Friday, 28 November 2014

I know it's been ages ago since my trip to Bangkok and you guys have been waiting for my Bangkok posts! I'm so sorriiee~ >.<

So here it is! I'm starting off with Shopping in Bangkok! Read till the very last moment and I will share with you the list of shopping hotspots in Bangkok!

Wore this just recently to the #LZD showroom event last week. A combi of H&M Black and white stripe skatergirl dress made into a top + Black sheer insert to hem midi skirt (Platunam Mall)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hospitality Asia (HA) is the region's most credible and authoritative hospitality, F&B and travel magazine around! HA is the publication to look out for the latest trend, the updated best of everything. Basically, sharing top-notch establishments as the time goes on  hospitality service. Catering to industry professionals, corporates and even leisure travelers! If you are looking for the best the hospitality industry has to offer, you know which publishing to refer to!

In conjunction with Hospitality Asia (HA)'s 20th Anniversary, HA prepares a night filled with lots of good food prepared by eight HAPA (Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards) Award-Winning Chefs from the region and good drinks prepared by some of the best mixologists in city the  together with great fun and beats spun by some of KL's best deejays!

Now it's time to just relax, indulge and enjoy in the best!
Photo courtesy of Tim

Before the event even start, we were introduced to Peruvian Pisco, an iconic South American Brandy. Best to be served in the form of cocktail, Peruvian Pisco Sour made by mixing Peruvian Pisco with lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white, shaken and served over ice, garnished with a dash of Angostura bitters.

Walking into the ballroom, we were greeted by an array of beautifully prepared desserts by the  Academy of Cutlinery Arts Malaysia.

Not just desserts, we were also pampered with dishes prepared by 8 HAPA Award Winning Chefs!

Photo courtesy of Tim

After foods and desserts, it's a good fun of music and alcohol mix. Not forgetting to take a picture with a frame of beautiful girls!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I NEED a MACAU escapade!

More often than not, I was brushed off when I voice out about traveling to Macau.

Rather, people around me would try to change my opinion on the travel destination to places like Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea and etc. This explains why I still have not set foot on Macau all my life despite having traveled to numerous places further than Macau!

Most people thought that there was nothing worth exploring in Macau and hence not worth their time and money but I always thought otherwise. I always dream about the things I am going to taste, the places I am going to explore, the cool experiences I am going to get AND blogging all about it!

So, what's the great deal about Macau and why am I so persistent about visiting Macau? Boy, if you are asking me this question, you are missing out so much!

Friday, 21 November 2014

What kind of theme party did you think I attended on the afternoon of Halloween's Day?

Nope, it wasn't some scary Halloween party but a Kawaii theme lunch gathering to expose us to Kracie's Ichikami Hair Care Range and also Hadabisei Skin Care Range!

Boy, was I happy to be invited! Japanese products never fails to impress me and it's just the same with Kracie's Ichikami and Hadabisei!

Look at the amount of full range Ichikami products! They are so focused on producing the best results that they are serious to come out with a product to tackle each problem separately. I have heard that products which usually have bundled effects are not very effective.

During the event, we get to have a look at all the products! Being curious cat, we did remove the caps and have a smell on the product scent. They all smell insanely sweet and dreamy!

There was even demonstration on the hair care n styling products! From the photo you can see the obvious effects! Left being the frizzy and dry hair, right being the healthy glowing hair. Even after curling, the hair looks really natural and the curls stayed for a long time without feeling like it has been sprayed! 

Mr. being the model for us girls because he is the only one without make-up. Lol. This is the moisture mask which is one of the best seller item! Apparently women in Japan apply sheet mask twice a day and I thought once a day is already more than sufficient!

Clear White Whitening Mask - Collagen Moisture Mask

 Moisture Mask - Super Moisture Mask

Clear White Whitening Mask - intensive care for brighter and moisturized skin. Formulated with Vitamin C and Collagen to slow melanin production, prevent freckles and spots!

Collagen Moisture Mask - formulated with Coenzyme Q10 and Soybean Isoflavone to provide moisturizing care for skins that lacks elasticity and luster!

Moisture Mask - contains natural minerals; hotspring water & tightening agents and ceramide,  moisturizing agent to tightens and moisturizes skin leading to a smoother skin!

