Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The end of the year is approaching and so is the start of another year.

Cherish the past and appreciate the future.

Those who are partying and drinking tonight, party and drink sensibly... stay safe not for yourself but for your loved ones.

Just got to know that a friend didn't get to make it to the new year.

R.I.P. Leo.. You're a great loss to us and will be missed dearly.


Last destination of the trip! とうきょうたわー Tokyo Tower! One of the highlighted trip in my itinerary! If you have read my previous post, you would know that I was looking forward to visit Tokyo Tower rather than Sky Tree. Weird? o.O

However, it is a little unfortunate for me. Apparently, the elevator which brings us to 250m Special Observatory Deck is undergoing inspection. Hence, only the 150m Main Observatory Deck is open for public. Oh well, can't do anything about that. Rather, why not just enjoy what's available!

Just to let you guys have a picture of the segregation of Observatory Decks. More info on Tokyo Tower here.

The Main Observatory Ticket cost ¥820 (RM27.06) for one person and if you'd like to (if it's open for public that is) visit the Special Observatory Deck too, it would cost additional ¥600 (RM19.80) which totals up to ¥1,420 (RM47.86). Price varies for children. Please check the price at the Tokyo Tower link above.

Now that I've got the ticket, let's go enjoy some Tokyo view at 150m above sea level!

Did you enjoy the view? I think the landscape view is breathtaking! Too bad the telescope facing Mount Fuji is not working as well. Talk about running out of luck =/

Still, it's good view of Tokyo! ^^

The Main Observatory Deck actually consist of two floors and there's actually something exciting waiting one floor below!

It's the Lookdown Window (that's what they call it) ! Rather, I'd like to call it the Glass Panel. It doesn't look that scary though. More like fun! :D Really interesting ^^

This is what it looks like through the glass panel.

Look what I've found! Zojoji Temple! Remember Tokyo Tower was just behing Zojoji Temple? Oh btw, please ignore the netting x.x

I think this is rural model of the area around the Tokyo Tower before it was built.

Pictures of the construction process.

There's a Hello Kitty shop at the bottom of the tower too! Hello Kitty fan's paradise! They have few hundreds of those different theme Hello Kitty Phone straps! Cost ¥525 (RM17.33) for one! To buy all would cost a fortune! Nobody says it's cheap to be a Hello Kitty fan..

After Tokyo Tower is another trip of Crepes! So it's the right choice to choose Angels Heart crepe at Harajuku! Now I still get to try Marion Crepes and minus the queue too!

Lots and lots of choices to choose from! What would you like? Ice-cream? Cheesecake?

Wrapping up my crepe!

Me and my crepe! Yummy! but I find them overrated. Haha..

Can't get enough of Tokyo Tower and the sky here! Just so purreeetttyyyyy! If I only have enough time to look at it till the sun sets!

Hungry tummy calls for yummy Yoshinoya! It's one of the affordable fast / on-the-go food in Japan! There was once they have a branch in Malaysia too! but minus the pork. So, it doesn't really matter to me. No pork, no give you business =X

This is their menu. Can't remember if we ordered Small or Medium. Probably Medium and it fills in just right.

Grilled Chicken Bowl ¥440 (RM1.52) and Grilled Pork Bowl ¥480 (RM15.84)! It is one of the yummiest food I've eaten in Japan besides ze ramen! Totally recommended! I think it could be easily found in Japan but I only saw it that day. Lucky me! :}

Last souvenir shopping trip at おもてさんど Omotesando! Check out Oriental Bazaar for some Japanese souvenir and Kiddy Land for kid's souvenirs. 

Going back to Shinagawa Station from Harajuku Station. That's FIT3, Japan's pride aka Honda Jazz in Malaysia. the best in it's class.

Found these cute yummies @ Shinagawa Station! Why do Japanese have to make such cute foods! >.< By the way たべもの Tabemono means food in Japanese. So cute, you won't able to resist buying that cute one, and then you end up buying one dozen of those cute ones and then staring them at home coz they are too cute to munch on.

Returned PASMO card and got back my balance minus handling fees of ¥210 (RM7.26)

End up still craving for pork slice after having them at Yoshinoya so bought another pack of Pork Slice rice + Tuna Rice from 7-11. Probably cost about ¥750 for both (RM24.75)

+ Japonais Haagen Dazs
+ Green Tea Latte 
+ Orange Juice 
+ Vege Stick Pack

Bus Limousine Tix from Hotel to Airport! Cost slightly more than train trip but is worth it! Only ¥700 (RM23.10) Don't have to lug our luggages around the train station. Just enjoy a comfy ride ^^

That's smoking room at the airport. Smokers can share their smokes with each other ;P Really appreciate the effort to curb and keep non-smokers from becoming second hand smoker victims in Japan.

Last post on Japan before we end the year! Some people is already complaining that my Japan trip posts never ends. Lol..Well, kinda. Might have an extra 1 or 2 post on this trip for the video if I'm not down with the lazy bug disease. ;P

Hope everyone have a good time tonight and Happy New Year!

Let's hope for a better BUDGET next year! ;P (although it's highly unexpectable) lol..

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