Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hi there...

How are you?

Are you prepping up for Chinese New Year?

Somehow, things have not been smooth sailing for me. Felt like a lost sheep that keeps walking around and bumping into walls..


Jojo was back from Johor for the weekend and we gathered for a short day one. Seraph suggested ABC and we're like... what ABC? We're like to ulu (village idiots) .. hahaha..

ABC's actually short for Acme Bar & Coffee. It's located in The Troika near KLCC. So that's the place you should look for in your navigation map.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

 Get ready to salivate! Welcome to my ramen post! Hehe..

I'm talking about the new branch of Hakata Ippudo in Gardens Mall! Yay for all of you! Japanese Ramen which you all could actually go try in Malaysia ;P

Did you know that IPPUDO has outlets all over the world? It's no wonder that are pretty much serving the best ramen around the world, not counting Japan~

It's so famous and it's ramen so good that it's even in the Wiki!

Friday, 17 January 2014

I'm not a person who speaks a lot but a person who thinks a lot.

Maybe that's part of being an introvert.

Emotions have been riding on a roller coaster recently *sigh*

So let's post something on instagram to change it the other way! *fake a smile n chin up!*

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Even though just 2 weeks ago, everything is so last year now... That's the reason why we should never delay anything and finish them up before the year ends!

So, last year, I was in a conversation with a friend and we were craving so much for escargot! We decided to just find a place to fulfill our cravings and we chance upon Memphis Bistro! Sounds like a cozy little place to have a good meal.

It was just the day after Christmas and we didn't really thought we need to place a booking. Quite unfortunately, when we arrive, the only 2 tables left were under reservation. Hence we got kicked out =/ Nah, the lady apologized sincerely. We left a number and returned when they inform us that there's a spot. :)

It's good that most of the crowds were gone when we were back. I never really like to dine in a noisy environment like what we always encounter in a Chinese Restaurants. Somehow, there's just no peace of mind during the meal.

Without delay, let us dive into the dishes!

Two big ass oysters! 2 for RM15.20 Again, raw seafood is not my kind of thing but thought we'd just give it a try since auntie recommended and it wasn't really expensive. I think? Not too familiar with oyster prices.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hello everyone!

Sounds happy, ey? Yea kinda..

Found some really nice songs I'd like to share.. from this Thailand Drama about high school kids.. I think it does answer a lot of curiosity!

Check out these mv~s! Tell me which one you like ^^

แตกต่างเหมือนกัน - GETSUNOVA (Official MV)