Wednesday, 11 December 2013

If you're a new student at University of Nottingham or you happen to be around Semenyih area looking for lunch, this is a good place for some Pan Mee, a type of Chinese Hakka style noodle in Malaysia. Direct translation; Flat Flour Noodle. Sounds funny. Haha..

Anyway, I used to frequent this shop and another stall in Broga which operates at the small market place but the one in Broga serioussssly does not taste good anymore. It is kind of disappointing. Well, atleast this one still stays it's best :)

They used to be operating on the road side on an open space area with zink roof which can get you feeling pretty hot and sweaty because of Malaysia's hot n humid weather. Kind of got to thank God that the land owner finally decided to develop that piece of land.

Hence they need to move to the shop lot on the opposite of their old place. It is right on top of the Kedai Kaca dan Aluminium Chin Fat shop.

It can be accesible through the stairway with the small yellow banner at the side of the shop.

This is the original version where the pieces of flat dough is  being torn to pieces and tossed into the boiling pot of anchovy based soup. Usually topped with minced pork meat (stewed with dark soy sauce), deep fried anchovies and sliced mushroom or Chinese black fungus. My mom and I just like it with minced meat and the uncle remembers it everytime :)

Mom usually orders this; soup base with thin noodles.

Also comes in the non-soup version. This one is the thick flat noodle. All noodles are made from flat dough. It just depends on each individuals whether they like their noodles in torn shapes, thin or thick flat noodles. Mixed with black sauce with the same topping but soup and vegetable came together in another small bowl.

Did I mention they also serve Yong Tau Foo? Double yummy! We usually order beancurd skin with fillings. Of course, they have others like bittergourd, ladyfinger, white toufu, and brinjal.

Their beancurd skin Yong Tau Foo is really delicious! The only downside, according to my mom is that the chilli padi is not that fresh. I don't mind because as you might have known, I don't take chilli much. None most of the time.

I usually like to soak them in the soup to lessen the oil and soften it. After all, it's deep fried.

About the drinks, they usually serve very limited home prepared Chinese herbal drinks. After it's all gone, there's Coke and 100Plus. The choice is yours.

This Pan Mee shop is kind of like home cooked style. Operated by a team of very dedicated elderly. 

They usually operate from late morning till they sold off all their noodles. Therefore, there is not a certain closing hour. Though, of course, they usually operate beyond 1 to 2 pm. If I'm not mistaken, they have also changed their resting day from Thursday to Wednesday.

This place gets pretty crowded everyday and usually, we only visit if we have time to spare as serving can take up quite a long time.

Do check it out as the food here is really quite delicious. :)

Above Kedai Kaca dan Aluminium Chin Fat
No.7, Jalan Kasturi,
Taman Paling Jaya,
43500 Semenyih, Selangor.



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