Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hey! How was your Christmas? I actually had more fun before the actual day itself..

Huge Christmas Tree at the lobby of Gardens Mall. Wouldn't it be great if I could pluck those presents off the tree. Feels like a kid again ;P

And every year, I like visiting Mark & Spencer's Food Department. I've always loved their food but with Christmas near, it was extra special! There's so many Christmas food on the racks! I especially love their Christmas theme metal can containing cookies n candies~ The cans looks so cute I would just buy it because of the can itself if I stay any longer.. =X

Got myself a lamp shade from Ikea while I was out with little cousins at Curve. It's been a year plus that the lamp has been without it's shade. Has been hunting for one for sometime all of them is so expensive! So could not get myself to buy it. Since it's Christmas and shopping mood was on, I was like; Ahhh, bollocks! Just get it already! And so I took the cheapest one :} I'm really glad I finally did. Finally getting it off the to-do-list!

Got these Ikea Aroma Candles + Candle holders from a gift exchange during an Open House turned  Christmas gathering with high school mates! The aroma is pretty strong, could smell it right away even without taking off d wrapper n burning the candles.

Got this from my little cousin. Surprise, surprise and I didn't even give him any presents *guilty* Guess he likes it when I bring him out ^^ Shall bring him out more often then :)

Had an Oriental Christmas gathering last Saturday. You'll know why it's oriental when you scroll further down :D That aside, we had a big fat ass turkey! Yummy max!

Instead of chickens where apparently Japan KFC's super successful marketing strategy makes every Japanese think that Christians have chickens during Christmas instead of turkey! Holy crap, right? Lol

Guess what is this?!

No idea?


Want a clue?

Answer straight away?

Alright, alright. I think most of you would not have guessed that it's actually a........


Few days later, took the leftovers n made it into shredded lamb meat and toast it some more! Taste superb! *drolls*

All the sauce for ze lamb! Cranberry sauce, peanut chilli sauce.. like satay sauce.. but.. but.. no MINT SAUCE!!! Why~~! *sad* Mint sauce is like a MUST thing! Agree?

Anyway, besides that, there's the 'balls' of little cabbages.. and if you notice the white sausage shape like thing beside the turkey, that's the stuffing.. not sure what is that but.. pretty tasteless.. =/

And that's my cousin's Scottish husband slicing the lamb in the background.

Yummy layered salad! Never seen salad being layered like this before. Haha. Taste awesome though!

With sesame dressing and shredded turkey meat too! ;D

Baked cheesecake! with added blueberries just for decoration purpose ;P (like how where there's always an asteric on food picture in menu saying; for illustration purpose only. Lol) Love the brown part! :D

Left the ugliest photo for the last! Ugly but it's one of the best mashed potato I've ever had! Prepared by chef cousin's Scottish hubby! Haha.. She told me how it was made and the recipe is super easy! 

*checks note* and Aha!

Boil a potato in salty water till they're soft. Poke it with the chopstick and if it goes through, it's soft enough. then you mash it with 1 tablespoon of milk + 1/2 tablespoon of butter + chopped parsley and walla! You have one of the most delicious mashed potato on earth! Except you don't have the sauce yet. lol. For sauce, she recommended BISTO gravy. It can be bought from most supermarkets, I think.

Sounds easy and nice! Like... Hey, that's something everyone can do! Does this verse sounds familiar?

Now, presenting the oriental dishes! Mom's famous Yong Tau Foo! Mix of fish paste + minced pork + salted fish bits. Opps, did I just gave away her secret recipe? *shhh*

This is.. I really don't know how I should call it. Direct translation = sour vegetables. Heh.. *fail* Sorry. Anyone knows what this dish is called?

Anyway, it's cooked with pork bones with some meat + vege + fermented sour vege + dried chilli.

End of the meal! *burps*

Oh, almost forgot the soup. Tiny bittergourd soup to end the meal! Not a nice dessert but at least it keeps everyone from falling sick after the scrumptious meal! :D and did you know that if you take in bittergourd soup, mosquitoes are less likely to feed on you? Well, that's what they say...

That's about it. My Christmas. How bout you?



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