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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Hayat Kimya, a global player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, and the world’s 5th largest diaper manufacturer, has made it's presence in Malaysia since last year through its high-quality diaper brand, Molfix. There is no better way to celebrate their First Anniversary in Malaysia than at the TCE Baby Expo 2022 in the presence of parents supporters who have voted Molfix for the  BabyTalk MamaPapa Reader’s Choice Award 2022 in the  Best Tape and Best Pant Diapers categories. 

Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd.; (centre) with Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari, Molfix Ambassador couple and Mr. Sheikh Farouk Sheikh Mohamed, Managing Director, AEON Big (M) Sdn Bhd., (fifth from right) at the Molfix booth.

Commenting about Molfix’s 1st Anniversary in Malaysia, Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager of Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., said, “The tremendous support and trust from Malaysian parents reflect their preference for products made from natural materials in an effort to ensure safety and to protect their babies’ skin. At Hayat, we believe in the importance of understanding the needs and trends of our consumers, hence we place great emphasis on research and development (R&D) to develop innovative products that are organic and of premium quality.”

Ms Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd (centre) with Molfix Ambassador couple, Awal Ashaari and Scha Al-Yahya officiating Molfix 1st Anniversary celebration.

Molfix 1st Anniversary Celebration was joined by celebrity couple, Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari who  are also ambassadors who have also experienced the uniqueness, and quality of this wonderful product that never fails to bring joy, comfort, and protection to their baby girl, Lila.  

Scha Al-Yahya said, “We trust Molfix, and are happy that we decided to partner with a brand that believes in providing the best for mums and babies.” 

Scha Al-Yahya, Awal Ashaari, winners and representatives of Molfix Social Media contest.  

Winners of Molfix Quiz with Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari, Brand Ambassador couple, as well as Ms. Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd (first from right)

As part of the celebration, Molfix presents 10 of Molfix consumers with exclusive Molfix products, specially autographed by both Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari.  6 consumers who also attended the 1st Anniversary were gifted with goodie bags for successfully answering the Molfix Quiz.

Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari sharing their experience of having their daughter, Lila try the Molfix diapers.

The brand spreads joy to mums and babies across five continents in over 100 countries around the globe, producing diapers with utmost care and designed to be extremely gentle on baby's sensitive skin. Molfix Natural range, is made from selective ingredients of natural bamboo fiber and organic cotton to provide ultimate softness and skin-friendly touch as proven by dermatologists in Europe.

This range is able to carry a large amount of baby’s urine. Impressively, laboratory test data has shown that its dryness can be achieved for up to 14 hours*, providing babies with much comfort. Together with Molfix Extra Dry range, both diaper range are well-known to provide superior absorbency, thanks to the extra dry layer technology which makes absorption much faster and easier. Hence, giving babies full protection and keeping their healthy skin comfortably dry. Mums can experience peace of mind knowing their babies are comfortable all day long.

Molfix Brand  Ambassador Couple,  Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari at the Molfix booth

Ambassador Couple, Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari also had a sharing session at the booth with avid parents. They shared that Lila used to have diaper rashes but not anymore after using the Molfix Natural Range. Scha Al-Yahya also mentioned that she is more of a tape diaper user for her baby girl while Awal Ashaari prefers the pants diaper because of it's convenience.

If you're interested to try out Molfix products, they can be found at selected supermarkets, and hypermarkets such as AEON Retail, AEON Big, Lotus’s, Giant, Billion Shopping Centres, Econsave, TF Value Mart, HeroMarket, Manjaku and others as well as leading online platforms.  

Molfix Malaysia

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Nothing is purer than a mother’s love and there’s no better way to show mum your love this Mother’s Day than to offer a token that can stand the test of time such as a timepiece. Red Army Watches is showcasing our Mother’s Day Timepiece Gift Guide where we share a handpicked collection of ladies watches from among the most renowned boutique watch marques, each embodying timeless classic design, superb materials and craftsmanship because mom deserves the best!

S.NOW by Electricianz - MYR 1449

Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and Electricianz’s own unique steampunk aesthetic, the S.NOW ladies watch embodies the rawest expression of energy made real that powers our modern world as we know it- electricity! The S. NOW features a creamy white stainless steel case that features a multilayered white dial embellished with rose gold details and a 4 LED backlit hour ring complemented by a white calfskin NATO strap.

Icicle by TACS - MY540

The minimalist Icicle by TACS embodies the concept of a timepiece in its purest form. The domed glass creates a distinctive reflective effect across the Icicle’s frosty white dial that eschews numerals for the elegant simplicity of its hour, minute and second hand that are powered by a Miyota 2035 movement. The case itself is finished is crafted from 316L stainless steel complemented by a genuine leather strap, lending the Icicle an elegantly premium touch.

