Friday, 28 February 2014

Good morning, ya all! Time for breakfast!

I'm actually not a morning person although I wish I could be. I'm always sleepy during the day and actually quite awake during night time. Like the night owl. gruhh gruhh.. lol..

 Table all set. Waiting for my food and drink!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Morning! Rise and shine!

What do you do first thing in the morning? Breakfast of course! But we went for a swim first instead. Lol!

Gorgeous direct sea view.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Finally I have some time to do a proper post since my disappearance during Chinese New Year :O but this is also so last year. Lol.


End of the year is always the time when friends from oversea come back for a "holiday" (since they don't really reside here long term anymore. haha). Last year, we decided to go on a trip. To one of the local beach but it was freaking costly. So costly we decided to go to Phuket instead which was cheaper with the flight ticket included!

In about less than 1 hour after I hop off the plane at LCCT (just touch down from Japan flight), I hop on another plane to Phuket. Sounds like a pretty crazy plan but trust me, it was an accidental arrangement. I thought the flight to Phuket was the next day after I arrive from Japan. Anyway, thank God everything went smoothly and I made it for the flight :)

Another crazy fact is that I have not showered for more than 24 hours since I checked out. Hence, the shower when I reach Phuket was heavenly! Lol. Sorry for the disgusting fact. Let's move on to the trip instead.

We booked Flight + Hotel through AirAsia Flight + Secret Cliff Resort. Cost about RM 633.33 per person! Cheap or what?! Our initial destination would cost us about RM1k each not including transportation. Crazy or what?! Ofcourse we would go to Phuket instead!

Moving on...

View from the plane... could see there's a lot of beautiful Islands around! Am glad buddy did all the arrangements from car rental to sightseeing planning!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sorry for the long disappearance! Blame Chinese New Year which kept us all so occupied and busy! Anyway.... I know that Valentine's Day is over but that does not mean we should stop caring and spreading love!

OmoshiroiYa is currently having a Donation Drive for POSHE!

I'm sure probably all of you have no idea or little about the existence of this organisation called POSHE which is short for Positive Shelter Home. To be honest, I only came to know about this shelter recently.

Here's a brief introduction about POSHE;

POSHE is a home that takes care of mostly children whom are HIV/AIDS +ve. The children currently living in this home are from the tender age of 1 years old to 18 years old. Most of them are abandoned by their parents or relatives when their parents could no longer be in this world.

This home is mainly run by Mak Wan who has actually passed the age of 60 years old. Thanks to her love and education, she registered POSHE so that these lovely kids will have a chance to receive guidance and love in life.

Here's a video of them painting their new home, Kampung Meru @ Kapar, Klang.

OmoshiroiYa is now currently running a mini Donation Drive to collect as much fund as possible to assist in their daily expenditure. Everyone is free to donate any amount that they are comfortable with. However, those who donates RM20 and above will receive a Starbucks Voucher from us redeemable for any 12oz, Tall Size Starbucks Beverage! How cool is that? 

Hurry up! Do a good deed and enjoy a cuppa Starbucks from us! Donation drive runs till all 40 vouchers are given away!

For more info about POSHE, please visit their website @ and Omoshiroiya FB to know how to donate and get a free Starbucks!
Please share this with people around you! <3

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I never liked the Tmn.Segar vet but it was near Chinese New Year and the usual small vet we frequent was closed so we had no choice but to put our faith in the hands of the Tmn. Segar Vet. 

The first time we brought our dog to Tmn Segar vet, they didn't gave us a good impression at all. We were attended by a Malay female vet who was not very comfortable with dogs. I'm not being bias but just stating the fact. It can be seen with her putting on gloves and the way she handled our dog. It was so uncomfortable for her that she caused a lump on our dog's skin due to her handling of making a simple injection for the dog.

This time again, it was a Malay female doctor and I automatically do not have faith in her but there's nothing I can do. After the consultation, we agreed to leave Bobo in the vet while waiting for the blood test result.

According to her inspection, she suspect that it was Leptospirosis by the look of the yellow skin and yellow ring around Bobo's iris. It could be due to consumption of food that was tainted by rat's urine. I actually start losing faith when she told me that. Somehow, I'm a person who has a weak will to attract positive outcomes if Law of Attraction does apply in this world. I try to tell myself that Bobo is just having stomach upset because his fever has subsided but I knew I was just lying to myself.

