Friday, 27 October 2017

The first time I came across LOFT was at Shibuya during my first trip to Tokyo, Japan. It was so many years ago and it made me miss Japan so much! LOFT is a Japanese Lifestyle Chain Store with over 100 outlets in Japan alone and you will not question their success if you have been to LOFT!

If I am not mistaken, this is the second time LOFT had a pop-up store in Malaysia. The first one was at Pavillion just outside the Tokyo Street sometime ago. I'm glad that the range of items that they decide to bring in this time around is much more interesting and applicable although less.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

I came to Singapore hunting for a variety of Japanese / Matcha desserts and Matchaya was my last stop before crossing over back to Malaysia. I stumble across this brand on their instagram and it all looks so good to me! So let's see how it fare!

Monday, 23 October 2017

 If you are going to Singapore, you should definitely check out Cafe & Meal Muji! I've been wanting to visit since it first launch in Singapore! Why, why are they still not launching one in Malaysia yet? I hope we have one in Malaysia soon because it is just sooo gooood!

// Muji Cafe //

You probably know that Muji is a brand of no-brand goods which are high in quality, simple and pretty much in minimalist and very clean design. It is said to offer affordable high quality no brand products but I suppose that is not the case anymore. Still, the products are <3 and I was excited to explore their cafe in Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Road.

It was a self service cafe and I really like this system which they apply for reserving the seat before you take your order. They have a small stand with different words for customers to place on the table they prefer to reserve the table that they want so that everyone will get a seat after ordering instead of looking for a seat after ordering. I think it is very thoughtful especially for people who come individually where looking for a place to seat after order would be difficult in this situation.

// Muji Meal & Dessert //

// Muji Cafe Basic Set Japanese Style - $8.80 //

I had the basic set Japanese Style (another option would be Western Style$8.80 which consist of;
+ a bowl of rice 
+ miso soup 
+ 1 cold deli ( I opt for the Prawn  Couscous Salad with Yuzu Sesame Dressing
+ 1 onsen egg 
+ 1 minced meat.

//Prawn  Couscous Salad with Yuzu Sesame Dressing //

I really enjoyed the Prawn Salad because the yuzu from the dressing gives a slightly hint of sourness which is not too empowering but gives a really refreshing flavour. The broccoli was cooked just right, retaining it's crunchiness while the prawns were cooked al dente, feeling slightly firm, bouncy with a hint or crunchiness. The addition of couscous was a brilliant idea as it gives the whole salad a nutty and crunchy experience.

I highly recommend this salad. *yums*

// Muji Basic Set + Ryukyu Chai //

Ryukyu Chai - $3.00 (U.P. $5.90) - brewed Okinawa black tea with a selection of medicinally active spices, said to give a soothing and aromatic flavour of spices carefully crafted for a natural good taste.

This might taste weird for some people who dislike a mix of spices flavour with tea. My first impression, it taste like milk tea with nutmeg ointment because of the minty taste and hint of spices flavour. It is not an ordinary flavour for everyone, probably more preferable by the elder age group due to it's flavour characteristic. 

I would recommend having it hot as the flavour seems more suitable as a hot drink.

// Streusel Choux Pouff with Matcha Cream and Adzuki Beans & Hokkaido Matcha Pudding with Kuromitsu Sauce //

Streusel Choux Puff with Matcha Cream and Adzuki Beans $6.90 - Crusty Streusel Choux Puff with a filling of lightly aromatic matcha cream and topping of sweet adzuki beans.

The puff although cold, is still crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The oozing aromatic matcha cream has a mild and sweet flavour to it, goes really well with puff as overall, the sweetness and flavour was just right, very well balanced  

Hokkaido Matcha Pudding with Kuromitsu Sauce $6.90 - Hokkaido Cream Matcha Pudding with Zenzai and Golden Nougat bits, drizzled with dark brown sugar syrup.

Again, the sweetness and the matcha flavour was really well balanced. Even when drizzled with the kuromitsu sauce, it was more of a fragrant experience rather than and empowering sweetness of a sugar syrup. The bits of zenzai and golden nougat adds some extra nutty crunchiness to the pudding while the little red beans inside adds texture to the soft pudding.

