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Monday, 5 December 2016

So what's waiting inside this Box of Joy? Read till the end for giveaway!

I suppose this Box of Joy brings joy to everyone, hence there should be something useful for everyone. Let's find out together!

Maggi OatMee - It's a new product from Maggi where the noodles are made from oat grains, giving us a healthier choice for instant noodle.

Nestle Just Milk - Nestle new packaging UHT Full Cream Milk! I'm a fan of full cream milk and small cartons like this is so convenient for people who are always on the go!

Nescafe White Coffee Pandan Flavour - White Coffee is my top choice but Pandan flavour is something new! Would you be interested to try it out?

Tefal Le Hachoir -  A manual string pull chopper. Time to train your muscle perhaps?

64GB Scandisk Dual Drive - A convenient 64gb storage pendrive where you can access in on the computer or android phones as well.

Mamypoko Baby Wipes - Safe and gentle on baby skin, size is just right to be kept in bag for travelling!

Loreal Dualstylers - Sample sachets of gel-cream to be applied on hair for styling purpose.

Loreal Nutrifier Hair Mask - A silicone-free mask that leaves your hair softer, more supple & shinier.

Loreal Mythic Oil - A nourishing hair oil which provides weightless hydration and ultimate frizz protection.

Nestle Cerelac - Delicious Baby Food which is easy to prepare.

Would you like to get yourself a Box of Joy

I will be giving out a Box of Joy comprising of; Maggi OatMee, Nestle Just Milk, Nescafe White Coffee Pandan Flavour, Tefal Le Hachoir, Mamypoko Baby Wipes, Loreal Dualstylers, Loreal Nutrifier Hair Mask, Loreal Mythic Oil and a pack of Nestle Cerelac!

All you have to do is comment below and I will pick a random winner for the giveaway by 18th December 2016!

Lastly, here's a RM11 voucher (voucher code: AFFsicdk6) to be used during your Lazada App purchase!

Terms and Conditions of Voucher:
- voucher is valid till 14th December 2016.
- The discount is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotions.
- RM11 discount is applicable only on all products sold at Products exclusion may apply.
- Discount is applicable for one (1) time redemption only.LAzada App, Desktop and Mobile Web. Signup for Lazada account to redeem discount voucher. One usage per account.
- No cash alternatives or refund will be offered in lieu of promotion entitlement. Discount cannot be combined or accumulated.
- Lazada reserves the right to alter, cancel, terminates or suspend the promotion or anypart thereof or any part of the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, with or without any prior notice.
- contact our customer service hotline at 03-86011888 to report any issue pertaining to the usage of the discount.

Wish this, I wish everyone happy shopping and all the best for those who wants to get your hand on the giveaway Box of Joy!

Shop now at!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas in coming and I know everyone has got so much to shop for themselves and their loved ones! It's important to go bargain hunting so that we won't be going out of budget, right? 

One of my favourite shopping site has got to be Lazada. Most of the time, their prices are much more competitive and it also includes delivery. So it's sort of like hassle free shopping at home! :)

In conjunction with the recent 11.11 and 12.12, Lazada have set up numerous discount items and promotions. This Online Revolution campaign will be ongoing from 11th November to 12th December 2016. 

Lazada have recently sent over a Box of Joy consisting of all types of products. I'll be posting more details about the products in my next post!

Visit Lazada online to purchase any of these items at a bargaining price!

Click on the above and use code: 20LAPOR25 to get 20% off!

Shop now at!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lunch date at Chimi Churri because someone wanted Indian food but it turned out to be nothing like that. *grins* It actually serves sandwiches, wraps and salads combination of your choice.

This was our order and it consist of a wrap & a bowl. A ala-carte bowl, a cup of long black (RM5.90 for regular), a wrap set which consist of a wrap, pumpkin soup and a cup of ice lemonade (RM3.90 for ala-carte. Prices depends on the grilled meat/vegetable of your choice; vegetarian / chicken breast - RM9.90,  cajun chicken thigh / dory fish fillet - RM10.90, beef brisket - RM14.90, or salmon fish fillet - RM15.90.

The steps to personalizing your own meal;

1. select a sandwhich / wrap / salad style.

2. select your freshly grilled: vegetarian / chicken breast / cajun chicken thigh / dory fish fillet / beef brisket / salmon fish fillet. 

fresh vegetables

warm fillings

3. Pick any combinations (no limit): fresh vegetables: lettuce/tomatoes/onions/green pepper/red cabbage/rocket , warm fillings: brown rice/couscous / cauliflower rice / sweet potato mash / mushy peas.

