Sunday, 24 November 2013

I had a dream.

They visit me quite frequently and it's usually when the sun began to rise, like it has a timing.

Previously I had this Ramen in a Plate Soaked in Water with Soaped Dirty Dishes Stacked on Top dream.

I need to get a lamp, like an outdoor lamp. It's for my new apartment.

Here I am standing in front of a run down mansion. It  doesn't look that bad, but still, shabby with wall crawlers and peeling paints. I see a number of people, dressed in formal black, walking in and out of the mansion. There must be a function going on in there.

I saw the Oxford Lamp right beside a window on the third floor. Right, that's the reason I was there in the first place.

I walked right up the pathway and through the doorway. There were small groups of people everywhere, whispering to each other, trying to keep as low a voice as possible. All wearing the same mask of a solemn expression.

There must be a funeral going on. I can sense it. It is a funeral for some one close to me. But I can't say who.

I walk across the hall quietly, trying to stay invisible through the crowd but it's not like anyone would have enough interest to take notice of me.

The surrounding seems to be sending chills up my spine. I hurried up the stairway to the third floor. 

I reached a room. Kind of like the hall, smaller in size than the one on the ground but the environment looks pretty much the same. People dressed in black, whispering to each other in a very low voice.

I walk directly to the window and push it open. The window gave out a creaking sound as it swung open with shaken dust filling the air. The sunlight shines brightly into the room. My action seems to have caused a little attention. Everyone tuned to look at the source of light but quickly drown back into their conversations in just a moment.

I hold on to the window sill, tip-toed to push myself further out of the window to take a peep at the lamp. It wasn't there. I looked down and start counting the floors. One, two, three. I'm on the fourth floor. That's weird. I remember going up to the third floor but how can I be on the fourth floor?

Nevermind. I'll just go one floor below.

I hurried down to the next level and performed the same. Still, no lamp. I looked down and counted. One. One? Just one floor below me? That means I am on the second floor right now? I turn my head up just to be sure. Right there, beside the window on the floor above, is the Oxford Lamp. No mistake about it but, how come?

I turned to my back and I notice a woman looking my way. She must know something.

I walked up to her and she whispered: There is a way up but it is forbidden. She turned her gaze to the direction of a wooden door, placed some distance away from the entrance of this room.

Right then I got a blurry vision of a dark room like it was that behind of the door and a screaming woman. It was a sharp and loud scream, so real it sent chills down my spine. 

I stood there frozen.


Some one just gave me a JUICY COUTURE - Scottie Bling Baby Fluffy Bag yesterday but I'm not one who very much  fancy JUICY COUTURE.

So I'm am letting this go at an affordable price.

It would be a great gift if some one is looking to get a Juicy Couture bag at a reasonable price. :)

JUICY COUTURE - Scottie Bling Baby Fluffy Bag (Authentic)

Original Price RM 569.60 (USD 178)
Offer Price RM 220 (about 40% off) 
Description A favourite of a loyal Juicy girl, this velour couture bag features our scottie mascot and logo embroidered at the front, short strap and detachable bling charm.
Bag measures 7" H x 14 1/2" W x 4" D

Please help me to share this to anyone who might be interested in this. Much appreciated!


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