Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I've jumped into the bandwagon on #CafeHopKL since sometime ago because it is a really fun thing to do! I've been to VCR, Standing Theory, Coffee Stain by Joseph, Oh! Scooter Cafe, and the list goes on...

New cafe are mushrooming almost every weekend! They grow so fast, my cafe-to-visit list just keeps growing! Yes, it sounds like a good thing but not really if you are a real coffee enthusiast; not calling myself one but I've grown to love drinking good coffee! So, yea.. when I go into a good looking cafe with nice environment and sipped a cup of lousy coffee, it is very disappointing. Disappointing that these cafe owners do not bother to serve good coffee when their main purpose is to serve coffee? Sounds like a hypocrite at work =/

After a few disappointments continuously, you get tired of tasting coffee from new places. That's when I need to just spend my relaxing weekend at home sipping a consistently good cup of coffee! Ah....~ 

Suddenly, the hype of drinking coffee is hitting KL real hard! Not only is cafes mushrooming like crazy, home capsule coffee machines have also been introduced into the market. Some is expensive while some does not taste really good..

Until there's Arissto! Although a new comer, this has got to be the one coffee capsule machine that is affordable and can promise you a good cup of coffee. Not super aromatic like fresh coffee brewed in cafe but aromatic enough when you smell it up close and tasteful. It is true that some coffee might give out a good aroma and cheats you on it's taste but Arissto is nothing like that. What you smell is what you get. :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Do you believe in karma?
What goes around, comes around. :)


I've always been offering a little bit of help in terms of monetary term or a helping hand on some labour work. It is not because of being afriad that there will be no one to help me when my bad luck strikes. (Karma) It is because it makes me feel happy and have a sense of relief that I could help the less fortunate to have a better life. Basically it just carves a smile on my face and make my day. :)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sometimes, you don't realise that you're missing some one.
It is only when that person is in front of you that you suddenly have a gush of feeling of how much you miss them.



Fish & Co. came to Malaysia in year 1998 but I only had my first platter of seafood here last weekend! I have passed by their outlets many times but it just didn't occur to me to try it.. until last weekend. #unexplainable.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Do not turn other people's strength into weakness so that you could feel strong around them.


Finally I get to try the much raved about Boat Noodle! 

Taking a #klcafehop break (a break from coffee, not a coffee break. lol) and tasting some yummy food for a change!

The first time I tried my luck was on a Sunday night (if I'm not mistaken - sorry for the lousy memory) and the place was super crammed with people eating AND also people queuing up! Believe me, there are as many people queuing up as there are people slurping away! The place also close up surprisingly early.

This time, I'm a little smarter. Visit on a WORKING day and also BEFORE lunch hour! Smart right? Still, there ware some people queuing when I was there. Lucky me, small pax get to go in first! Yay!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

When you are upset, nothing is beautiful.

Flip your frown upside down for the world is beautiful.


A weekend trip to Sekinchan! Woohoo! The land of crazy selfie and photography with the very photogenic paddy field sceneries! Haha..

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I've been reading blogs since high school and I still love reading what people writes and looking at pictures that they post. They are all very creative, funny and witty writers while I'm still stuck here writing boring stuff.. and half heartedly stopping every now and then *failed look* but I'm making an effort to write more consistently now! But definitely need to put in more effort to write interesting stuff instead of boring stuff with ugly photos x.x *sad max*

Anyway, yea, I love reading blogs.. not all but quite a few which I keep going back frequently to. Surprising to many non-blog readers, some contents are actually very educational and knowledgeable. Hence, it actually gives me exposure although I'm just experiencing them through scrolling through this blogs. While getting these beneficial inputs, they are really good write-ups that lifts up my mood without me being aware of that.

It's like killing two birds with one stone. Something educational + relaxing. It's like combining the boring newspaper and the casual entertainment magazine.

It's a waste some good influential bloggers actually stop writing.Wondering if I have been reading so much about their 'expending family' stories that it's not such a scary thing to think about settling down and starting a family now.. o.o


To let my brother make-up for forgetting my birthday, I get to decide where to have breakfast! and to Le Moon's we went!

It's a new concept / cafe eatery in Kajang. Umm.. actually probably one of the very very few (countable with one hand) since we do not  have the privilege to have such cafes around.