Saturday, 23 December 2017

Oh, hmm.. it's just a few more days to Christmas and I wonder has anyone got any gifts for me? I mean have you got your gifts ready for you loved ones? Hehe..

It's always fun to shop during Christmas because it's guilt free shopping! Why?

Because it's shopping for others and there is just so much sales, so much savings! But what I actually like best is the season atmosphere at the malls. It's just so Christmassy, so fuzzy warm! 💕

I rarely shop at MyTown, Cheras but I'm glad we decided to meet up there because it's near the Concierge area where I chance upon the Organique pop-up stall.

Organique is actually quite a new name around as  many people seems to be unaware of it including myself until I stumble upon this little pop-up stall. There was this little red mirror which attracted my attention. More about it later.

The top products which usually catches my attention at beauty counters are scented hand creams! Over here, I spotted their Lavender / Rose scented hand cream tester and I could not resist but to try them on! 😍 

I wanted to bring them home but I still have a collection of hand cream I got from last year! Haha.. But for those who likes scented hand creams and body cream, you can definitely try it out at their counter.

// Lavender / Rose Scented Hand Cream + Body Cream //

The body cream 200ml is retailing at RM59 while the hand cream 75ml is retailing at RM39. The price is really affordable considering it's size! Moreover, the cream is a little dense hence a little could spread a long way! Rose scent was never my thing but recently, I find myself falling for the soft scent. If you want something relaxing, these natural essential oil scents work perfectly!

Although I didn't get the hand cream, I got something else for myself! All the late nights and stress from work has been showing so much on my skin lately, I was on a look out for some hydrating serum / mask to replenish my hydrated and tired skin.

Lucky for me, they do carry a Hydrating Range! 💝

The full hydrating range consist of;
  • Rehydrate Foaming Cleanser
  • Rehydrate Balancing Toner
  • Rehydrate Eye Concentrate
  • Rehydrate Day Cream
  • Rehydrate Facial Serum
  • Rehydrate Night Cream

 // Organique Hydrating Range //

  // Organique Hydrating Range Gift Set//

I tried out some samples and liked what I experience. Hopefully it works really well on my facial skin too! I bought their Christmas set for just RM209 (Christmas Price) which consist of;

  • Rehydrate Facial Serum 25 ml (N/P: RM129)
  • Rehydrate Night Cream 50ml (N/P: RM99.90)

  // Organique Hydrating Range Gift Set//

  // Organique Rehydrate Facial Serum //

Organique Rehydrate Facial Serum seems to be one of the key product I need in my skincare steps. It has been tested and proven to significantly moisturizes and hydrates the skin for 24 hours.

The obvious signs of my aging skin is usually dryness and fine lines with occasional acne attack during high stress level. Therefore, I always focus on hydrating products for my skin care.

This signature products contains concentration of botanical extracts & vitamins that specifically targets wrinkles through deep penetration. I was really delighted to know this serum will be able to fix most of my skin problems as the formula helps to protect my skin from environmental stresses because I spend a lot of time outside and not to mention that even when I was home, I was surrounded by construction pollution all around. No kidding, my house is so dusty everyday 😞

  // Organique Rehydrate Facial Serum //

The serum liquid is like light milky texture and it can be extracted from the bottle with the pipe lid which is really good to prevent contamination and also messiness. It glides easily through the skin. It absorbs really well and easily. It leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. It has a natural breeze scent too which I find very calming and relaxing. 

Most importantly, there was no sticky or oily residue. 💛

  // Organique Rehydrate Facial Serum //

This brand develops a lot of formulation using Organic, Natural, and Naturally Derived ingredients which gets another cookie point from me! 💕  Do you like products with organic and natural ingredients too? It's important especially for people who's skin gets irritation from synthetic chemicals.

I seems to fall in love with this Organique Rehydrate Facial Serum more when I found out the ingredients include cucumber extract, chamomile flower extract, lily extract and naturally derived fragrance. All which are very soothing and beneficial natural ingredients. 

