Sunday, 15 September 2013


The weather wasn't siding China yesterday. It started raining before I left ma house but it actually got me more excited. Lol. After dinner, I finally left house with a hopeful spirit because it was still drizzling softly. As I reach Persiaran Lakeview, the drizzle still continues but it's good enough that it has soften down.

Although the weather wasn't perfect, there were more patrons compare to the day before. Many has set up their tripods, shielding with umbrellas while patiently and eagerly waiting for the show to start. I don't even know if it is going to start as planned due to the weather. Kids behind me was even counting down to 10 p.m. but it din't start at 10 p.m. Haha..

Much to our relief, there was announcement after some minutes and the show began! ^^

China was very generous with their fireworks. They were huge, fast, numerous and very fancy ^^ If you are a spectator, you would totally be awed by the show they put up but if you are a photographer, you would be a little dampen because there were smokes captured in most of the photos due to China's quick and generous shots. Haha..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures albeit the smokes..

Compare to China, France gave neater photos as their firework comes in few by few while China fireworks are quite generous and continuous. The best were the ending blasts~ :D

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