Sunday, 15 November 2015


I wonder if anyone hears me. *me hears echo* 😳

I don't have any other excuse other than the same old one, which is being busy with P.S. Tokyo ^^ Even though I don't have time to attend events right now, I'm happy that I still receive beauty parcels for review! ☺

Thanks Swissbel for the lovely parcel!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Being a lifestyle/beauty blog, you probably thought I will be sharing on how you can dress up like a Hot Chick in a jiffy. Well, this is definitely not the case today. However, I will be sharing about something more important than being beautiful! Something to call your life savour in terms of emergency. So you better read up!

I could still remember vividly something which occur few years back. Malaysians know that the Chinese usually shop their heart out in preparation for Chinese New Year. My mom and me is no different, especially when it comes to new clothes! 

So let's rewind back to few years ago when mom and I was shopping for new clothes and shoes at this very happening Golden Triangle of Bukit Bintang. Sungei Wang is one of the old spot that we still frequent for fashion bargains. However, it is also a place where safety can be questionable. It was during a short trip on the elevator that I got pick-pocketed. Only after leaving Sungei Wang did I realize my phone was gone!

Everyone would tell me that I was really fortunate to have just lost a phone. Imagine having my wallet stolen! It would make me crazy panic because I would have to search for bank hotlines to call up and block all my debit/credit cards! Taking into consideration, I'm just like the majority who does not record down my card details. Hence, it is going to be a hassle trying to block my cards just through a phone call. Definitely a traumatizing incident for girls and ladies.

Friday, 16 October 2015

It's been more than 2 weeks since the opening of my Japanese Cafe opening. Pretty much getting more exhausted by day physically and mentally. Even my skin condition has been deteriorating. The most obvious of my skin condition can be seen through my enlarging pores and dry skin. >.<   

Thanks to the Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Plus Set which came just in time! This Mary Kay's home use microdermabrasion set consist of TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine and the brand-NEW TimeWise® Pore Minimizer serum. Together, they are said to create a more powerful and visible result.

The TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine is an exfoliating cream with really tiny sandy bits. It comes in a pretty pinkish 70g tube for easy use. It is advised to press out a small amount, rub a little among two fingers and then on to the face. Be really gentle when exfoliating dead skin as the sandy bits can feel a little rough and hurt your skin if you use too much pressure. Therefore, just lightly rub it in circles on your skin, especially on places with blackheads. 

Direction is to use it only twice a day so that our skin will have time to grow a new layer after the dead skin has been exfoliated.

Second step would be to apply TimeWise® Pore Minimizer serum. Direction is to apply it right after the exfoliating stepIt comes in a pump bottle of 29ml. For my small face, I usually uses 3 pumps for a full face application. Only 2 pumps if I focus on my pore section which is on my cheeks and nose. I really like the light texture and fast absorption. 

Direction is to apply it twice everyday, every morning and night.

Left picture: before - pores are not so visible as dirts covers up pores but there are visible blackheads on the nose.

Right picture: after using the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set for only one time. Pores became more visible as they have became unclog. Pores doesn't look minimized instantly as this is only the first application.

Left picture: Before using Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set.

Right picture: After using Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set for a week. Although not a significant improvement, it still shows some changes. I'll continue using it and we'll see how much is the improvement after 3 weeks of continuous using. ^^

According to an independent consumer study, the usage of Mary Kay The TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set will show these visible result after 3 weeks:

  • Gives me close-up-confident skin — 80%
  • Tightens the look of pores — 83%
  • Improves skin’s appearance — 87%
  • Leaves skin feeling silky — 90%

Do follow my social media and see for yourself the result after 3 week! *wink

 Mary Kay -  The TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the abandonment of my blog. >.< I know. I know, it has been almost a month! All sorts of things happened; broken laptop, personal issues and the preparation of my Japanese inspired soft serve cafe, P.S. Tokyo!

Some of you might have notice postings on my instagram and facebook. Yes, it's probably all related to P.S. Tokyo~ *hard sell face* Haha.. Well, I'm so happy to announce that it's finally open to public! Yay! Please come and support~ *wink wink*

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

It was an impressive sight at the launch of MaskSlim E-store last week in terms of both invited guest and the brand product itself! Just like MaskSlim's newly launched mask label, guest at the events were all bearing a radiant glow on their skin. Add a halo on top of them and you might even mistake them for angels!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to a makeover and introduction to Givenchy's new TEINT Couture Collection. It's Givenchy, one of the most sought after cosmetic brands in the market, of course I was really looking forward to what I was about to discover!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Can't believe it's already the 5th year anniversary for Watsons' Member Programme! How time flies! As a Watsons' member, I was delighted to be invited to join this new milestone of Watsons'  Member Programme

Watsons have launched their Watsons Really Syok! campaign to celebrate the 5th year anniversary and also reward their loyal members for such strong support all these while. Read on to know what are the amazing rewards waiting for members to redeem! I assure you they are much bigger and better this time around! Definitely not something to be missed!

