Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hectic hectic first half of October!

Got back from Tokyo/Phuket on Friday. 

Woke up early on Saturday to update my resume, extracted some info about Malaysia Airlines, cabin crew interview and head for the interview!

They start giving out the Q(ueue) Number from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Therefore, If you want to get done with it fast, come really early. I read about it from other blogs but I need to get sufficient sleep and do some last minute research hence I only reach there about 11.40 a.m. My Q number was 498, in the 2nd last batch.

It is easy to look for the location. Just google 'Malaysia Airlines Academy' and you will find the location. It works on Waze too. 

If you are driving, you can park your car along the road outside. I was actually worried about my car as I was inside for 12 hours with my car parked along the road but thank God nothing happened.

So, parked car, fill in visitor slip at the Guard House, walk in to get my Q number, fill it up and just wait for them to call you. 2 hours passed and only 100 was called. Therefore, I actually had alot of time to read up but reading so much makes me really sleepy.

While I was waiting at the cafeteria, I notice two にほんじん/日本人 (Japanese) girl. They were here for the interview too but left later on. Probably because they found out that MAS do not take foreigners? That's just my assumption though. I have to say they are really pretty and I would really like to see them as air stewardess. ^^


It was about 4 hours wait before they called my batch, Q number 480 to 498. God, was I getting sleepy! We were put to a line, told to took off our shoes, dropped all our belongings but just holding on to the Q number. It's finally starting! They checked our weight and height. I thought I was 50kg but it measured 52.1kg. I was happy that I actually weighted more? Height was the same. Time to face reality. I'm 170cm. I wonder how it was recorded as 173cm in my passport all these while!

After that was Registry. They just check my original documentations, clip the application together with the Q number and we're off to the waiting room on the 2nd floor. All the time after registry, the interviewers just refer to the application form. They do not refer to our certifications and documentations anymore. Hence, it is up to me to tell them about myself.

On the 2nd floor, we were asked to fill up sticker labels: name, I/C, Age, Q no. Date. Here, we wait again for our turn for the first interview and while waiting, we just browse through slides in front containing more information as below;

Assessment Flow

According to the slide, there's levels; Height Check => Registration => Preliminery Interview => Grooming => Pre-Final & Interactive => Final Interview

Preliminary Interview was a group interview. Firstly, we're told to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit more about ourselves. Basically, what we need to do here is impress them with our experience or anything that can be related to this job and how it will help us do well in this job. You will also need to tell them why you want to be a cabin crew and why MAS. Prepare your speeches and impress them to go through. I was the first to go and I was hell of a nervous. They kept prompting for more but I just told them I was done because I was so nervous my head was blank! The things I've thought about in the cafeteria just didn't come! In the end, I brave myself to ask if I could tell them more about myself. They were nice and they let me do it. I was really grateful for that because I think I would not have passed this interview if I did not ask in the end. 7 of us got through. Thanks to the nice interviewers. They even told me to put on more make up (I didn;t have blushers on) and make sure my hair is neat and tidy.

After I got through, it was another long wait till I was checked in Grooming. Here, you have to make sure your make up is visible and your hair do is neat. I waited so long my lips were so dry the skins were peeling already. I had to rub them off and apply the lipstick again. It is easy for me to have peeling lips =/ In the room, they check on my height and weight again. Weird how my weight dropped 0.5kg here while the other girls gained weight. Lol.. They also check if I have any visible scars, on arms and legs. I was requested to take off my hosiery so that they can check on my legs.  Small birthmark like scars are okay but not those that aren't flat.. Lastly, they check on my walk to see if I limp or not. That went by fast. I was flattered the lady said I have a nice face feature when I was told to lift up my hair *blush* 

Back to the waiting hall again before Pre-final & Interactive. Here, we are given a topic or two for discussion. This is the time where you try to talk a lot, interact a lot with your mates to grab attention. This is where they assess your interaction skill. So, go all out! 3 out of 7 of us got through. I'm super grateful for this.

Back to the room waiting for the final interview, the nerve wrecking one. We were given bread and a packet drink as they knew we either didn't had any meal or just had breakfast that day. There was no food at the cafeteria and I doubt anyone would leave for meal while waiting for the next stage, right?

During the Final Interview, I honestly felt I didn't do good enough. It was meh and I do realise she was not impressed. Please just allow me to use exhaustion from trip and tiredness from the whole day waiting as an excuse. *sigh* There was so much more I could say and I should have been more prepared to remember things I should say to impress because in this round, no one is going to prompt you to say more. You're all alone to sell yourself. It would have help if the other friendly interviewer in the panel did not leave the room. He would have helped a lot I guess.. but oh well, I ran out of luck.


I appreciate this experience and I wonder if I should go try again and get my rights to my MAS Kebaya this December! It is not about the salary as they are actually not one of the best paying airlines despite the having the best cabin crew but having to be in a #KEBAYA and an #AIRLINE which belongs to #MALAYSIA. If I got it, it would make me a prouder #Malaysian.

#ProudToBeAMalaysian. Never knew I would have this to add to my #Dream list. Maybe it is because I failed at the last stage, it makes me want it more. This morning when I woke up, I was over the sadness. I thought to myself, why not the #HotChick #AirAsia or the #HighPaying #Emirates?

But after blogging this, I wasn't satisfied I didn't get through and I became hunger for the success of the interview. I want it! I want to be a Malaysia Airline Stewardess! I'm a #fighter not a #loser! I wonder if this fire will keep me going till the next interview... lol..

Anyhow, all the best for the girls who made it yesterday! ^^  #envy



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