Sunday, 15 December 2013

Have three hours to spent on my own at Gardens while I wait for mom. So I thought I'd finish this post on Ipad and post it but plan failed =/

1. Can't even detect Gong Cha's Wifi. Ada macam tiada. Phail 100%.
2. Could not scroll on post edit page using Safari OR Chrome on Ipad which leads to Point no.3
3. Downloaded blogger on Ipad but so limited functions -__________- Could not even select image size. This app super phailed.
4. Too much distraction in this place. Suddenly a baby rat came out of no where and everyone who saw it keep taking picture of it. Poor soul looks so lost that it went round and round thrice before going off to somewhere.
5. Times up!

So end up doing this at home when I'm back..


So from ゆうらくちょう Yurakucho Station in ぎんざ Ginza we took a train to おかちまち Okachimachi Station in あめよこ Ameyoko. Ameyoko is always short for あめやよこちょう Ameya Yokocho which means Candy Store Alley. You can also start from Ueno Station if you like.

Our target destination: Ameyoko Market. It is more of a market for the locals and I love the fact that it's for the locals but I am not sure how 'local' it is anymore. Okay, sorry for confusing you guys with the 'local's. Haha..

So let's begin indulging the trip! I mean food from Ameyoko Market! ^^

Look what I found! It's Doraemon's favourite! どらやき Dorayaki! *plays Doreamon's theme song* The other one is kind of like our local Kuih Bahalu rolled in sugar.

More DorayakiS! Haha.. and donuts too! Buy more to save more! ¥60(RM1.98) for 1 Dorayaki and ¥525 (RM17.325) for 9 DorayakiS which means ¥58.33333... (RM1.925) for 1 Dorayaki! Come to think of it, not much of a difference, huh?

Anyway, we gobbled up the pack that looks like Kuih Bahalu because we were a tad bit hungry. Probably due to so much walking. Hehe.. Lucky Dorayaki followed me to Phuket before it end up in my stomach.

Next up, たこやき Takoyaki! *salivate* One of my top favourite food! It's so yummilicious, how can anyone not LOVE Takoyaki! We ordered 6 which cost ¥280 (RM9.24). It is about the same price as the Takoyaki you can get from the local Jusco. I usually buy the ones from Midvalley Jusco. 

DO NOT get those from Sushi King! There was once my friend ordered Takoyaki from KLCC Sushi King, they were small and they taste weird! It was prepared with some kind of green herbs or vegetables and it gave a bad taste to it. =/ So, remember! Do not order Takoyaki in Sushi King!

6 naked Takoyaki Balls! Somehow it sounds wrong! Hahaha~ I just meant to say they look bald without any dressings. Dressings were DIY. You can put any amount of sweet sauce, mayonise, and ofcourse かtぐおぶし Katsuobushi or more well known as Bonito Flakes!

My  masterpiece after all the dressings! Looks absolutely yummy, huh? Can some one FedEx it to me now? I mean now!!!

Look how big that chunk of tako is! OhMaiGosh! Where to get in Malaysia?~

How does it taste? Ofcourse absolutely delicious and satisfactory guaranteed! While my aunt went to have  McDonald's Pork Burger, I actually prefer this ^^

There's a shrine/temple (can't differentiate them in Japan =/) nearby. Somehow it gives me a very firm respectable image. Perhaps it is because of how clean and perfectly neat everything looks.

Stroll down the path and I'm greeted by these cute octopus flowers! Yea, I call them octopus flowers because they really looks like a flower right? Reminds me of out nation/world's biggest flower, Rafflesia.

Oh and did I mention that the Salmon there are so dirt cheap compare to here! So fresh and cheap we almost wanted to buy some back!

Stopped at a fruit stall to munch on.. well, fruits. :) Mom had melon which cost ¥200 (RM6.60) while I went to choose this pineapple which cost ¥100 (RM3.30). Mom told me the pineapple is from Philippines and I'm like -____-

Look what else I found at the fruit stall! It's Durians! I wonder if they are Thailand or Malaysia Durians. I have a feeling that they are from Thailand. In case you could not see it well, the price tag says ¥5500 (RM181.50)! Crazy price huh?

Look! People that wants to get in my picture again! They know they will get famous here ;P

Here's a better picture without people bombing my photo except the gentleman at the centre. Not sure what he's up to though..

Ameyoko Market is actually a 'Y' shape. We came from the left lane and by the time we ended up here, it was almost dark and we were pretty tired. So we left for home, by which I mean hotel.

Took train from Ueno Station back to Shinagawa Station. Could not remember if we need to switch on any lines.

Took this at Shinagawa Station. It is actually an area with stalls selling vegetables. Pretty convenient, huh? Do your grocery shopping in the middle of route exchange before jumping into the next train home. I like the idea very much.

Shinagawa is actually a very huge route exchange hub and there's alot of eateries and shops in there.

More vending machine. More drink choices.

We end up at Shinatatsu for dinner again :) This time for なんつってい Nantsuttei! This shop is famous for the 100% pork bone soup base!

Hmmm... porky menu... Looking at it makes me even more hungry!

They have table seats and seats at the bar. Although these eatery shops are small, they are really really clean.

Classic gold kettles containing ice water. Can refill as much as you want. Didn't I say they serve ice water everywhere?

Finally! My ramen with Pork slice arrived! This is the basic one by the way or maybe their main selection. Honestly, this is the best らーめん ramen soup base I have ever tasted while in Tokyo!

Ordered ぎょざ Gyoza as well! Gyoza is actually Chinese Dumplings that got very famous in Japan. It taste just alright. Nothing special about it. the best Chinese Dumplings I had was actually from Esquire Kitchen here. That's one of my fav place for Chinese Cuisine. Will keep that for other post.

Finally done with it! Tempted to even slurp up the whole bowl of soup but am not sure if it's Ajinomoto soup. Hahaha! Probably not since they are one of the famous ramen chain in Japan. It was definitely satisfying. Felt like having another bowl but I really do not have room for it.

Some random guy having his meal.

The ordering machine. Most shops have this outside. It is basically your menu. Select the option you wanted, pay for the meal and you will get a ticket which you need to pass to them. It is very convenient and saves on manpower but not very friendly for Japanese dummy people like us. Haha.

Lucky for us, we roughly knew what it say. :)

If I have discovered this place earlier, I would have came here more often for meals! That makrs the end of our day and time to get some rest.

Did I mention that they actually made sure that a part of the mirror does not fog up? I think it's very thoughtful of them :) Sometimes a little gesture goes a long way, agree?

Had this delicious Meiji milk before going off to bed. Even the writing on the milk carton says おいしい牛乳 delicious cow milk. Haha.

I actually saw Meiji milk in some convenient store while in Phuket as well. How come we do not have it here? =/ Any recommendation on delicious creamy milk we can get here?

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