Super Moisture Mask - contains extra rich serum formulated with hyaluronic acid and royal jelly for extra boost of moisture!

All mask are made from 100% natural cotton!

Kracie Hadabisei masks range are famous in many asia countries outside Japan and now we can get it from Aeon Wellness in Malaysia too!

Here are some recommended products from Kracie !

Hadabisei All in One Facial Mask - lotion + emulsion + essence + mask !

I love this mask! Especially during application at night because I don't have to apply anything more to the face after I remove the mask! Just apply it when I am going to bed, remove it after 5 ~ 10 minutes, then continue my slumberland journey!

My skin feels really soft and supple after that. My face does not feels oily often anymore after applying this mask every night!  Great oil control!

It could last for 40 days if you apply once every night. Packet is also full of essence!

Many girls take care of their face with facial mask but not specifically on the eye part. Do you know that if you don't pay attention to the skincare around your eyes, you will get wrinkles easily? Here's an introduction to one of the best eye care mask from Japan!

Hadabisei Intensive Wrinkle Care Eye Mask - formulated with highly concentrated Retinol EX (Retinol  derivative + royal jelly) + Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizing Agent). It helps to reduce dryness-induced wrinkles which works really well for me on times when I sleep really late. >.<

This is Kracie's Ichikami's Smooth Range! During the event, one blogger asked if I knew what Ichikami meant and I told her that I only know that Ichi means one. Haha.. Apparently Ichikami means Hair First! This makes a lot of sense from a shampoo brand that focuses on the hair care with ancient Japanese women who have amazingly long hair in mind!

The Ichikami Smooth Hair Care Set focuses on Hair Repair & Prevention. The main ingredients used are Herbal Essence + Rice Bran; Rice Premium-II / Sakura Essence / Black Rice Essence / Walnut / Blackberry Lily / Camelia.

I have been using the Hair Shampoo / Hair Conditioner / Hair Treatment for a while now and my hair seems to be in good manageable condition! The sweet Sakura mmell is definitely a plus point! I apply the Hair Care & Style gel as the last step to keep my standing baby hairs in place and I love how it makes me smells really good ^^

Previously, I kept changing brands of hair care products, doesn't matter if they are bought from convenient stores or hair care product specialized stores. Reason being they are either too dry or makes my scalp oily which leads to unhealthy hair and itchy scalps =/ Beginning mid this year, I switched to a Japanese brand I brought from salon and Ichikami would be the 2nd Japanese brand I have tried. 

True to the talks of many girls, Japanese produce one of the best hair care products for Asian girls! We asian girls usually have damaged and dry hair because we love going for hair colouring and perming! Now we have Ichikami to help prevent my hair from damaging and also repairing my damaged hair!

Dear Beaute Himawari is a range to manage unwavy, unruly, frizzy rebellious hair! These problems always looks messy and unhealthy but with Dear Beaute Himawari range which are formulated with Premium Sunflower Oil Ex; organic sunflower oil / organic sunflower sprout extract / sunflower seeds extract / sunflower extract, they repair the crazy damaged hair and turn them into healthy and managable hair! 

The exact thing I would be looking for everytime I head to the beach!

Kracie offers so many good products, it is quite impossible to choose which one is my favourite! Would you jump into the bandwagon of Kracie addicts? It is no lie that their products are really effective!

Head to Aeon Wellness outlets and try them out for yourself!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Are you a fan of L'Oreal Paris Beauty Products? Most of us are bound to have bought or used a L'Oreal Paris Beauty Proucts in a way or another! 

For myself, I  have recently bought the Total Repair 5 Damage Eraser Leave-on Oil Serum! I apply it on my hair after blow dry for the magic to work. Love how it doesn't feel oily or even make my hair look oily! Instead, it gives a healthy glow~ <3

Anyway, I'm not going to write a review about this oil serum but instead, on how shopping for L'Oreal Paris Beauty can win you a grand prize which is a car worth more than RM100,000! If not, there's always the weekly prize worth RM7,500 in total or daily prizes of a hamper worth RM100!

L'Oreal is being all secretive like a Santa! They have not reveal the grand prize but just mention that the car will be worth over RM100,000! The weekly prize is also a mystery! A prize will be revealed each week on the L'Oreal Paris Facebook page while daily winners can look forward to a L'Oreal Paris Hamper worth over RM100 each!