Dresden 38 by Laco - MYR2129

Built along classic lines, the Dresden 38 by Laco embraces the motto ‘form follows function’ in every aspect of its design. This beautiful timepiece is immaculately finished with a stainless steel case while its silver white Bauhaus style dial is designed for exceptional clarity and powered by a reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Add in a comfortable striped nylon strap and you have the makings of a timeless classic that will be truly appreciated as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Nastja by Poljot International - MYR2741

Intricately constructed and tastefully finished with fine zirconium jewels on the open skeletonised dial that lays its intricate inner workings bare, the Nastja is a truly eye-catching timepiece that will make for a truly heartfelt memento for Mother’s Day. Complementing the beautiful movement that is as sure as a mother’s love are a set of blued hands and an elegant leather strap in your choice of black or brown to complement any ensemble.

P1C/01 Alba by Sevenfriday - MYR5,232

The P1C/01 Alba by SevenFriday is an exquisite timepiece that makes a beautiful gift for stylish mums for Mother’s Day. Featuring SevenFriday’s unmistakable flair for design, the Alba evokes the sunny Mediterranean and the whitewashed towns of Santorini with its chic white motif. A polished stainless steel case with silver and silver white motifs on an intricate 4-layer dial embellished with White Corian and a white calf leather strap make it a gift any mum would cherish.

About Red Army Watches Sdn Bhd

Established in 2008, Red Army Watches offers a curated array of reasonably priced yet stylish and exquisitely crafted timepieces from renowned microbrands such as Sevenfriday, Poljot International, Sturmanskie, Zeppelin, Laco, Junkers, Iron Annie, March Lab, Orodeus, Hirsch, Choisi, the Electricianz, Boldr, Tacs, Rec, Gorilla, Azimuth and Alexander Shorokhoff. With a presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Red Army Watches is becoming a recognised household name among watch aficionados seeking that elusive combination of quality, design, performance and value in their timepieces. For more details, please visit

Red Army Watches Online Store:

Red Army Watches Facebook Page:

Pavilion KL #P.404.00 | 1Utama #G136

15-2, Menara K1, Lorong 3/137C, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Few days before 18 March 2020 which marks the beginning of MCO (Movement Control Order), I actually heard about the rumors of a Full Lock Down from the conversation between two customers while brewing coffee for them. It was an accidental eavesdrop as they were talking so loudly over the counter. I actually did not believe that we would go into such state of emergency as it would affect our already weak economy so much not to mention citizens of Malaysia from the lower income group. Moreover, I thought our country had it all under control.

Little did I know we are going to face a Covid-19 cluster explosion from the gathering of the Tabaligh Event. The declaration of MCO indeed shocked the nation but it did not end there. Entering into the 2nd and 3rd phase of MCO gave yet another great blow to many from the middle and low income as many of us have commitments of car loan, house loan repayment, and not to mention the responsibility to place food on the dining table for the family.

The act of kindness from the government and good Samaritans who assisted much in keeping tummies full and warm was much applauded and appreciated for but what bothers some of us the most are;


"1 1/2 months of unpaid employment stressful insanity is going to kill us off first before the Covid-19 does."

That's right. Not all of us has the privilege of just spending leisure time at home with the family, learning to bake, to cook, to D.I.Y without having to fear the loan repayment datelines. Thankfully, although not the best we could get but a 6-months moratorium on bank loans and restructuring of credit card payments could at least give us a breather.

Still, how clear are we on our financial position? Many of us do not bother to map out our financial liability in a clear table because we are either unaware of the benefit or that we are unsure on how we can do that. Hence, the quickest and easiest way to understand our financial position right now is to get a credit report.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the top priorities are our health and safety. However, consumers may also be concerned about how current economic conditions might affect their financial situation.”
said Dennis Martin, Group CEO of CTOS. 

BUT, how and where can this report possibly be generated?

Well, it doesn't require much effort and best of all, it could be FREE if you act quickly enough on it. 😏 CTOS, Malaysia's Largest Credit Reporting Agency has vowed to provide up to 100,000 FREE CTOS Score credit reports (link at the end of the post) to the nation until 30 APRIL 2020! With the CTOS Score credit report, we will get a better understanding of our financial position and act on it accordingly.

With that in mind, we are giving up to 100,000 FREE CTOS Score credit reports worth RM 2.5 million with the goal of helping Malaysians to have a better understanding of their financial position.”