Both desserts which I enjoyed very much and I wish I had room to try out the rest!

// Soy-Sansho French Fries //

Snacks after dessert? Lol. I couldn't leave this place without using up all of my quota to try out as many delicious food as I can take!

Soy-Sansho French Fries $6.90 - the addictive mix of crispy fried sprinkled with Japanese Shoyu and Parmeson Cheese Seasoning, with a light touch of Sansho spice.

It looks alluring from the menu itself but I was taken a back by how good and addictive this combination of seasoning really taste! The fries taste of addictive Shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning powder which was sweet and strong with flavour, with a hint of peppery and undertone citrus flavour and further enhanced with rich parmeson cheese powder.

Although a little pricey, it was a really good indulgence. *yums*

// Muji Cafe Menu //

// Muji Cafe Menu //

// Muji Cafe Menu //

It was a taste of utter deliciousness in dishes that has the characteristics of simplicity but I can definitely feel that lots of thoughts and passion had been put into it to curate the menu offered. It is very much Japanese when you taste a fusion food with very well balanced light and subtle flavours which melts and linger in you after every spoon. 

This place would definitely get me hooked if I am a resident in this island. Price is considered reasonable for the living standard and pay that you get over there. I think I left my tastebuds there, longing to taste more of Muji food! <3

Cafe & Meal Muji

a: #04 – 36 to 40 Orchard Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, 238859 Singapore.
t: +65 6735 0123

h: 10:00am – 9:30pm; Monday – Sunday, Last Order at 20:45

Monday, 16 October 2017

Gooood morningggg!!!~~~

Who gets excited waking up in the morning like me? Well, not always but definitely when there's delicious breakfast waiting for me! Yumms~

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Can you believe it if I tell you that I had chocolate for breakfast? Well, some of you might think I'm crazy but you'd agree that it's sinfully irresistible! <3 Truth to be told, I really had Whittaker's Chocolate for Breakfast. *smirk*

I have been with Watsons Malaysia VIP members for the longest time since their launching and I have to agree that they are always committed in delivering the best offers to their customers! It is intriguing to know that they just launched a huge collaboration with Digi - another huge brand in Malaysia known as the most innovative mobile telecommunication operator to give out more value and surprises!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hi everyone! I'm currently high on #fangirl happy drug today because I manage to catch Linda Chung live in Malaysia!!! Thanks to Bio-essence for having her here and thanks to Nuffang MY for having me for the event! <3

Warning that this is strictly a #LindaChungfan post. I'm not going to say much because I know everyone is waiting for more photos of gorgeous Chung Ka-yan~  

Don't forget to scroll down for a video of her during the event for life updates since her absence in the scene for 2 years!

Here's a short video of Linda Chung during the Bio-essence event. If you want to have beautiful skin like her, check out what's her favourite Bio-essence product! <3

Saturday, 7 October 2017

It was with great pleasure to be invited to witness the launching or Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017! This festival was held in accordance to the 60th Anniversary of Malaysia - Japan Diplomatic tie

Details of Japan Festival in Malaysia:
Location: LG Oval Concourse, One Utama
Date: 6 - 8 Oct

 // Kabuki Perfomance //

It was actually my first watching live performance from a beautiful and talented Maiko and a Kabuki Dance from Japan. Besides that, I was also able to witness a matcha tea ceremony demonstration.

 // Organiser and partners of Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017 //

// Kabuki Performer// 

 // Talented and Beautiful Maiko // 

Many other activities, performances and shopping available during the event are as below;
- Performance by Minisuka Police Girl Group and Yosakoi
- Japanese Traditional Games
- Photography in Japanese Traditional Costume
- Japanese Matcha Powder
- Travel to Japan Prefectures
- Fujifilm sharing session
- Shop for Japanese Titbits, Beauty Products and more..

 // Yukata Time //

 // Trying out Yukata //

 // Once Upon a Time at Osaka //

 // Yukata //

  // Yukata //

Check out my video for the first day of Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017.
Subscribe to my youtube channel for more video! <3

Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017