Friday, 13 September 2013

Received some bad news from my brother few days ago. We won't be able to retrieve back my domain name. *sigh* Unless I am willing to pay huge sum for it which I feel, is not worth it. Goodbye The only solution now is to retrieve all entries manually into another new blog. It's a bittersweet process. In a way, I'm glad because I don't have to pay for domain fees anymore but it has been part of me. Guess I'll just have to let go and let time heal the wound... Maybe I made it sound too drastic :D Haha..

I'm not sure how many times I have repeated this but.. here it goes again since I can't retrieve back my old post now. Let me reminiscence a little... Can't believe that it's been so long since I started blogging... more than a decade ago. How time flies.. It used to be a very personal place where I would pour out all my sober and happy moments but not so now since blogging has became so public.. but it is still a good place to record things that happen in my life. It's always good to look back. Especially trip pictures. 

With this, I hope to blog more often rather than getting more and more discouraged! Who know, maybe one day it would be my source of income and I'll never have to worry about my sustainable income anymore! Haha..

Forsakengel actually derives from forsaken+angel => forsaken+ngel => forsakengel. It is actually pronounced as Forsaken~ngel rather than forsaken~gel which, does not really make any sense, I know. That's why everyone keep asking me  what's Forsakengel and I get a little lazy to answer. Haha.. That's the reason why I decide to change the blog name. I've thought of てんしちゃん / Tenshichn which actually means little angel, くろねこ / KuroNeko which means black cat, and lastly, bittersweet... but I don't really know.. The rhythm of Kuro Neko doesn't sound very nice after a while.. bittersweet seems weird after sometime.. I guess I'm never good with names and making decisions AND sticking with them. 

I actually like Tenshichn the best but can I use it for a life time? Haha.. *ponder ponder* Maybe I could put it as Tenshichn. A place where my little angel stays and watch over me. :) Sounds good? *looks for sign of support and approval*

*ops* I think I just did it! *_*



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