It was 8.30 p.m. when we sent him to the vet. The doctor told us that the result will be out by 9 p.m. if the lab is still open. If not, they will inform us early tomorrow. However, I waited till tomorrow and it was half past their opening hour, about 9.30 a.m. I gave a call and they told me the doctors are busy with pets. So I just requested them to call me back as soon as possible. They did not. I called around 11 a.m. and again I was told the same thing. This time I was really upset and I question them their etiquette of work; my dog is really sick and why can't the doctor just take a minute off and call me back and let me know about my dog and the blood test result! Finally, the doctor called me back and told me a lot of bullshit reasons about being busy and all. Total bullocks!

When she called back, she told me that the blood test shows damage on liver and kidney above the max level and that there is nothing they can do to make him feel better. I cried my heart out. After I calmed down, I got ready to go and visit Bobo and perhaps bring him back. However, even before I left my room, I got another call from the vet. This time, it was like the final call. They called to tell em that Bobo has left us.

To be honest, I can't make myself belief that it was just moments ago that Bobo has chosen to leave it. Perhaps it was much earlier. Just that they did not bother to check on him.

I went to bring him back and they told me to wait while they prepare him to be taken home. I wonder why they did not ask us if we would like to see him for the last time. They put him in a thick black bin bag, all tied up and in a box. they advice us not to open the plastic bag and if we really want to, put on a thick glove.

I could not let it go without seeing him for the last time. When we were home, I open up the plastic bag and got a glance of Bobo. His legs placed in such a state like 4 legs were being held together with a rope and his mouth gagged open. Hence, I dare to open up further to look further into his eyes. What if they were not closed? What if Bobo looks like he did not left in peace? I didn't want to remember Bobo in that state. However, this is enough to let me know that it was the wrong choice to leave Bobo in the hand of those people from Tmn Segar Vet.

I know I probably sound very bias but I have actually seen a few bad review from the net regarding this Taman Segar Vet.

If you do not trust me, you should at least trust the majority;

Never, again, will I ever bring my dogs there. Never.

I'm really allergic to people who do not have passion for animals but yet work in animal related fields.

No matter what, I will go to Gasing Vet. I have never been there but it should be much better.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

My second loss. 

The second one I've chosen to place close to my heart.

Bobo, born on the 9th Sept 2009 and left on the 30th Jan 2014. Barely 5. A little too early for me to accept him gone. Just like the first one, I was not able to be by his side when he decided to leave.

Although everyone would tell me that it's God's will and there's nothing we can do to change the reality, it hurts a hell lot to think about it. 

If only the vet diagnosed his sickness correctly on the first visit to the vet.
If only I was there with him at the vet to hear what the doctor has to say. 
If only I knew it was not fever.
If only we didn't send him to the Tmn. Segar Vet on Wednesday.
If only...

Bobo, I miss you... much.

Everytime I think about you, I had to hold back my tears.

If only we didn't send you to the vet, you could have just leave peacefully at home. I would have more time with you. You were always so afraid of strangers, afraid of the world outside, it hurts so much to leave you there and know you have to leave the world in such a place.

My mistake. My regret.


When I first saw you, you caught my eyes and got my heart locked on you. You have the most beautiful grey colour coat I've ever seen and your blue eyes were just so mesmerizing I could not stop looking at them. To top it off, you were the mischievous little one. 

When it was time to give away your siblings and you, I am so ever grateful that no one has chosen you and that you get to retain here in my home with me.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

When it's Chinese New Year, we throws away the old and buy the new!

Who would have guessed I'd buy an Azalea from IKEA.

The flower's so pretty, it's LOVE at first sight! <3

It's actually labelled as Plant Azelea rather than Azalea. I googled Azelea and it actually recommended Azalea. Though.. I remembered it spelled Azelea as well in school o.O

Anyway, I googled about Azalea and it gave me a lot of pictures that doesn't look like mine.. Mostly doesn't have gradient. So I really don't know which type is this. My guess, it's a hybrid! :O

Apparently, they are known as "The Royalty of the Garden"! I guess it does have the elegant royalty look. Haha..