Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Saturday, 14 July 2018

I was born in KL and have been a KL lass since then. It might sound great to many people, to grow up in KL but I can tell that city people are envious of the clean and fresh air which we do not have privilege towards. Growing up in the city, I am always surrounded with air pollution which is one of the single most toxic substance for the skin

Polluted air contains free radicals which stress and damages the skin leading to dull and tired looking facade. Women who's life is surrounded by polluted air need to take extra care of their skin because skin exposed to free radicals will get wrinkles, dryness and skin damages more easily.

It was with this concern that Pure Beauty introduces a new skin care range to the market; the new Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care range which is P)araben-free, Lanolin-free, Alcohol-free and most importantly, is dermatologically tested. This new range is created based on their 4Ps philosophy of Intensive Brightening Power;
  • Preparation of using the willow bark extracts to enhance healthy skin
  • Preservation where Neurolight derived from the certified Natural Star Lily decreases dark spots.
  • Protection where Ceramide 123 strenghtens the skin barrier, shielding from harmful elements.
  • Prevention of the exposure to pollution with EPS White which helps to reduce dark spots.

Pure Beauty's Illuminating Urban Shield skin care range is formulated with the latest technology to fight against skin problems caused by free radicals found in polluted air. The formulation creates a protection layer that helps to reduce effects of dirts and dusts on the skin while enriching the skin's natural glow and lightening dark spots.

During the launch, we get to witness and learn some tips on how to maximize the benefits of Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care application and also learn the choice of products we should choose to counter the problem of our skin condition. 

Products available in the Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care range are;
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Serum (RM59.90) - reduces dark spots and even out skin tone while repairing damaged skin and defends against pollutants.
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence (RM69.90) - helps to reduce dark spots, brings out natural shine, diminish uneven skin tone and illuminates skin for a smoother, brighter look.
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel (RM55.90) - hydrates and moisturizes skin, keeping it fresh and clear.
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream (RM59.90) - keep skin raidnat white and preserves against environmental agressors.
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA++++ (RM49.90) - provide sun screen protection from exposure to UV rays.

During the event, we also get to test the full range of products and also bring home a set of Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care range for further trying and testing. After a quick test, here's my verdict of my thoughts for these products;
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence (RM69.90) - this is probably my star product from the range. I like the popping white capsules which contains all the goodness to help me reduce dark spots and even up my skin tone. The essence feel very hydrating and is very lightweight. It absorbs easily just within a few dab onto the skin.
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream (RM59.90) - as my skin get oily easily, I just tried on a very light layer of application as overnight mask. Surprisingly, it does not feel overly moisturizing the next day but soft and supple.  
  • Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA++++ (RM49.90) - the texture is light and smooth. It feels really comfortable after application as it does not leave any greasy or sticky residue after that. 

This range of products is said to be suitable to all skin types and I believe so as the products feels really comfortable during the first day of my tryout on my dry and oily combination skin which is prone to acnes and inflammation. Even Cik Shazreeyana Shukri, a well-known make-up artist who has sensitive skin gave praised to the Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield Skin Care range after trying it out for 3 weeks with glowing effects.

Therefore, if you're a girl living in this concrete urban jungle surrounded by the toxicity of air pollution, I urge you to try out this range of products which cater specifically to fight against free radicals and repair damaged skin. This range can be found solely at the Watsons stores in Malaysia. 

Pure Beauty

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Magic! I can't remember when was it since I last heard the word Magic but it was probably during my much much younger childhood days that I watched replays of Magic Show being aired on Malaysia local television channels. To be honest, I have not watched any Magic Show upclose or even live but I just had a chance to witness it really really up close today!

Today, The Magic Library launched the First Nationwide Magic Illusion Tour - THE MAGIC LIBRARY: NEW CHAPTER happening this July, bringing world-class theatrical live magic performance throughout Malaysia.