berries & Bananas (RM15.90) - Simple French Toast top with Berries, bananas and maple syrup.

The toast is really fluffy and nice! Fresh and soft. Paired with sweet and sour fruits, some muesli on top and maple syrup, it's quite a luxury~

The food we tried here definitely did not disappoint us! Although quite pricey, the food served here are really good ^^ Definitely worth the distance to fill any cravings!

Environment is quite cosy and place is quite full at most hours of the day. If you prefer outside, there's about two tables for occupy..

Mr & Mrs. Cafe

a: B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
t: +603-7859-6665
h: Tuesday-Sunday, 10.00am-5.00pm