Wednesday, 13 November 2013

おはようございます!Ohayou Gozaimasu!

Good morning! I'm sure many of you are familiar with that verse. Haha..  

Or should I say おやすみなさい~ which represents good night since most people are drooling on the bed at this hour, fallen into a deep sleep. But here I am updating my blog. I actually prefer to work at night. Somehow, I'm more productive and feels more awake at night. Nocturnal you could say. But according to the law of nature, I am suppose to be sleeping right now so that my body can rest, repair, dispose of toxin and etc..


The starting and also the ending point for most of the days during my stay there, Shinagawa Station. A huge crossing hub of numerous different train lines. Busy bee hub just like an airport.

So huge I could practically get lost in there.. Nah, just kidding but it has lots of little shops n eateries in there. I wouldn't mind get stuck in here for hours. Lol..

So, hurm.. today's traveling is less complicated as we have uncle's friend with us! That make things a whole lot easier! No more getting lost in direction and looking at signs blankly coz neither one of us can read. I can only read Hiragana n Katakana.. *nub*

Meet our tour guide of the day! I'm kidding :D He's a guy I met on the train. Technically. Alright, just a guy on an advertisement poster on the train.. I think he's trying to sell a coffee brand but he looks so angry though.. lol..

Some random snap. Not sure what it is about but the train varieties are kinda interesting. Don't you think?

It was a long ride but finally! We reach Oshiage Station! I'll be seeing Sky Tree in a bit!

Out of the exit, turn left, and this is what I saw! I'm like... wow, it looks better than I thought. I actually didn't bother about Sky Tree. Was more interested in Tokyo Tower but I'm glad we made the trip here ^^

However, the weather was not siding me =/ It has been drizzling the whole morning and now the clouds are so low, it's covering up the Sky Tree! Meh.. :( But then again, the name sounds more suitable now. Sky. Tree. Get it? Yes? No?

Standing right at the crossroad of Asakusa-dori x Yotsume-dori. Keep standing, keep waiting but the clouds just would not clear.. Oh well, just not my day..

Same crossing as well. Totally different environment compare to here.. I mean Malaysia.. It reminds me of Taiwan.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Centre. I like the building architectural design, a lot. I guess it is because it made use of wood. I like most things wood. Wooden house, smell of wood shredding etc.. My hamster's fresh bedding.. It's an aroma that calm my nerves. Weird?  Anyway, if I ever visit again, I would go in there. They have a viewing deck as well which I think should be awesome, with the view of Nakamise and Sensoji Temple. I would really love to see that.

Just right across is Kaminari Gate. Super crowded on a Saturday even when the weather is not welcoming at all. See all the umbrellas everywhere? The scene somehow reminds me of the erm.. stage art performing centre in Tokyo?

Umbrellas, umbrellas. Come to think of it, selling umbrella is a good business here. Set up an umbrella stall on a rainy day~

Everyone eagerly trying to take a shot with the 'fake gate'. It's under renovation =/ With fake lantern background. Lol.. but still, people are pretty much contented with that ^^ I guess that will just have to make do, right?

Nakamise street. The scene makes me imagine how crowded it would be during special occasions, uproar with laughters and happy faces. If there was an eatery there, I think I could sit there for hours, just observing... like sitting at Shibuya's Starbucks observing the famous crossing.

Finally reached Sensoji Temple after pushing through the crowd. It was actually not that crowded but with all the umbrellas around, it's such a hassle. Beautiful sight indeed. Imagine the sight during Sakura season. Must be breathtaking... 

A closer look with the HUGE lantern! Wonder what meaning the lantern brings..

More little lanterns at the side.

Can't get enough of it.

My uncle told me that there's a pair of slipper, each placed on each end. Does it symbolizes anything?Looks odd though.. Slipper? Temple?

It might be drizzling but the weather has not dampen the spirit of praying.. I used to dislike temples for the huge amount of smokes but somehow, I find the view of temples n joss sticks very calming now..

Asakusa Shrine. Does anyone know the distinct difference between a shrine and a temple?

Place where you wash your hands before attending to prayers.

Trishaw? Coincidentally, there was a couple getting married there. Saw them getting on board and making a few rounds. Wonder if it's a tradition. 

A proper picture of Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Centre. Nice? I mean the building itself :D

Right there far far away at the end, is the famous Asahi Beer Tower. Did you notice?

Finally it's lunch time! Apparently this eatery is a very traditional Soba Noodle shop. I'm not quite sure where it is because all we do is walk and walk until we reach this shop.

Traditional setting/environment. See those thermos jugs on the table? They're not おちゃ tea, but rather, Miso Soup!

Yummy yummy seafood and vegetable tempura!

そば Soba dip! Soba dip into そばつしゅ Soba Tusyu, Soba broth. It's very delicious ^^. Undeniably, the taste is super fine... Thinking about it makes me salivate x.x

Looks delicious? These are actually fakes. They're so good at it. They look absolutely real, don't they?

まねきねこ Maneki-neko. Cute? The cats says さよなら!Bye!

I'm kidding. Lol.. They are actually welcoming cats, bringing luck to the owner. Actually wanted to get one from Japan but didn't manage to. I think they have cute ones somewhere along Nakamise. Didn't get to go back there and get one. Would probably cost more but it'll be worth it to have it, at least in my opinion. Just get me a Maneki-neko! I'll be a willingly slaughtered tourist just this time! Lol..

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