Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It's the 25th of December! Merry Christmas  メリークリスマス to everyone! I hope everyone will have a great time exchanging present, hanging out together, or rather, just enjoying each other's company :) After all, one of the famous quote during Christmas is; 

All I want for Christmas is You!


For the rest of you who is just bumping at home like me to avoid the crowd and the jam, let's do some shopping! :D They have some great sales going on till the end of the year! So better hurry up!

*click the picture below and do some shopping nao!*

 Let's continue with our Japan journey!

Picture is blur but the curls r awesome. Can't resist ;P

Malaysia Tourism ad just right across the Shinagawa Station. So I'm like so near yet so far from home!

Most people might say the temple looks like it is in a place it does not belong to but to me, the temple is right where it belongs. Right there. Often reminding the people in this bustling concrete jungle of their beliefs and conscience. Oh, by the way, I really love the way they trim the trees. I wish the DBKL tree trimmers here have these art sense or skills.. Our trees look so horrible after trimming like they have just been slaughtered mercilessly.

And guess what? doesn't this looks familiar? That's right! Had to have Ramen for the last day!!

Trying out つけめん tsukemen from なんすってい Nansuttei. If you remember, it's the ramen shop with the super delicious porky broth!

Guess what is this?! It's ginkgo bibola! It's planted all over the place in Tokyo! You can just pick them up, bring them home and cook Chinese dessert! There is a lot of relation and stories between Japan and Ginkgo although they were brought in from China. If you're interested to know more, you can check them out here:

As posted on instagram.

This is what the train station looks like at non-peak hour. Crazy isn't it? Can't imagine the crowd during peak hour @.@ *ready to get squashed*

This is Tokyo Station. Reminds me very much about the old West. Love the details!

Right out the station. Does not look like I'm in Tokyo, right? The environment and the structure looks so much like the west. It is a very nice environment though. Some how it gives a very calm, soothing feeling. Makes me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Perhaps is the empty crowd in a spacious area.

Found this map across the station, the one with the grey and white lines is the Tokyo Station and the one with the blue and green area is the area of the Imperial Palace.

Glimpse of the Imperial Palace buildings / こうきょ Imperial Residence. Love the bonsai!

Surrounded by the concrete jungle.

Map of the Imperial Palace. The place is really huge.

Like this. This stretch is marked grey on the map.

Way into the Imperial Palace is off bound.

Love the bridge and the waterway which goes all across the place.

A gateway leading to a train station. The surrounding is a vast area of grass and walkway. Sometimes, it is so much easier to just walk across it at 45 degree rather than going by the side in an L shape. The sky has been really beautiful the whole day. Thank God for that as it has been drizzling like forever since I was there.

99.99% of men i see there are all in suits n ties. Even on weekends. Don't they wear anything else? Wardrobe like Nobita.

Sakuradamon Gate. Left from Sakuradamon Station to Daimon Station. Where next? Take a guess...

Did you see something peeking out? From the end of the road? It's Tokyo Tower!

Here's a better view :) It's so.. beautiful. Some how, I'm looking forward to Tokyo Tower more than Sky Tree although Sky Tree is the new taller tower.

But before that, let's pay a visit to Zojoji Temple. Tokyo is an amazing place with a mix of the past and the present. I think it's really special that way.

I think the temple has went through a renovation recently. Everything looks so new. Right behind is the Tokyo Tower.

View from the Temple. Well preserved and protected. Even though Tokyo has became so densed, the surrounding of the temple were well preserved instead of being used for money raking development purposes. The respect that Japanese have for beliefs and culture should be followed by people around especially Malaysia. Really don't understand how can the authorities demolish holy places and structure with the lame reason of making way for development?

Lastly, a famous photo composition; ぞうじょうじ Zojoji Temple with とうきょう たわー Tokyo Tower.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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