Whether we have the capability to opt-out of the 6-months moratorium or our situation requires us to opt-in for the repayment deferment. With a clearer understanding of our financial position, it could also advice if we would need to contact our creditors to discuss on a long term solution. As much as it is beneficial to us now, keeping up to date with our CTOS Score credit reports regularly after the MCO is very much recommended so that we will always have our financial information at the grasp of our palm.  

With this, I advice anyone interested to quickly act before end of 31st May 2020 and..

request a free copy of their MyCTOS Score report
by visiting
Promo Code: FREEMCO20

Further support is available for those who are looking to minimize potential negative impacts of the pandemic on their credit on the CTOS website, which provides ongoing information about how credit reports and scores work to enable better understanding.


Thursday, 12 March 2020

The workshop was officiated by En.Hishamudin Mohamed, Director of Corporate Services, LHDNM and Ms. Foong Yu Wen, Founder and Chief Executive Oficer of SushiVid.

There has always been a grey area in understanding the requirement criteria for influencer contribution to tax. In view of this matter, SushiVid Sdn Bhd, ASEAN's leading Influencer Marketing company  together with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) has rolled out an educational complimentary workshop to provide insightful tips and guidance to the influencers and bloggers alike to further understand their responsibilities and rights as Malaysian citizens on tax declaration and benefits.

Through the few recent years, influencer marketing has been on the rise and brands has started to allocate a large section of their marketing budget to engage with influencers and bloggers to market their products and create awareness among their peer markets, followers and readers. Following this growing trend, many individual has decided to make blogging and becoming KOL - Key Opinion Leader a full time career but little did many know that if their income passes a certain threshold, they are also subjected to income tax.

According to LHDN,
 "an individual earning more than RM34,000 per annum
(roughly RM2,833.33 per month) after EPF deductions
has to register a tax file."

Some full-time bloggers could easily earn more than RM3,000 per month from sponsored contents, paid reviews or any online businesses but may not be aware that they may be subjected to income tax while some might not know how to fill up their income tax form. These are all common problems faced by citizens who are self-employed as they are not exposed to income tax in comparison to those working for other companies where their income tax will automatically be registered by their company accountant when employed. 

"An influencer earning more than RM3,000 a month
from sponsored content, paid reviews or
any form of online businesses via social media
may be subjected to income tax" 

The workshop was very informational in terms that we were educated on topics such as;
  • benefits of registering a company for our service even though self employed - to enable us to claim our service expenses.
  • taxable income - sponsored products or sponsored trips value need to be declared for taxation and are considered a form of income.
  • mechanism of registering and submitting tax - how to register for an income tax account and how to fill up income tax form correctly
  • tax payment contributes to growth of country - money from tax contributes are utilized to helps to run the country administration, provide infrastructure, healthcare system, etc 
  • enjoyable benefits from tax contribution - civilians get to enjoy a safe and peaceful, enjoy infrastructures such as the transportation system, healthcare support, education system, etc.

Many of us may have taken for granted what we are able to enjoy right now as the benefits were already present in our country when we were born. Hence it is common that we might not realise that these benefits came from tax contributions of our fellow countryman which without their contributions, our country might not be as advance and as comfortable as it is now. Most importantly, we as citizens were able to enjoy the more than just the human basic needs such as peacefulness and safety that came from the governance of our country police force, education services provided and run by our education ministry, healthcare services, transport infrastructure all ready for our utilization.

These were available thanks to the tax contributions of our fellow countryman, the invisible heroes who helps to contributes towards our basic necessities and advancement of our country. It is with this, I hope we would all realise the importance and fairness of contributing income tax to our country for those who are subjected to income tax contribution according to the guidelines provided by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) 

Lastly, a step-by-step guidance of tax declaration and filing process was presented by En.Hishamudin Mohamed, Director of Corporate Services, LHDN. Important knowledge covered were; steps to seclare source of income, tips to fill up the Income Tax Return Form (ITRF), the deadlines for form submission (June every year), as well as guidelines to review and calculate monthly tax deductions for each individual. When registered as an enterprise under SSM, influencers and bloggers alike will also be able to enjoy tax relief up to a certain amount based on total income such as mileage claims, equipment claims, travel claims, rental claims for work purpose.

I know this sounds very new to a lot of influencers but tax submission does not sound as complicated as you think. Check out this guide below for a STEP BY STEP E-Filing Submission and if you are still having some issue and need any guidance or clarification, you can always visit LHDN website to know more or call their enquiry line as listed at the end of this post.