   // Organique Rehydrate Night Cream //

I usually do not fancy over night hydrating cream mask as they either leave my skin worse or oily in the morning. Perhaps those products are just not suitable for my skin. 

Therefore, my preference is always night repair skin care application which are not cream or jello-like over night mask. My skin is really sensitive with creams as anything too moisturizing or rich will lead to blackheads / whiteheads and papules in the morning. Yes, all they need is just a few hours while I sleep to pop-up.

However, this actually made it to my favourite list for a night cream after trying it for a few days.  

   // Organique Rehydrate Night Cream //

The cream texture is actually quite thick and heavy. Therefore, I usually just use a tiny bit to spread it across my face. I like the soothing and  refreshing during application. It might feels a little oily at first but do give it some time to set in and the oiliness will disappear after the cream has been fully absorbed. 

Skin feels firm but smooth right after. Signs of hydration being restored. 😃 

    // Organique Rehydrate Night Cream //

  The key ingredients in Organique Rehydrate Night Cream are;

  • Organic Shea Butter & Macadamia Nut Oil for deep hydration leaving skin smooth.
  • Aloe Vera, Olive Leaf Extract, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract and Kakadu Plum to help boost hydration and restore youthful complexion.
  • Lily extract that signnifies purity and aids skin calming
  • Naturally derived fragrance.
In my personal opinion, Organique Rehydrate Range is really suitable for young and mid-year adults. Also my personal preference at this stage of life.

// Organique Age-Reverse Range //  

// Organique Age-Reverse Range // 

The other range which they carry is the Age-Reverse Range. It might not be suitable for me yet but I'm sure it makes a great gift for mommies age 40 and above! 😁 It works wonder by firming, lifting and recovers damages on skin.

You can check out more about this range in their road show happening right now at Mytown, Cheras until 1 January, 2018 or at the website. (information right at the end)

Key in code "XMAS20" when you shop online to get 20% off your purchase valid till the end of the year!

I think Organique is being a little too generous this year because you will be getting 

20% off all products and gifts sets this Christmas season 
two free gifts with every purchase!

*** promotion valid till 1 Jan 2018.

The purchase of gift sets also comes with a festive Hand Mirror which is really pretty and easy to carry!  

If I still have your attention, you deserve a little gift for being good this Christmas! Hehe.

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Organique by Olinda Spring Malaysia

Friday, 22 December 2017

It's almost the end of the year and everyone is as busy as ever including myself but there are things which has to be done before the end of the year!

2017 Best Nine is that one thing on the list which I look forward to looking back! I hope I did not just confuse you! Hehe. What I meant is that at every end of the year, I look forward to generating my best nine instagram post collection

I don't know why I'm excited but yea, it makes me excited looking back. Maybe because I'm just a very nostalgic person. Hehe. So I'm gonna share and reminiscence about my best nine generated below! Join me, will you? <3 Come with me and I'll show you how you can generate your own Instagram 2017 Best Nine at the end of the post!

1. March 31, 2017.
This is like a 2 years throwback posted this year. Probably during one of the time I'm at my fairest skin. I really really miss Japan. I'm really longing to go back there some day! I had wanted to plan a visit next year in January but there's just too many road block on my plans. :(

Hopefully the time will come soon.

2. March 14, 2017.
Great hair and great complexion! Can't deny that it was a really good start this year but unfortunately, things have not been going so well till lately. Hopefully, I'll get a happy end before the New Year is here! *fingers crossed* 

3. April 19, 2017.
Some might see my work as something easy peasy but it is not. I'm really glad that we have online payment at this era to cut down on so many of my daily task. Can't imagine going to the bank physically for every transaction.

I would be begging you to kill me please with all the crazy queues in the bank!

