Friday, 29 August 2014

Hitting up on a new place! Empire Damansara!

After Boat Noodles, it's coffee break at Seven Cups!

Monday, 25 August 2014

The organiser is a scammer (Allan Loo). Please beware. 

All those who work for him might now know that he is a scammer. 

If he asked you to look for participants, don't. All the promises about ipad, shu uemura / skII set is just a lie to lure you.

If you need more clarification, please message me on facebook!~


Have you ever experienced a professional Makeover+Photoshoot? Those who answered no, I'm with you.

Sorry, I lied. I just did yesterday.

Well, that is if I didn't take into account that macam yes potrait shoot I had many many years back. I still remember it was one of the counter cosmetic  brand which was running a small 'promotion'. My mom was required to make a purchase above a certain amount and she will be entitled to get a 'portrait shoot + make-up' for RM50. Mom was being lovely and treated me to it. The photos came out with me looking like a China porcelain wrapped in a furry collar jacket. Not a very nice memory. 

Never thought I would have a chance to experience a real professional Makeover+Photoshoot. Maybe just flip through magazines and dream about it. Hahaha.

I stop dreaming yesterday. Everything became a reality! <3

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I was never an avid coffee drinker. 

Previously, I would occasionally pop into Starbucks for a Mocha Frap / Matcha Frap fix and Old Town for a cup of White Coffee. All these just for some casual enjoyment. Things change after I started dating a coffee addict ;P He would need a long black fix everyday without fail.

I  start to get prone to anxiety attacks from coffee fix since about four years ago. I feel my heart beat racing at a tremendous rate and I can't seems to focus on anything! It is definitely not a pretty feeling but it only happens if the caffeine is kinda strong or if I take in more than one shot of caffeine. It also doesn't help that the body of a woman omits caffeine slower than the body of a man.

Anywayyy.. dating a coffee addict let's me go cafe hopping whenever we date. He claims to be kind of a coffee expert, so it's really fun to try out coffee from different cafes! Haha.. I love going cafe hopping! You can actually find a lot of independent new cafe around in instagram just by searching this tag #CafeHopKL One of the cafe we visited was this. Oh Scooter! Cafe ~

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Thanks to #ButterflyMsia, I get to attend the introduction of Himalaya's Neem Range Facial Care Products!

It was really informative and fun! I've tried the products for 2 weeks and let's see what's the result in the end!

It was like the beginning of a detoxification process! It was held at Fuwa Fuwa in Jaya One. When we arrive, we were served with Green Tea! Ah~ my favourite! <3

Monday, 18 August 2014

Last year, I had one of my most enjoyable travel so far! It was my first time visiting Japan and there's so much I've discovered about Japan. My first impression from visiting Japan, my first discovery about Tokyo, Japan.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everybody is born equal into this world.

We all came naked and we won't be able to take anything with us when we leave.


Quite an outdated post but here it is! We have all tried porridge / herbal soup / tomyam / etc steamboat but have you tried PUMPKIN steamboat before?! No, right? Me too! First time! 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Planned to go for brunch at the Red Bean Bag in Publika after hearing all the good review. Sadly, it was crazy packed and the wait was estimated at 25 - 30 minutes before there will  be a table for us.

I decided not to wait since some one is super hungry at that moment.. When we have a hungry man, we get a very angry man >.<

Seeing O'Briens is just at the opposite, we decided to try it out. It looks like a place that makes good sandwiches and breakfast meals! 

Browsing through their menu and selections, I was kind of disappointed that they do not have much choice for a vegetarian. I thought I'd just settle for a Mushroom Quiche

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Chinese has a saying that goes, "the spectator knows the best of what is happening".

It means that the third party in a situation usually understands and sees best of what is currently happening. People who are involved in a situation usually have their thoughts influenced by biasness or emotions. Hence, a spectator who is not involved in anyway, will usually have the most neutral opinion to that situation.


Lei Cha is a type of famous dish among the Chinese Hakka population. It can be very much considered as a traditional Hakka dish which has been eaten since a very long time ago. Apparently, during those times, it was eaten as three meals a day!

Lei Cha consist of a bowl of rice with 7 different sides - Chinese Leeks, Long Beans, Kai Lan, Taufu, Fried Peanuts, Sweet Potato Leaves, Celery, and accompanied with a bowl of of  "pounded tea" beverage / soup - prepared by pounding tea leaves together with herbs such as Mugworth, Sawtooth Coriander, Thai Basil, Spearmint, Perilla, Elephant Foot Grass, KuLiXin, Daun Capa, and Pennyworth

The first time I tried this was in eatery at Jalan Lanchang, Cheras but I doubt it was there anymore. We were brought there by my mom's friend who is a Hakka.

Subsequently after that, she would invite us to her house to have "Lei Cha gathering" once in a while.

The preparation of Lei Cha takes up a lot of work and definitely not for the faint hearted!

This dish is actually not known to many people but have been gaining popularity recently. Wanna try how Lei Cha taste like? You just have to google;  How to make Lei Cha. I'm just kidding. Haha..

Let's check out where you can get Lei cha, shall we? Before you indulge in your Lei Cha, let me warn you that it takes crazy lots of chewing! Feels like your jaw is on a workout. Haha..


Saturday, 2 August 2014

La Risata has been around since 1996 and I heard about it since 2-3 years back. The constant recommendation by some blogger prompt me to check out this place!

I even picked it as the venue for my birthday dinner! That's how high an expectation I have for this place after reading about the reviews. 

I was expecting some really tip top Italian food but the day before the dinner, boyfie told me that he have been there before and the food there is actually not that pleasing. I was like really?! But he told me I should try it for myself. I actually felt a little disappointment and wonder if I should change the venue?

However, he insisted I should try it for myself and I myself wanted to find out how is the food there. So to La Risata we went!

From pictures, I actually thought it was a bungalow turned restaurant venue but it was actually among some shop lots. I quite like the environment inside.