Monday, 2 December 2013

I took a shower to wake up. 

Well, technically it's quite true. i was so wasted for the day that I thought my head would plonk on the table top any time. So, wake up call ~

Thanks to Kim for the free ticket, I attended this Business Think Different Seminar last weekend and met quite a lot of new people. These type of seminar/talk has so much proven that brain drains the most energy out of your body! That is why by the end of the day, I feel totally knackered.

I usually take 2 heavy meals a day, but during these 2 days, I had 3 heavy meals! My body has been asking me to input more food to be processed into energy!!!

Anyway, let's get straight to the point. Here's a picture of my meal:

Does the picture look weird to you? Kind of, right? Notice what's missing? Tons and tons of curry gravy!! Actually I don't prefer soaking my rice with curry. I mean, I LOVE curry and I would LOVE to soak my rice in curry gravy but not when it's spicy. ;P Yes, I'm a lousy Malaysian with low toleration for spiciness.

Anyway, I don't think you would be interested in that unappealing food photo. So let's move on...

That's me with Anne McKevitt! Don't know who she is? Neither did I before I attended the seminar! But after I found out who she is, I feel really lucky to be there. Her stories are very inspirational and the amount of knowledge she has is mind blowing! So much so, I've started to follow her on twitter. (I'm not a twitter person) Hopefully, to get inspirations from some of the things she tweets about.

This event was held at Empire Hotel which is with the Empire Gallery. I've never been to that place before, honestly. During lunch break, I just followed the pack to whichever place the pick to eat in.

On Saturday, we had lunch at the Teh Tarik Place. I think I might have deleted the photo with the shop name. So here's one I took from the Empire Gallery Mall Directory Website ;P

This is how the place looks like. Pretty cozy with relaxing Malaysian elements such as wooden concept for interior and furniture with nostalgic lamps.

They had a food menu for ala-carte order of local cuisines and also a nasi campur bar where basically you'll be given a plate of rice and the choice of vegetables that you want.

This is what I had, rice with curry chicken (yay! curry that are not spicy ;P) and some vegetables with a slice of Papadum (Indian Cracker). This meal cost about RM8.00+ Pretty reasonable price at a shopping mall I would say. Simple but a pretty filling meal. So much so that my eyelids were so heavy after that and my brain tempting to go into hibernation mode. That's one of the problem with consuming too much rice during lunch but if I don't take in that much, I would feel hungry!

Empire Shopping Gallery

Lot LG21, Ground Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Once done with lunch, I checked my instagram. Guess what I saw?

A new follower! and the follower is...... LAMMEEYA! I could not figure out why it would follow me until minutes ago I recalled that I commented on my friend's insta post of a meal at this shop!

Coincidentally, the pack also decided to have lunch at Lammeeya on Sunday! It's like Law of Attraction (does anyone believe in this?) and Dejavu!

I thought they only serves noodles around Lam Mee, a type of Malaysian Chinese noodle dish but they seems to serve a lot more choices of Malaysian food!

They also probably have the most variety of healthy fruit/vegetable concoction I have ever seen on a drink menu. Maybe I should try it next time.

This is what I ordered. Ipoh Hor Fun Soup, a famous dish said to origin from Ipoh, a capital city of Perak. It is one of my favourite noodle dish but the one here just taste average. But then again, this food chain has became so commercialized, I would have expected them to lose some of it's original touch.

Empire Shopping Gallery

Lot LG21, Ground Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
and now, it's time for Commercial Break!

Everyone has got a new fan that comes with pink blades and controller from Khind to blog about while I have a normal fan with manual buttons of 0-1-2-3 that has got blue blades! Am I special or what?

Anyway, am just kidding (sorry if you don't find it funny. Maybe I'm just lame) but I really got a new fan yesterday! Mom probably got it while shopping at Giant yesterday. But I do love the blue blade. It just looks more refreshing compared to the black blade.

Time to zonk out!

P/S: My condolences to the family of Paul Walker. You will be greatly missed and Fast and Furious will never be the same again without you. Rest in peace.



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