Saturday, 16 November 2013

I no like you.

Your carpark exit system is faulty =/

Had a bad day. Just feels like getting home asap.

Paid for parking ticket. RM16. You guys must be wondering what I was doing there for the ticket to end up RM16.

Anyway, I never liked the way their ticket system works. You pay for the ticket and they give you a receipt with a barcode to be scanned at the exit.

The thing is, when I scanned the receipt, the gate bar lifts open and then it just falls back down.

Wow, did it expect me to drive pass within 1 millisecond.


Reverse, scan again and it says,"ticket rescanned". I knew this would happen! *deep sigh*

Calls for the security nearby. He took my ticket and scan it again... like it will work wonders for him =/

Obviously didn't work so he had to inform the office.

Stuck here for 15 minutes and nothing happened. I start to lose my patient and I holler at the security and asked why this is taking so long.

He said it's my fault, that I scanned it twice. Wow.. I'm like totally speechless. How is it my fault?

I went on rage but he said he can't do anything. I demand him to get people from his management here.

There's nothing I can do so I just waited and waited. Guess how long it takes them?

Damn right it was > 30 minutes.

I park my car in your carpark and you charge me based on hours.

Do I charge you per hour for wasting my time?

Bad. Day. Max.

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