All these secrets just made winning more exciting! After all, Christmas is approaching soon!

Are you excited yet? Can't wait to shop, I know! So here's what you need to do! It is actually quite simple! Go to and follow the directions below;

1.Spend over RM20 on L'Oréal Paris products.
2.Upload a photo of your receipt.
3. Answer the question on the page. (the question is really simple! I'm sure all of you knows the right answer!)
4. Shop more to increase your chances of winning!

Remember to sign-up to keep track of all your entries!

I'm off to stock up on all my LO'real Paris Beauty Products now!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

I've been talking about either foodie or beauty in every post but it is going to be special this time!

Today, it's going to be a foodie beauty post! Well, sort of. Haha.

I've just received a parcel in my postbox filled with Milky goodies! It's the Yoko Body & Hair Care Essentials! I've always love milky body and hair care products because they leave my skin feeling so supple like a baby's and smells just like a baby after bath! Haha.

Friday, 14 November 2014

After dreaming about all those personalized Magnum Ice-creams I saw in instagram and hearing all about it, Magnum Cafe is finally here in Malaysia!

To make a grand launching of the first Magnum Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, they decided to giveaway 500 personalized ice-creams to the first 500 Magnum fans who visited the cafe!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Cafe hopping and drinking coffee aside, the most exciting thing about coffee just took place last Saturday!

It's a Film About Coffee!

I was very excited when I knew about this screening. I got it because I thought this would be something that will make le bf very happy. 2ndly, after watching the trailer, I kinda confirm that le bf would love to watch this very much and I too love how the movie was directed and can't wait for the screening!

But then before the movie starts;
Each ticket sold at RM15, le bf actually commented,"lucky you got them for free. They cost even more than movie tickets at the cinema." I replied with a question,"when did I tell you I got them for free?"

(maybe because he thinks that I always get free stuff. haha)

I got a bit dumb founded by his comment because then, I don't know if le bf would now think I just wasted RM30 on a screening which he might not enjoy. In the end, was the money worth it?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

People says you only get acne during your puberty period but that is unfortunately, just a myth to some extend. Even after puberty, acne continues to haunt me and they contributes to my low self-confidence and high self-awareness. The acne problem is usually caused by these few major factors; family traits / obesity / smoking / stress / diet - high glycemic diet (high carbohydrate) and high dairy products such as milk and ice-cream.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

On the night of Halloween, 31st October 2014,  I was at the Johnnie Walker's MAKE IT BLACK Event held at The Place, One City.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Till today, I actually still feel quite privileged to be one of the few kids that have early access to computer knowledge. However, indirectly, that could also be the major cause to my current vision condition; nearsightedness & astigmatism.

Nearsightedness (medically termed as myopia) - a vision condition where a person can see things up close clearly but as the object gets further, the vision of the object gets more and more blurry. It is actually a very common condition that almost everyone might have at a certain point of their life. I got mine when I was in Primary 3.

My myopia power keep increasing bit by bit every time I visit the optician. It was not something I worry about as a kid because it actually felt quite normal to me. When I went to high school, I actually requested to purchase contact lenses from my mother. It felt more and more tedious having to keep my sliding spectacle in place due to the sweats appearing between my skin and spectacle during sport activities. 

I started with month disposable contact lenses as the cost of maintenance was more affordable rather than engaging in a new pair of spectacles every year averagely. It was not until when I was in Secondary 3 that the price to pay for the maintenance of my vision condition got hefty.

I was diagnosed with astigmatism! *horror* Sounds like a deadly sickness but in actual fact, is not. Just deadly to the pocket. Haha. Astigmatism is not common among those with vision condition but has been increasing common. Majority does not know what is astigmatism so here's a little introduction. Astigmatism is a vision condition where lights fail to focus on one point of your retina but instead creating multi focal point causing you to see an several light shadow-like of an object  all spread around the main object.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with all these facts. Thought I should share something which will get your facts straight and give you a clear idea about all these vision conditions. :)

Recently, I stumble across some information regarding the launching of a contact lens made with new technology which is said to keep your eyes moist with every blink! This then allows wearing  contact lenses  for a longer period of time! It was the launch of Alcon's DAILIES Aquacomfort Plus Brand of Contact Lenses with Introduction of Toric Lenses! So much joy and hope for me!