Love these cute and colourful Mimes they have at the launch! Could not resist taking photo with the two colours I was wearing on that day, the pink and the purple~ My favourite goes to the purple mime girl~ <3 <3 <3

The mimes also entertained us with a very enjoyable interpretation performance where they act out the reward redemption in a very interesting way. I was so indulged in their performance I missed out recording it to share with you guys! So sorry! >.<

The launch was joined by Watsons Celebrity friends, gorgeous model, Amber ChiaReem Shahwa, Hansen Lee and the star of Watsons's Really Syok! campaign, Kit Mah.

Watsons Really Syok! campaign video was revealed during the launch and the ending was definitely a surpise! This was what Kit Mah has got to say about his participation in the making of the video;

“Once again I am glad to be part of Watsons campaign, and shooting the TV commercial and viral video of Watsons Really Syok! was fun especially the interactive part with the 3D animal effect. But the most challenging would have been the part where I had to wear nothing on me so watch out for that scene!”

Watsons Celebrity friends shared a lot about what they really love being a Watsons member and also shopping at Watsons. Reem Shahwa, Astro Supersport host shared that her favourite has got to be shopping online at Watsons with her online shopping redemption voucher due to her very busy schedule at the TV station and hosting events. I have got to agree it was enjoyable shopping online when we are packed with a tight schedule.

Celebrity model Amber Chia enjoys most the dining voucher redemption where she will be able to enjoy mouth watering dining experiences with her family while host and model Hansen Lee couldn't resist the La Gourmet product redemption with his shopping points he collected from all the grooming essentials purchase.

Finally, I will be revealing the 5 tiers of rewards redemption which you all are looking forward to the most in this post! The 5 tiers redemption which can be made at all the Watsons store in our country are as below;
  • MTV World Stage 2015 pass (500points); 
  • Watsons online shopping voucher (400 points); 
  • La Gourmet household product (300 points); 
  • RM5 Touch N’ Go reload (200 points) 
  • dining voucher (100 points). 
 Which is your favourite? Mine is definitely  a lifetime experience with MTV World Stage 2015!

I have to say that I was happy to know that Watsons got into partnership with MTV World Stage 2015 for this redemption programme! Who could resist a ticket to one of the most looked forward event of the year! I am going to work hard at collecting my points now! 500 points to watch live performance from international acts like Jason Derulo, Carly Rae Jepson, Apink (Korea) and Sekai No Owari (Japan) all at once! <3

If you are not yet a Watsons member, you better be quick and join now for the amazing rewards redemption especially the MTV World Stage 2015 Ticket!

Here's Watsons Really Syok! video of Kit Mah with an ending not to be missed!

Watsons Malaysia

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Just like our emotional sides, once a while our skin needs some super pampering besides our daily skin care routine. Just like most people, my skin concern is always whether it gets enough water content and am hydrated enough. Therefore, one of the crucial and essential pampering mask is always the hydrating mask!

Are you ready to follow me on my journey with Casio Exilim ZR3500? So it's been 1 month and 2 weeks with my new yellow toy and I have been bringing it around in my bag wherever I go! I love how it is super compact in size and feels feather light weight in comparison to most quality camera in the market.

Today, I'll be sharing with you the features which I simply adore from this camera! By now, you should have known one of the strongest reason why Casio cameras are a girl's best camera! It is simply because they are equipped with beauty mode and features! Yup, can't disagree that girls are the most vain creature in the world! Hehe..

First up and foremost is definitely the beauty mode setting! The Advanced Make-up setting is divided into 2 section; Skin Tone / Smooth Skin.  

Skin Tone setting range from {tan}+6 to {off}0 to {light}+6.
Smooth Skin setting range from {off}0 to {standard}+6 to {max}+12

Below are a more vivid picture to show you on the setting effects~

 Skin Tone: {tan}+6

 Skin Tone: {off}0

 Skin Tone: {light}+6 (ops! too much for my skin tone!)

