Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Made an 'impromptu' trip to Ipoh early this month and my itinerary is just about all these MUST EAT food in Ipoh Town! I googled about it and the results were very helpful but a little too messy to help me decide what I should not miss out.

Read till the end and I'll reveal a great tips for you to decide what you should eat!

Breakfast in Ipoh!

1. 新泉芳咖喱面茶餐厅 Restoran Xin Quan Fang

The curry mee here is well-known as the Police Station Curry Mee locally. Unlike the usual strong santan curry noodle served around Kuala Lumpur, their curry noodle has a tint of sourness in it. 

It has the same fair share of high customer visits daily. Hence, do not bother to look for off peak hours so that you don't have to wait. You would be lucky enough if you get a table upon your arrival. Still, it will take sometime before they will come over to take your order.

Do not bother to take initiative to get the attention of attendants to place your order as you will be told to sit and wait patiently. You will just have to sit and wait for the attendant to come over and take your order. That is how things work over here.

When you order the noodles, they would ask if you want everything in - referring to the meat garnishes. I would recommend to take them all and also order Hor Fun as Ipoh is very well-known for their velvety noodle so that you get to try everything! The bowl of noodle comes with side dishes such as char siew, siew yuk, prawn and chicken meat

They will not place it separately unless you request them to. A complimentary curry sauce will be given for garnishes if you request the meats to be placed in a separate bowl. The Curry sauce taste like nutty satay sauce and is delicious, complimenting the dishes really well!

2.  新源隆茶餐室 Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong

I've read reviews stating that coffee here was much stronger in aroma and flavour in comparison to Nam Heong coffee, which leads me to visit this coffee shop. However, it was a disappointing moment to find out that the coffee shop was not open that day, which leads me to the next coffee shop below.

南香茶餐室 Kedai Makanan Nam Heong

3. 南香茶餐室 Kedai Makanan Nam Heong

A great spot for traditional breakfast, while reminiscing about the good old days! I remember this was the place my friend brought me to for Dim Sum breakfast. I was craving for egg tart but it taste disappointing. 

However, what's really good here is not the dim sum but the white coffee and toast! Toast was sold out when I reach as well. *sad* But if you've got the chance, do try out their egg on toast or their kaya toast! It is definitely a signature meal to go with the white coffee!

Do you know that this is the white coffee which leads to the birth of the famous old town white coffee? Still, nothing beats the originally coffee shop brewed white coffee! It was indeed aromatic in both smell and taste! One sip and it makes me ask for more.

Lunch in Ipoh!

4. 忠记兵如港口大树头炸料粉 Big Tree Foot

It has a well-known stall for Yong Tau Foo and Laksa but there is actually a few other stalls there selling other type of food, pretty much like a small food court.

However, it was a pretty disappointing meal for me. I reach the place in the evening and most of the Yong Tau Foo selection was sold out.  What was left for selection was pretty disappointing. Not because of the little choices left but because most of them were over fried to dark brown colour, 

The Asam Laksa taste normal, broth was light and there was lack of condiments and sardin to enhance the noodle. It was just like Asam Laksa kosong. 

The Bubur Cha Cha was delicious with the amount of santan that they add to the dessert.

There was amply parking space just right behind but I could not say the same during peak hours. Still, it was a relieve that parking was provided.

5. Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah a.k.a Nasi Ganja @ Restoran Yong Suan

Another place which is forever packed. Seems like every good spot in Ipoh is pack all the time. Just have to deal with it if you want good food. :D

Long queue of those waiting for take-away orders.

The place is fully pack with customers dining in as well.

The usual order consist of a plate of white rice, some chopped cucumbers, half of boiled salted egg, a piece of fried chicken topped with very spicy chili gravy. Most people say it is good because the fried chicken has aroma of spices and that the red hot chili gravy and salted egg goes really well together.

I like the idea of the salted egg yolk pairing too but the chicken meat was too dry and tough for me. Gravy too spicy for some one who can't take spicy food as well. Haha..

I would recommend to go with the majority, try the meal and decide for yourself. :)

They do provide other dishes as well besides fried chicken but they were barely touched.

I had my caramel pudding at Restoran Yong Suan too because they were sold out every other place, just to satisfy my craving again. :D

6. 旺记祖传豆花 Woong Kee Bean Curd

I missed out the famous 奇峰豆腐花 Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah on the first day because they were sold out but decided to go for this on the second day after going through some review.

