Saturday, 19 October 2013

Just woke up from a really really long nap.

Am probably starting to have those numb disappointment feeling after another #FailedAttempt. Haha..

Don't think I am going to share much since I don't think there's a point/benefit of sharing if I didn't make it, right?

Pretty Hot Babes vs Sir Richard Branson. Which is your choice?

Anyway, a little smarter this time. I reach around 9 am, which is about the time the registry starts. Instead of giving you numbers like is MAS, you're in the queue for height measuring right away. I'm glad I made friend with the girl who was behind me, Farah so we get to chat a bit. The person in-charge of the job was doing it casually compare to the one from MAS. He measured my height as 171cm instead of 170cm which I got a little upset about because the max height for female is actually 170cm? I'm not sure how that applies but I had him measure my height again and I got it at 170cm :)

Next, we had our documents checked. Number 063! Sounds like a lucky number in Chinese, but.. Luck never sides with me *sad* After that was just waiting... until the interview. By the time it was my turn, it was about 12 pm.

Usually, they will ask us to read the flight announcement passage but that did not happen to me. I was asked about my current job and that was it. I actually felt weird when they told me that is all. It makes me very nervous.

Next, I just have to wait for the result in the next room. The result was.. I didn't get through. Better luck next time I guess? :)

Those who did not get through, will be called while those who succeeded, will not be called and will be given a resume like form to fill in.

Interview process aside, I made a few friends and we had a little chat. I'm surprised to find out that some of them have been to the interview for about 5-7 times? Their determination amaze me :)

Well, good luck to you guys! ^^



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