Wednesday, 18 December 2013

If you have  been following my instagram @tenshichn, you would know that I occasionally post up videos about the smoothies I make on random days, especially on days when I'm running low... It really bringtens up my day :)

What's Smoothie? Smoothie is..

Easy and fun to make.
Yummy n delicious.
A different variety everyday.
Good for health!

Alright, the mainstream meaning of Smoothie is a drink made out of blended fresh fruits which could also include mixture of ice, frozen fruits, milk, yogurt and etc.

Warning: loud blender noise in parts of the video.

17 December 2013
Milk + Mango Yogurt + Pineapple 

It taste a little bitter at the end of the drink. I suspect it came from the middle part of the pineapple which I would call the stem/heart of the pineapple fruit. So next time perhaps you would like to remove that. For the pineapple I used, the stem was quite solid. Hence the bitter taste I guess.

Also this is the first time I bought Emmi's Swiss Premium Yogurt - Mango flavour. Honestly, don't really like the taste of it which is why I added it as one of the smoothie ingredient (to get rid of it ;P). Would prefer to add natural yogurt flavour and real mango into the recipe instead.

The reason I added yogurt is to thicken the blend because I ran out of ripe bananas. ;P

The next time, I'd try 1 Fresh Pineapple (without the fruit stem) + 1 big cup of Natural Greek Yogurt Flavour (recommended to try by a friend) + 1 Fresh Mango + 1 big cup of Full Cream Milk.

Amount of each ingredient can be varied according to thickness preference.

16 December 2013
Soursop + Milk + Honey

Again, ran out of banana and thought I'd like to try out a recipe with Soursop. Probably savoured 3/4 of the soursop. Some part were rotten. Added a cup of milk and after browsing around for recipe, added about 1/8 cup of honey.

Most of the recipe uses coconut milk. Might taste rich but really unhealthy. Some substitutes it with some kinda nut milk for health reason. Can't remember what nut milk though..

The result? Taste not bad at all.

Recipe: 1 Soursop + 1 Cup of Milk + 1/8 Cup of Honey

14 December 2013
Banana + Strawberry + Milk

The reason I started making Smoothie is because of the amount of ripe banana in my house. What's the best way to get ze banana into your tummy when you are so bored of eating banana alone other than mixing it up with all other flavours! That way it doesn't just taste banana, does it?

As mentioned, usually I have banana in every recipe. I like the smoothie thick so I usually put in 1 banana for a cup of smoothie. Mom does not like it too dense. Hence, I would only use 1 banana for 2 cup of smoothie.

Used Pisang Emas / Lady Finger Banana this time. Pisang Emas used to be my favourite banana type. Not anymore since I tried Pisang Berangan. Especially hate peeling Pisang Emas when it is too ripe because the skin tend to be hard to remove.

Recipe: 1 1/2 bananas + 5 strawberries + 3/4 cup of milk.

6 December 2013
Red Dragon Fruit + Banana + Milk

One of mom's favourite. I used to like this fruit a lot. You can say the red dragon fruit is at the top of my favourite fruits list! That was when we had the privilege to get really delicious and fresh ones from one of my parents' friend who operates a red dragon fruit farm. Not anymore. Too bad =/

The ones we get from the market now are not so sweet and pretty tasteless. Sad.

Anyway, this turned out quite delicious as well :)

Banana used is Pisang Berangan. Don't really know what it's called in English. Dreaming Banana? Hahaha.. Chesnut Banana? I doubt it. Anyone knows?

Recipe: 1/2 Dragon Fruit + 1 Banana + 1 Cup Milk

5 December 2013
Raspberry + Strawberry + Banana + Milk


My first Smoothie Insta Video!

When I started making smoothie, I use frozen bananas. Kept bananas in the freezer to prevent them from getting too ripe and start rotting. Saw somewhere that one of the ingredient is FROZEN banana. I have no idea why it needs to be frozen banana but it guess it keeps the smoothie temperature low.

Dislike peeling a frozen banana though. Usually I ran the banana through water to unfreeze the skin and skin it with a knife. Freezes my fingers every time. @.@ Anyway, till now I don't really know if their meaning of FROZEN banana is freezing a banana in the freezer or not. But.. doesn't really concern me. Hahaha..

I am actually not a fan of raspberry which looks like a bloody cotton ball to me. Opps, did I just tainted the image of Raspberry? =X Anyway, I have nothing against the look of it, more of the taste. It taste and reminds me of children liquid medication.

Anyway, someone in the household brought back this pack of frozen raspberry and it has been sitting in the freezer for ages. So I'm just clearing up the freezer.

I think I was too eager to clear up the raspberries back then. End up the raspberry flavour was pretty heavy and bold.

Recipe: Chunk of Raspberries? +  5 Strawberries + 1 Banana + 1 Cup of Milk

To be honest, I don't really follow recipes with precise measurements. I only put in the amount according to what I feel like putting in. Most of the time, for my thick smoothie preference, I would put all fruits into the cup, pour in milk in fill in the gap and blend it.

After the blending process, the smoothie will usually overflow the cup you used. Probably because of all the bubbles created in the drink during the blending process.

So, what's your smoothie?



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