Previously, there are not many contact lenses to choices to choose from, much less if you have astigmatism. My problem with contact lenses is that I have very very very very dry eyes. Got to say it many times to focus on this problem. Although wearing contact lenses made my life much easier, it also made my eyes suffer quite a bit or quite a lot, my eyes would actually tell you. Yup, my eyes feel really dry and agitated, then vision gets a little blurry due to the dry contact lenses and most of the times my eyes would start to water. There was nothing much I can do about it but dripping eye drops to try keep it moisturized or just take the contact lenses off. 

Since I started to work from home, I have opt to put on spectacles rather than contact lenses due to my eye dryness problem. I now purchase daily disposable lenses instead of the monthly disposable because they are actually more moisturizing and does not dry up as quickly as the latter. Also in the long run, it is more affordable as I don't put them on everyday anymore. :)

The new contact lenses by Alcon; DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses are specially made for patients with astigmatism vision condition. What is it that made Toric contact lenses different from the usual contact lenses you ask? Toric Contact Lenses are shaped in a particular way to look like a doughnut in comparison to the normal contact lenses that have a spherical surface like a slice of the side of the beach ball. 

Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses are made with the Precision Curve Lense Design that even with astigmatism, we are able to enjoy consistent crisp, clear vision. The action of natural blinking of the lower and upper eyelids keeps the lens balanced to prevent blurriness. Now I know why sometimes I experience blurriness even during the early stage of having my contact lenses on.

The new technology which they have embedded into creating this new contact lenses is the blink-activated moisture technology The new technology which perked my interested! Moisture in the eyes are very important to stay comfortable or else it will be a great distraction. Amazingly, a whole lot of moisture is stored in the contact lens itself and moisture is being released at every blink! The moisture does not only last a few blink but more than you can imagine! It is said that we blink about 14,000 times a day and every time we blink, moisture are released from the contact lens to bring refreshing comfort to the eyes.

This new contact lenses contains a unique moisturizing molecule which is extra moist. When I touch the contact lens, I could actually feel the moisturizing molecules! It feels almost like oily as it glides easily but they are actually just moisture molecules. I have to admit I was sold even before I tried the contact lenses on my eyes.

During the Q&A session of the event, some testimonials were also shared with us. It was mentioned that a girl who have a very active outdoor lifestyle actually felt comfortable with the contact lenses on for about 18 hours! To be honest, I was really impressed and am excited to try it for myself!

I was given a 2 months worth of Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses for trial and I brought them along with me during my Bangkok trip as I know it would be best time to test it. Please bare in mind as mentioned, I have eyes which dries easily as compare to the majority.

Here is what I like about it;
- I like how at first touch, the contact lens feel very moist and comfortable sitting on the eye.
- blinking are sometimes caused by the dryness of the eyes and with this, I actually don't feel my eyes getting dry so easily.
- My astigmatism has recently increased and I get agitated sometimes when my vision is still blurry when I first put on the contact lenses. To my surprise, my vision was pretty clear when I put on Alcon's contact lenses. It could be due to the Precision Curve Lens Design mentioned earlier.

Here are the downsides;
- My eyes still feel dry at the end of the day after approximately 10 hours of wearing them but the moisture lasted longer compared to other contact lenses.
- There was twice when I worn them exceeding 12 hours and I find the contact lenses very very difficult to remove. The contact lenses were very thin and sticks quite strongly to my eyes. It took me about a minute before I can remove it. My eyes were red from this and it actually made me worried. The second time this happened, I moist my eyes with eye drops before removing it. It was easier but still with a little difficulty. It gives me an impression that if I accidentally went to sleep without removing them, I would be in deep deep trouble when I wake up. Hence, now I only wear them for approximately 8 - 10 hours due to my dryness condition.

Honestly, I might consider to switch to this brand  in the future.

During the event, I was tossed with a bunch of leaflets and brochures on Alcon products and I am glad I went through them! One of the brochure mentioned about a product called Systane and that was how I knew that I can actually do something about my Dry Eyes condition! There are currently no way to cure it but definitely ways to make my dry eyes more comfortable. :)

The Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses are selling at a recommended price of RM130 per box. For more info about Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Toric contact lenses you can visit their website at or pay a visit to optical shops that carry this brand.