Remember that as Malaysians, we need to be responsible and play our role at contributing towards our country in order for our country to keep growing economically and also advance in building up our nation. Take the necessary action now! 😉


Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri
t: +603 - 8911 1000


Friday, 28 February 2020

In this fast moving world, more and more of our lives are revolving around the digital world. Yes, it gives us a lot of convenience and benefit but with this, it also expose us to more unknown danger. Just a week ago, CTOS launches Dark Web monitoring service to safeguard Malaysian consumers from fraud and scams, a first in South East Asia.

CTOS SecureID launch was officiated by Y.Bhg. Dato' Dr. Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, CEO of Cybersecurity Malaysia, CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS), Malaysia's largest credit reporting agency, unveiled the service to the public along with Captain CTOS, a well-known film and TV star, Hisyam Hamid.

“In the first six months of 2019,4.1 billion personal records were leaked globally due to data breaches."

“Many criminal elements use the Dark Web for the sale and purchase of people’s data, and our new monitoring tool allows us to alert consumers if their personal information is detected on the Dark Web."

“Additionally, the included takaful coverage provides peace of mind if you become a victim of fraud,” he added at the unveiling of the service.

“Today’s evolution of CTOS SecureID means that we have a service that helps safeguard consumers against fraud and scams and also helps improve financial literacy, in line with the Government’s mission to promote financial education and inclusion, ” said Dennis Martin, Group CEO of CTOS.

CTOS SecureID provides fraud alerts, credit monitoring with takaful coverage. In view of CTOS SecureID new launch, some new features has been added which includes;

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Up to RM20,000 Takaful Coverage
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Litigation Records,
  • Trade Referee Listings (eTR)
on top of their existing notification features for;

  • New Credit Application
  • Credit Score Updates
  • Missed Payment Alerts
  • Change of Mailing Address
  • Credit Limit Changes
  • Account Closure
Besides, subscribers will also receive support in the form of latest information on scams, and fraud prevention tips, support for issue related to identity theft and  four MyCTOS Score Reports a year.

CTOS also partners with CyberSecurity Malaysia, which in turn works with almost all law enforcement agencies in Malaysia and supports them, where relevant, to track, address and report cybersecurity incidents in the country.

For only RM9.90/month, you get to enjoy the above mentioned benefits and protect yourself from identity theft and definitely a peace of mind with protection by Captain CTOS! Do check out CTOS website (link below) for more detail and how you can save more with their yearly subscription package!


Tuesday, 21 January 2020

So the day begins with an attendance to the launch of a pretty remarkable new cosmetic product from Japan, Dr.SHEVA Erage Gel. The event was hosted by Nana Ng, the ambassador of this remarkable cosmetic product and I have to say, her skin does says it all without her having to tell about it! I always believe in proven result rather than words which are said without results backing it.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

It was an exciting night of glitz and glamour as our local Chineses Music talents strut the red carpet to receive their memorable Chinese Music Awards of different category. Thanks to YOODO for the tickets, I was able to grab a spot with clear view of the stage and witness the celebratory moments! 

The award was held at Star Convention Centre, Menara PGRM Kuala Lumpur and I have to say partial of the awards vibe has got to be coming from the amazing stage which was put together so astoundingly! Nevertheless, it was an amazing opening by a variety of artist, including Priscilla Abby Chai who sung some snippets of the most hit song of the present time and also Royce who did a great job creating laughter among the spectators. 

When it was time to present the awards, we could feel the excitement among the finalist, and the celebratory roar every time the winner was announced. Some outstanding talents were even bagging more than 1 award for themselves!

Congratulations to the winners of AIM Chinese Music Awards 2020! If you have not updated yourself on the winners yet, please scroll below;

【2020 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼】得奖名单
最佳组合/ 乐团:阿尔凡《我们不是都要沉睡》
最佳编曲:Chris M Yong & Katayama Ryota《身份不明》(歌手:片山凉太)
最佳电视/ 电影主题曲:郭修彧《抽象图》
最佳方言歌曲:刘界辉 & 曾耀祖《窝》
最佳贺岁专辑:ASTRO全体艺人《万象更新 勇气棒嘟嘟》
(本地原创经典风格组)最佳女歌手:友弟《Jalan Jalan惹兰》
(本地原创经典风格组)最佳专辑:欣彦《芭莎公主Romancing Asia》
(本地原创经典风格组)最佳歌曲制作/友弟《Jalan Jalan惹兰》(歌手:友弟)

Again, thanks to YOODO for this special opportunity to witness the AIM Chinese Music Awards 2020!

AIM Chinese Music Awards 2020