4. add sauces: chilled: chimichurri / red vinaigrette / orange vinaigrette / sweet sesame / tomato salsa / apple salsa warm: sambal / planchar / peanut sauce / tomato chutney /  creamy butter / BBQ

warm sauces

chilled sauces

Taste wise, it was something very new and I do enjoy my meal. However, if you were to ask me what I am tasting, I am actually not quite sure, to be honest. The fillings and the flavours pretty much blended together, especially in the wrap. 

For a healthy meal, it is very much recommended as the meal can be personalized, meaning you will be able to choose what goes into your meal and they do have a lot of healthy vegetable options. Taste wise, it is comfortably nice but it does not creates a craving because the satisfaction from the meal does not feel complete as my taste buds fail to identify the delicious 'ingredient'.

Price wise, the meal is pretty affordable for a tummy filling meal but I find the drinks is a little too pricey. 

The interior was casual and spacious. Ideal for group and family gatherings.


a: Lot 100.1.037 First Floor, The School, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
t: +603 7666 8088

h: 8.30am-7.00pm

Monday, 28 November 2016

Tawau Sang Nyuk Mee has become one of my favourite noodle dish since the day I was introduced to it! It was love at first sight. I probably had it first in Selangor but the stall owner moved away shortly after. I have also tried the original ones in Tawau. Although I could not remember vividly how it taste like, my brain keeps telling me it was so darn GOOD! Yes, it was VERY VERY good and it still makes me crave for it!

While looking for food at Kepong, my high school friend told me about Kim Hing Lee Sabah Sang Nyuk Mee. It definitely create sparks in my eyes immediately.

I ordered the Dry Beehoon + Mee set (RM9.00) while my partner have a try at the Soup Beehoon + Mee set (RM9.00) . The slices of pork taste smooth and tender soft, something you never get from the normal Pork Noodle in KL. The broth looks clear but it taste of rich pork broth with the right level of saltiness. 

You have got to try it to know what I meant about the pork meat and broth. That was what makes them authentic and different from other pork noodles.

However, I was quite disappointed by the noodles served. I am not sure if it was prepared by a less experienced staff but the noodles were overcooked, making them taste very soft thick. If they were al dente, the whole meal would be an almost perfect experience. Portion of noodles were also too much compare to normal soup noodles serving outside.

I added a plate of small plate of fish cake (RM7.50) to the meal. They taste springy and quite ordinary. Overall, their signature pork meat and broth was really good but it just lacks a good bowl of noodles to go with it.

My experience this time, feels like I had a half satisfied meal. Still, I would recommend to give it a try for the pork meat and broth. 

If you know any other place selling a good bowl of Sang Nyuk Mee, do let me know! I would definitely love to check it out!

Kim Hing Lee Sang Nyuk Mee @ Kepong

a: No. 7 Jalan 54 | Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 52100, Malaysia

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Here I am drafting out my blogpost to share with you what fun outfit you can create with a feminine tulle skirt! Summer holiday is about to start but it's constantly all rain with a little bit of sun for now.

However, that does not mean we should stop all the fun of dressing up and just cover ourselves with drappy dark colour clothings to shelter from the cold.

Stay fabulous even if the day is gloomy and take advantage of all the sun we have when it's not raining!

I've always love mesh layer tulle skirts! No, it's not the typical puffy tutu that the graceful ballerina wears but skirts inspired from these mesh tutu skirts!

Wear it smart casual with a body hugging top or smart collar shirt like above plus a pair of white heels. It gives a energetic graceful look, fit for smart casual events.

Next option would be to match up for a casual day out. Wear the tulle slightly highwaisted with a crop shirt and you're ready to go!

It's comfy and it gives a perfectly chic girly look with the soft and pastel colour. A pair of ballerina pump will complete the feminine casual outfit.

But I like to pair it with my tan boots will turn it all around to a boyish x feminine look.

White sleeveless : @twenty3
Crop T: @Tokitoki
Tulle Skirt: @TokiChoi
Boots: @Timberland

What's your style?

If you have a different combi, do comment and share it with me!

Toki Choi

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Been once to the Owl's Cafe and now, first time at their New Chapter outlet!

Both outlet is actually relatively near to each other. The New Chapter is definitely has a much more well planned interior. I like how everything looks really neat and clean in there. They also have a lot of sunlight coming in which makes the place so fresh.

