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It's Sunday today, the busiest day of the week at たけしたどり Takeshita Dori, the symbol of はらじゅく Harajuku.

Most tourist might skip this day to visit but I just want to experience the real crowd on a Sunday. ;P

 #Ootd - Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M Neon Pink Striped Sleeveless Tee, Cardigan for overlay, and not forgetting the cheap shade from Topshop ;P

Drinks vending machine on our floor. Just right beside the lift. Drinks are quite expensive there. Cheapest priced at ¥150 (RM4.95). When I see Dr Pepper.. it always gives me the impression of a pepper-ish drink. Haha..

Finally! The day for heavenly らめん Ramen has arrived! This is しなたつ Shinatatsu! Located some walking distance away on the left when you exit Shinagawa Station facing Prince Hotel.

It is a whole stretch of Ramen shops! All of them are well known for their own specialty Ramen. So it's definitely a must try place if you absolutely love Ramen! 

I can't really read Japanese. Only basic Hiragana and Katakana. So we just Mini-Minie-Mini-Moe on the picture map and decide on this! つけめんてつ Tsukemen TETSU. Tsukemen is a type of ramen where you dip the noodles into the broth instead of them soaked with the broth in a bowl. So TETSU has been living with the title of the best tsukemen for some years!

Right in front is the vending machine. I can understand some but not enough to really understand what each button says O.O The guy who came out to greet us could not really communicate with us as well but some how we managed some understanding.

At least he understood that I do not want any beef in my noodle :D and that he mentioned the broth is made with seafood and pork. Seafood, huh? Never tried that, so why not.   

My tsukemen! Thick seafood and pork broth with slices of yummy pork in there. The ramen noodle is thicker than norm, I kind of like the texture of it. Mine is soaked in some warm soup. Just pick them up, dip them into the thick broth and slurp! It taste heavenly! Even right now as I am writing this, saliva is gathering at the side of my tongue, inviting a gulp. 

Mom's cold ramen with the same broth and pork slices with flavoured egg about 3 quarter cooked. I absolutely love the way they cook the yolk and did I mention that their yolks are super orangy in colour? Compare to the pale yellow the egg yolks here, theirs looks absolutely yummy! 

Mom comment that the broth is too salty. Perhaps it's because her cold noodles are dry while mine is coated with light soup. Hence, less broth clings on to my noodle.

Averagely, each bowl cost about ¥1000 (RM33).

After a *burp* very filling brunch, we took the train to Harajuku Station. 

I'm sorry I took a snap but I couldn't resist it because they dressed up really good :P 

There are two exit facing the street. One exit opposite GAP store and the other one facing Takeshita Dori.

I did not know there was two exit until later hence the confusion when I reach and exited right opposite GAP store =/ I thought I was lost but it couldn't be because that is Harajuku Station.

So we walked to La Foret and enter by the other end of Takeshita Dori instead.

One of the store display in La Foret. Cute Kitty? Fierce Kitty? Weird Kitty? The mall was fully occupied by visiting young teenage girls. Most of the clothings are autumn/winter wear and more for youngsters. Prices are not cheap as well. If I'm not mistaken, the first Topshop/Topman in Japan is inside La Foret.

We walked along Meiji Dori and there's big shops of H&M and Forever21.  

Finally we reach Takeshita Dori off Meiji Dori. You will never miss it with the big sign above and the amount of crowds entering and exiting at this junction! It is pretty much comparable to the human traffic at the centipede long night market on every Wednesday at Connaught, Cheras.

I bet the registrar in this candy shop works non-stop! If you are looking for the freshest candy around, they probably have it :D

Both side of the stretch is made up of many many brands of small shops. Some extending to the top, some to the bottom, while the rest only occupies one floor. Most of the small shops are pretty compact and if you are not interested, don't get it.

The clothes there range from cheap, affordable to pricey local brands. Once in a while along the street, you will spot some girls in cute costumes and Lolita dresses.

While you are on it, try out their famous crepes! Angels Heart on the left and Marion Crepes on the right. I tried Angels Heart here and Marion Crepes at Tokyo Tower. They pretty much taste about the same :) So just pick the one with the shortest queue!

Marion Crepes - Patissirie from Harajuku since 1976

Angels Heart - Harajuku Cafe Crepe

Here's my strawberry ice-cream crepe! Looks yummy? It is yummy but I think it is a tad bit overrated ;P Can't remember how much it cost. Probably about ¥400 (RM13.20) ?

After a visit to Daiso again, we went to Mcdonald's for their porky Teriyaki Burger! Yumm! It is ze pork burger, yo!~ I apologize for the over hype. It's because there's no pork burger here in Malaysia. 

Total bill ¥960 (RM31.68) Just for the taste of McDonald's pork burger in Japan. Burger taste fine.. would prefer it if taste like pork steak. Meat is a little too soft to my liking.

Look at the a plenty of teriyaki sauce! Want to get a bite?

This is one of the end of the Takeshita Dori which is opposite one of the Harajuku Station Exit. Sorry for the many one ofs.. might cause confusion. Haha..

Dropped by Shibuya for some shopping.. This is a quick shot taken from the 1st floor of Starbucks. It is quite a sight watching the Shibuya crossroad. The amount of people flooding the crossway during every cross never seems to lessen. In fact, there was so many people that even after the crossing light turns red, the pedestrians are still on their way across.

Quick visit to Shibuya 109. I kinda like the bag designs by Samantha Vega but the price tag which came with it might make you consider your decision if your money don't come easy ;P

Rice box set bought from the supermarket on the lower ground situated on the left side after exiting the Shinagawa Station. Althought it was on clearance discount, price was not cheap and the meal turn out to be very unappetizing =/

Slices of chicken from the same place. Not recommended as well. Should have just bought food from the 7-11 beside our hotel.


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