Smooth Skin: {off}0

Smooth Skin: {standard}+6

Smooth Skin: {max}+12 (now I can have super duper smooth skin! haha)

Hey, that's my #Mhb manager, Tim! Say, hiiiieeeeeeee!!

My ideal setting would be Skin Tone: {off}0 or +2 with Smooth Skin: {standard}+6. ^^ 

The Make Up mode is my favourite! Even without makeup on, with just a click on the shutter, Casio EX ZR3500 will be able to give me a healthy glowing skin and some shade of light blusher! I can now look beautiful naturally even without the effort of putting on make up! <3

There's also fun ART Shot modes which I can play with. Clockwise from top left; Toy Camera / Pop / Soft Focus / Fisheye / Sepia / Monochrome ~ Ofcourse, this is not all. There are much more but that's for you to explore!

This Casio EX ZR3500 is not only good for selfie photos and human potraits! It actually fares well with food / product composition and ootd shot too! Colours and details were not compromised at all.

Besides the amazing camera techology, Casio also understands our social needs really well! An EXILIM apps is downloadable for the convenience of remote capture / album sharing and photo transfer! Just install the app, linked it with my mobile and I can transfer my fresh shots in just a few taps! Super conveninent for quick social updates~

Their latest edition is this SCENE app where you link the camera to your phone for data and everytime you take a picture, it will be automatically transferred into an online storage! It is also easily shareable with friends! Now you can even save the hassle to manual transfer! How convenient! How not to love this Casio Exilim ZR3500!

A video posted by TenshiChn (@tenshichn) on

Do keep checking out my instagram and facebook on the latest photos and timelapse I made with my ZR3500 with the hashtag #TenshichnxZR3500

Get one for yourself at the nearest store now! They are available in the market for only RM1699!

Casio EX-ZR3500

Saturday, 29 August 2015

My new Casio Exilim ZR3500 finally saying Hi! to the world! It was just beginning of the year when I was deliberating on a few choices of camera to get to aid my blogging photoshoots. One of my choice was this Casio Exilim ZR3500 and I couldn't be more delightful to receive this baby from Casio Malaysia! 

If you read my previous post here, they actually have 4 colours to choose from; White / Beige / Pink / Yellow. I was never the girl who loves striking or bright colours but I'm loving it more everyday now! Sometimes love is just this complicated, unexplainable. It just happens..

So it's time to unbox! What awaits in this little red box? Doesn't look like much but the camera actually came with more!

Here's the usual what's in the box;
  • 1 x Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x USB AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x User Manual
Here's what came with the box;  
  • 1 x 8GB Memory Card
  • 1 x Selfie Stick 
  • 1 x Sleek Camera Casing

It was my first time owning a selfie camera which comes with beauty effects too! Don't really know where I should start discovering with this cutie but am definitely very excited with it! Randomly flick and play around with all the features it has to offer. One of the thing which amazed me the most about this camera would be the  photo enhancement technology right from the shot! Yup, no more editing hassle! Social sharing can be done with just direct shoot and upload! ^^

Looking so flawless in my #ootd shot with my new love, Casio Exilim ZR3500. <3

Here are some photos which I haven taken and I am pretty impressed with the quality that this compact cutie can give me! No editing was done! I might need better adjustment with the brightness. Give me sometimes and I will be a pro at it! Haha..

These photos show details but at the same time, is able to give a soft look on the composition, an ease to the eyes. Look almost dreamy don't they?

First try on the selfie function and also low setting on the beauty mode. What I had for the day was just very light makeup; BB cream, colourless lipbalm, and eyeliner. Yup, that's it! It was the Casio EX ZR3500 working it's magic, giving me baby bump smooth and healthy glowing skin! <3

Before I end my post; here's some basic specification of the Casio Exilim ZR3500 you might want to know;
  • 12.1 megapixels
  • 12x optical zoom
  • 3.0 inch super clear LCD
  • 25mm wide angle lens
  • 430 shots battery life
  •  full HD movie
  • 0.15s high speed AF
  • lense shift stabilization
  • Wireless Lens function
With these beautiful shots first hand trying on this new camera, I'm sure it can give much more better pictures once I'm familiar with it! So hang in there and wait for my next part review! It will be something not to be missed as I will be sharing more about it's photo enhancement features! All you need to know about how to get great shots with Casio Exilim ZR3500!

If you are already convinced, you can head to the stores right now and get the new Casio Exilim ZR3500 at RM1699! There might be more additional items thrown in just for you if you get it now!

Casio EX-ZR3500