4. March 10, 2017.
Truth to be told, my eating habit or the food that I consume was not of really nutritious since I started working in the cafe. For this, I'm really glad that my mom is here to tirelessly prepare and do all the foodie shopping for me. <3

Still, I love to eat out with mom if it's my off day. :) So she don't have to work at the kitchen but we can have a relaxing meal together ^^

P/s: but if anyone wants a good meal delivered to you, you can actually try and enter code 'betatsty7273' for RM12 off! 💕 

5. March 21, 2017.
Can't deny that the Shizens set that I've got is really <3 I love how it makes my skin looks healthy and dewy even with just a simple makeup! Watch my makeup video on my youtube channel if you have not! 

Remember to follow and give me a like too! Very much appreciated! 😍

6. May 14, 2017.
I wish this was the staircase to heaven. Just kidding.

There's many occasions that I've missed since beginning the journey two years ago. I even missed the celebration of mother's day with mom. Also, now that there's been a more physical distance between us, I think the times when I get to make her happy was so much lesser now. It has been my wish to always see her smile and be happy more everyday like there's no tomorrow. <3

7. November 22, 2017.
My first experience. I'm really glad to have tried these eyelash extensions at Daisuke Salon. Love how it gives me perfect eye shot with those natural mink lashes made to mimic the human eye's lashes. 

Check out my youtube video or my blogpost for more sharing!  

8. March 5, 2017.
Trying our and enjoying one of the most raved Pablo Cheese Tart in Malaysia from Japan! The portion for the big tart is crazy huge, I guess my friends would not want to eat anymore oozing Cheese Tart because they would get so sick of it after eating too much. Hahaha.

3. March 7, 2017.
It was at this time that VR started getting a lot of attention and it was my first try! The view does look very surreal like we have been absorbed into the game. Have you ever tried it?

This is actually my favourite shot too together with a few other shot during the same event. I guess it is easy to show the glowing side when I'm happy and stress free!

There you go! Some of there photos are indeed my favourite of the year as well. Which one do you like best?

Now that's we're done with mine, I'll show you how you can generate / get your own 2017 Best Nine on Instagram? It's easy to share! Just follow the directions below~

1. Load site and enter your instagram handle / username which for e.g. mine would @tenshichn <3

Don't enter 'tenshichn' or else you will be getting my Nine Best of 2017 unless you want it for your wallpaper! Hahaha.

2. It might take sometime to generate. Roughly about 3 minutes because it's the year end and everyone wants to get their hands on their BestNine2017 Collection! So it is definitely wise to generate your now before it gets closer to the end of the year!

Go surf the net and come back shortly! It would have been ready by then!

3.Tadaa! So here it go! The #2017BestNine ready to be shared on instagram. So yes, this is how I generated my instagram 2017BestNine! When you have generated yours, do share on your instagram and leave your link on the comment below so that I can check it out too! <3

I hope everyone had a great 2017 and a better 2018  to look forward to!

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Friday, 15 December 2017

I have always been impressed and love the Christmas theme + decorations the Mid Valley and The Gardens team put up every year. It's been so many years that I have not really hold up a proper camera and do some photo shooting just because it is something I love to do.

Glad that finally I have some moments recently and here is a compilation of photos which I have taken at Mid Valley and The Gardens. Also thanks to the Malaysia Olympus team for giving me the opportunity to try out some of their cameras and lenses.

For this shoot, I'm using 📷 OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 MarkIII + 25mm f1.2 PRO

Monday, 11 December 2017

Have you read my review on Aperio Moisture Cleansing Facial Wash + Brightening V-Shaper Mask? If you have not, here's the link!

If you have, you might already be looking forward to my giveaway with Aperio! 💖 

Without much delay, please scroll down and join the giveaway! There will be two giveaway as below. Just follow the instructions below for your chance to get your hands on the Aperio Christmas Giveaway Set!

// Christmas Giveaway 1 //

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// Christmas Giveaway 2 //

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Terms and Conditions: 
1. This giveaway is open to everyone residing in Malaysia. 
2. Giveaway end on 24th December 2017. 
3. Giveaway winner must self collect the prize in Malaysia or postage.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas! 💕

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

It's the final wrap up month for the year 2017 and most of us are busy finalizing projects, completing all task, shopping for the festive seasons and catching up with friends! So and so that we even neglect on our skin condition.