We were introduced a mixture of chopped peanuts and grass jelly cubes to go with the tau too far /  bean curd.

I find the combination quite delicious, enhancing the taste of the dessert so I had another bowl of tau foo far with just the peanuts! Yumm! The tau foo far was the smoothest I have ever had and very light in texture too. Sweetness was just right unlike most which uses overly sweet syrup.

One changes I would prefer like a denser body of the tau foo far as the textures feels a little too light. However still, it is definitely one of the best tau foo far I have ever eaten. :)

Very much recommended for the delicious taste and friendly people there.

奇峰豆腐花 Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah

Dinner in Ipoh!

7. Restoran Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Hor Fun

The local will probably tell you that this is the best in Ipoh town! I almost missed out the chance to try it out one of the best poached chicken in my life! 

I'm glad I did not give up and went to look for it the second time after missing out. 

The place was full house on a Sunday night, as of many local eateries as well. I guess this is the usual practice in Ipoh eateries, that we seat ourselves and wait for the order instead of reaching out to place order ourselves.

What to order? The must noodle is definitely Ipoh Hor Fun Noodle and the must to order here is definitely the Nga Choi Kai (beansprout chicken) and add on side dish of tauge (beansprout)! The chicken meat was firm, tender and silky smooth.

This place is run by an elderly couple who does not seems to be in fit health. The food was good but I was more concern of their health and hoping they could get enough rest and improve on their health.

However, I learnt that the shop rarely opens. 

老黄芽菜鸡沙河粉 Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam 
安记芽菜鸡沙河粉 Restoran Ong Kee

8. Let's Rock (大家乐)

I just stumble upon this place accidentally when I could not locate the famous chicken rice! It turns out that they have some really good stuff too!

I tried the Yong Tau Foo and noodles here. This self service station was filled with people most of the time. I had to wait for quite some time before my food was served.

The fish balls and Yong Tau Foo fillings were all very delicious! I highly recommend the meatballs. They were soft and fresh, fried selections were cooked perfectly leaving them crispy and fragrant.

I very much prefer this over the 忠记兵如港口大树头炸料粉 Big Tree Foot anytime.

While waiting for my noodle, I was tempted to place an order at this Curry Fish Head stall! Almost every table had an order of this but the portion was really too huge. :(

Yes, this big pot of Curry Fish Head! It does look tempting but there were both good and bad review about this dish. Perhaps I will give it a shot next time and update my review here!

Apong is like one of my most loved snacks of all time! Always tempted to buy them whenever I pass by any Apong stalls.

I thought I'd just buy to fill my cravings but it was so unexpectedly good, I wanted to get more of them! I can't remember how much but it was cheap and really good! A little soft at the center and the rest of the layer was really thin and crispy. Yums! Definitely one of the best I had ever had!

Must buy before you leave Ipoh Town!

9. Happy Delicious Salted Chicken

Recommended by the people from Woong Kee Beancurd Shop, this is the salted chicken shop where the local goes to. So she says, mos of the chicken sold by other shops are really small. This chicken from this shop is a decent size and is really good!

We bought quite a few and had one instantly when we got home! The meat was soft and tender, feels like the chicken has been cooked for really long time and the gravy was all absorbed into the chicken. Would definitely be back for more!

Besides chicken, they do have duck meat which is slightly more expensive.

Sorry, price list is only in chinese~!

10. 新荣香 Sin Eng Heong

The kaya puff is a must buy! Smaller in size than the standard ones but the kaya and the crust of the puff is amazingly good. The crust is thin and crispy while the kaya is not too dense with the right sweetness. Besides kaya puff, they also have a variety of biscuits worth trying out.

There you go! 10 places for delicious good food in Ipoh Town!

Here's a great tips for all foodie hunters! Install the foursquare app on your phone. It's a very handy tool where you can find genuine feedback and also an accurate location direction to the destination.

Once you got the foursquare app, you can check out my 'Must Eat' Food in Ipoh Town Foodlist here! The list does not only consist of the 10 listed above but a few other alternatives in case some options were not available. :) 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Like finally! Managed to plan a very short getaway to Ipoh town for some relaxation. Highlight of the trip would be a stay at this very awesome M Boutique Hotel Ipoh. I've actually heard of it for quite sometime and it's good to finally get to stay here myself!

It was quite a grand view itself when I arrived right at the location. This is not a drawn illustration but a photo which I shot at night. Mesmerizing exterior paired with the right lighting to give it a grand majestic look.