I had always wanted to try out their waffles. Finally got the craving fixed!

They offer food and also light breazy meals, waffles are their signature! Yet, this is the first time I am trying out their waffles as the cafe used to be so packed, there's hardly any convenience to visit! So, yes finally, get to try their waffles! Sharing this sweet delight so we opt for something safe!

Milo Dinasour (RM15) - so they said this is the never go wrong combination consisting of dark chocolate ice-cream, marhsmallow, coco crunch, milo powder, and condense milk. I do say this is quite a safe combination especially targeting the small boys and big boys alike. Do not expect anything special but something to satisfy your cocoa fix. :)

Waffles, being their signature item, is crunchy on the outside and fluffy soft in the inside. I would prefer some added butter to increase the fragrance and taste of the waffle itself. The waffle taste plain hence the dessert flavours all depends on the ingredients selection.

They do have other flavor combinations and one of their bestseller includes the Rebecca - a more fruity selection with earl grey flavour ice-cream.

Coffee here is always good. We had a long black (RM6) and a flat white (RM9).

This place is much more spacious compare to the first branch but it could get quite noisy with conversation echos when it is full house. To enjoy a relaxing visit, do drop by when it's not peak period but I doubt there are much quit moments in a favourite place like this.  :)

Owl's Cafe: New Chapter

a: Calvary Convention Centre, No. 1, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603 8999 1615

Saturday, 5 November 2016

It has got to be one of the most deliciously cuisine bought to Malaysia!

No it's not any fine dining or Michelin Star restaurant but.. oh! it's food served definitely gives a foodgasm every visit like I'm on cloud nine! Maybe it's just me and my partner, but read on and see if you might find yourself in the same boat as us. :) 

Tarbush Express is like a branch out of Tarbush, the first and leading Middle Eastern Restaurant in Malaysia. Every plate served is said to be dedicated with only the freshest and finest ingredients to bring us the authentic Middle Eastern taste.

We ordered three dishes to share and they are all lambsssss! Yes, this post is also giving the limelight to lamb dishes! Those who oppose to the dish of lamb, you can kindly exit now because my post might not be interest to you. Those otherwise, hold you excitement as I introduce them to you!

Undoubtedly, kebab is the utmost favourite which came to my mind every time when deciding to order. It is also the most common Middle Eastern cuisine known to us all. I think I have yet to had any which was awful.

Shawarma Lebanese Lamb (RM8.50) - Shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation, where the meat is grilled on a vertical fire spit and usually left to grill in rotation and kept warm for the whole day. Small blocks of meat are shaved for serving. As for kebab, they are served in a wrap usually together with some vegetables, tomatoes but it varies accordingly.

The serving here is just the meat in the wrap and vegetables, hummus, pickles, tomatoes as side on the plate. I am not sure if they would wrap everything in there if it was for takeaway. It's good to ask to be sure.

The taste of this spice marinated meat is hard to explain but it has a full flavour of the grilled lamb, meat so tender, every bite was more and more addictive. The sides paired really well to give a different combination taste.

This thin wrap is a small portion, if you would like it as a main dish, you could order the larger portion which cost RM12.00.

Rice Platter Lamb (RM18.00) - consist of Arabic Biryani Rice with shaved meat. Mine was lamb, the other meat choice would be chicken. As usual, the sides would be sliced tomatoes and vegetables.

The rice portion would be huge if you are a small eater. It's best to share if you are ordering this. The long rice shape and texture of Basmati rice somehow gives a different mouth-feel compare to the local rice. The saffron and other spices combined gives an appetizing aroma too!

However, towards the end of the savouring, the shaved meat does feel a little dry.

I am not trying to say that everything is my favourite but I really like Biryani too. :)

Lamb Modalala Rice (RM15) - Certainly, I do know know the meaning of Modalala. I tried to google it but there was not related result. I did check with them and they told me that this is a specially curated dish found only at their Tarbush Express outlet.  

Instead of the sliced lamb meat from the fire spit, this is pan grilled minced meat. The mince meat were compacted into these mushroom shape like. The meat was much more juicier compare to the Shawarma Lebanese Lamb as it was not grilled continuously. The fragrant of lamb meat was definitely there.

Recommended only to those who really adore having lamb servings with it's gamey flavours! Afterall, what's the point of savouring a plate of lamb dish without enjoying it's characteristics!

Tarbush Express

a: P1.11.03,  Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603-2148 3686