For me, my skin condition has been under a constant changing condition and what makes it more difficult for me is my skin sensitivity which are prone to breakouts and getting oily. Therefore, I always picky about the skin care products that I use.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Having food to eat is a blessing.

However, having delicious food to eat is bliss. Don't you agree? There is even a proverb in Chinese which goes like this;

"Eat is Happiness"

Sadly blissful meals usually comes with a deadly cost! The view of 'spare tyres' is not an uncommon sight at all in Malaysia. I'm sure there is at least 1 person in your circle of friends or maybe yourself who is burdened by a big tummy due to genetic / eating pattern or other reasons. Some say it cannot be helped but when there's a will, there's definitely a way and I am here to share with you how one can lose their fat belly with almost no effort and no cost!

// Amante USJ Taipan branch //

The journey will all begin at Amante, your lover in Spanish. Amante has grown from just a nail parlour to a concept store which has now extended their service to body care and beauty care in the name of wellness.

A little tour below of Amante's latest concept store in USJ Taipan.

// Amante men's room //

// Amante waiting area//

// Amante Share Room //

// Amante Concierge//

The place looks really comfortable, doesn't it? Which brings it to the moment you have been waiting for;

"How to lose your 'Spare Tyre' Comfortably 
with almost no effort and no cost!"
- brought to you by Amante

// Supporting a Healthier Lifestyle with Melanie Kam, founder of Amante/

In the spirit of giving and making positive resolutions for the new year, Amante has recently launched a meaningful event, "Lose Your Spare Tyres at 0 Cost" to promote a healthier lifestyle and a healthier physical

How Does it Work? Amante has launched a Crowd Funding Event where you would need to raise a collection of RM1,900 from your supporters to fund a 4-weeks Tummy Shaper Firming Treatment for yourself

The good news is, I would not call it collecting RM1,900 funds from your supporters because they will get a great deal of benefits which will worth much more than the value they supported you with! That is if they support you in the amount of RM50 / RM100 /RM300 / RM500! (more info on the diagram at the end of the post!)

// Tummy Shaper Firming Treatment //

Some of you would be very curious by now  on how the treatment works. I have personally tried it so that I can share it with you about what you can expect of the Tummy Shaper Firming Treatment!

Process of Tummy Shaper Firming Treatment:
1. Application of massage oil.
2. Physical massage of tummy area with hands.
3. Intense brushing massage with a firm rubber nubs brush.
4. Application of Italy 24 hours non-stop serum.
5. Heating with Far Infrared heat.

All these process are required to break down fatty deposits so that it will be easier to eliminate followed by elimination of body fats and finally increases your metabolic rate for better body function.

// Brushing Massage //

Benefits of the treatment does not limit to eliminating fats but also;
1. promote blood circulation which assist to relieve body tension.
2. drain excess fluid and release trapped toxins
3. remove cellulite and tone body.

That's right! It does not only makes you more beautiful but gives your body so much love with a healthier body!

// Heating with Far Infrared heat //

If you feel that this is it! This is the time for your body to change, join Amante in their journey to promote healthier body now! 

The new year is about a month away and this could be just the New Year resolution you could achieve without much effort! Also, it is just in time to gift to your supporters the Amante rewards for supporting your crowd funding!

However, the most meaningful part of this event would be the ability to give back to the needy community as 10% of all raised funds will be channeled to Sau Seng Lum (SSL Haemodylysis Welfare Foundation).

This would be a great way to start a new year.

If you are really interested, you should read all about the event here:

For more information, feel free to check out:

// Want to get that waistline? //

If tons of words are not convincing enough, I think I need to come out with my nuclear method! Visual enticing! 😂😂😂 Yes! If you envy my waistline, go get it and show it off to me by the end of your treatment! 

Never give up and you'll have my moral support all the way! I would love to follow your progress too!

If you have any questions, don't be shy and just drop me a message below! 



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