Friday, 30 August 2013

After all the hype about Number76 for such a long time, I finally paid a visit to their pretty new branch in Bangsar which open about few months ago.

It is located in a newly furnished corner lot buiding called Telawi Square - previously Czip Lee Stationary (looks like a cute mini mall with a slim escalator. Haha..) opposite Bangsar Village. Number76 is right at the top floor above Shawn Cutler.

Got this picture off Third-Dotter Blogspot

I got know about Number76 through Cheesie's blog -> Chessie's Instagram -> Amy's Instagram -> Number76 website and it so happen that they are having promotion for Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment! N/P: RM250 and August promo price RM168! Just what I needed when my hair is slowly drying up to look like dried weed -_-"

Looks horribly like dry grass @@"

Anyway, you should hurry up if you want to make good use of their treatment promotions this month! All info in here! Only 2 days left to grab the deal! Remember to call and make appointment to prevent disappointment! :}

My appointment was at 1.30 p.m. and when I was there, there was already quite a number of customers in the saloon. I guess they are really good ^^ coz I did not expect so many customers there even on a Tuesday. Amazing, huh? 

Anyway, after a short consultation, they asked if I'd like to try the 'Tansan Hair Wash' a.k.a. 'Sparkling Scalp Experience' . It is actually more recommended for people with dandruff but it's also good for washing dirt off your scalp, to promote healthier and more volume hair~ 

Since it's just RM25, I tried it as well. ;P It removes all dirt including oil and those hair product which you use on your hair. After the wash, they show me a glass with clear water-like liquid + oil bubble + white bits which she said are probably hair products.. Glad to confirm that my hair are really dandruff free! ^^

The treatment was done with a Ultrasonic Iron. Feels just like ironing your hair except that it's not hot. So doesn't feel anything and it's done in a jiffy. Really fast! I like ^^ After that, another rinse and my hair's ready for blow dry. I like the fact that the treatment only takes a short time unlike the old technique which require mask application on hair and steaming for a long longgg time.

Amy did these  beautiful curls~

That's a drastic difference, agree?

I like their interior. Feels at ease and comfortable :)

Total damage: RM168 for Ultrasonic Treatment + RM 25 for Tansan Hair Wash. Will be back for hair cut before the new year! Amy told me my hair is getting too long.. Haha.. 

As a new customer, I was automatically enrolled for their membership. Every 5% of the amount spend will be accumulated in the membership card which can be redeemed for future use later on. They also gave me a RM20 voucher valid for 3 months. Will keep it for my hair cute visit :}

If anyone wants to do unique braiding for any fuction, look for Amy @ Number76 Bangsar. It's her signature service... ^^

After 1st hair wash~ Still looking good and healthy!

Overall, it is a very enjoyable visit for me. Different from the traditional style saloon with all the hair pulling, long time consumption and water splashing onto face :) Used to dislike going to saloon but guess Number76 really did a good job which makes me wanting to go back for moaR~ 


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