Monday, 16 October 2017

Gooood morningggg!!!~~~

Who gets excited waking up in the morning like me? Well, not always but definitely when there's delicious breakfast waiting for me! Yumms~

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Can you believe it if I tell you that I had chocolate for breakfast? Well, some of you might think I'm crazy but you'd agree that it's sinfully irresistible! <3 Truth to be told, I really had Whittaker's Chocolate for Breakfast. *smirk*

I have been with Watsons Malaysia VIP members for the longest time since their launching and I have to agree that they are always committed in delivering the best offers to their customers! It is intriguing to know that they just launched a huge collaboration with Digi - another huge brand in Malaysia known as the most innovative mobile telecommunication operator to give out more value and surprises!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hi everyone! I'm currently high on #fangirl happy drug today because I manage to catch Linda Chung live in Malaysia!!! Thanks to Bio-essence for having her here and thanks to Nuffang MY for having me for the event! <3

Warning that this is strictly a #LindaChungfan post. I'm not going to say much because I know everyone is waiting for more photos of gorgeous Chung Ka-yan~  

Don't forget to scroll down for a video of her during the event for life updates since her absence in the scene for 2 years!

Here's a short video of Linda Chung during the Bio-essence event. If you want to have beautiful skin like her, check out what's her favourite Bio-essence product! <3

Saturday, 7 October 2017

It was with great pleasure to be invited to witness the launching or Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017! This festival was held in accordance to the 60th Anniversary of Malaysia - Japan Diplomatic tie

Details of Japan Festival in Malaysia:
Location: LG Oval Concourse, One Utama
Date: 6 - 8 Oct

 // Kabuki Perfomance //

It was actually my first watching live performance from a beautiful and talented Maiko and a Kabuki Dance from Japan. Besides that, I was also able to witness a matcha tea ceremony demonstration.

 // Organiser and partners of Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017 //

// Kabuki Performer// 

 // Talented and Beautiful Maiko // 

Many other activities, performances and shopping available during the event are as below;
- Performance by Minisuka Police Girl Group and Yosakoi
- Japanese Traditional Games
- Photography in Japanese Traditional Costume
- Japanese Matcha Powder
- Travel to Japan Prefectures
- Fujifilm sharing session
- Shop for Japanese Titbits, Beauty Products and more..

 // Yukata Time //

 // Trying out Yukata //

 // Once Upon a Time at Osaka //

 // Yukata //

  // Yukata //

Check out my video for the first day of Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017.
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Japan Festival in Malaysia 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017

It has been raining almost everyday recently and I thought you might need some colours to cheer you up. ^^ 

While I was at Singapore, I coincidentally stumble upon a few colourful buildings which are within walking distance. It is actually few of the many beautiful landmarks of Singapore which tourist are fascinated with. 

// Market of Haji Lane //

First up, you might want to drop by Haji Lane. Pick weekends if you want to go shopping and Monday if you want to get some serene and quiet portrait shots.

Haji Lane is one of the upcoming tourist attraction filled with nostalgic memories hidden in this fast paced country. Here, you might find an old wooden door, a bicycle, an old lane, a wall mural which is worth your camera's glance. 

An instagram worthy spot.

  // Colours of Haji Lane//

 // Haji Lane Hipster Cafe & Bar //

On some nooks and corners, you will stumble upon a few hipster cafe and bar to chill out with your friends under the sun. The murals are beautifully drawn with their own identity, it's bound to capture your attention as you pass by.

  // Haji Lane Hipster Cafe & Bar //

// Rocher Centre Colour Flats // 

At the crossroad near Haji Lane, you will find the perfect spot to capture all four colours of the Rocher Centre Colour Flats. I like how they played with the gradients of colours instead of just a single tone for the whole building or the common paint pattern.  

// Bugis Street Colourful Staircase // 

Thirdly, you might want to check out these colourful staircase to heaven! The milky colours are somewhat relaxing and attractive to me. These colourful staircase can be found along the alleyway just beside the bustling Bugis Street.

Colourful Buildings of Singapore.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Heyyoooo! Guys, I'm back! Like finally, right? Lol.. I'm sorry for being missing for so long! It was a very very tiring and packed week indeed with one of the most anticipated wedding among our friends. However, I didn't expect to fall sick. :( 

Definitely sign of overworked (...and not sign of old age, right? right?)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

When food on the other side is more interesting.

Finally, I'm here to visit the cafe of my most favouritest Sanrio character, GUDETAMA!!! It's hard to contain my excitement because this is my first theme cafe visit and it's Gudetamaaaa!

So some asked, what's so cute about this sloppy yellow thing? 

It's the sloppiness and it being reluctant always that reminds me of myself when I feel lethargic and lazy to budge sometimes. Haha.. Anyway, I find it stupidly cute and it never fails to make me laugh or be happy. You can say it's my happy pill. ^^   

// guden guden //

Although a Gudetama Theme Cafe, you don't hear greeting of いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase! here. The service culture is pretty local. Definitely not your typical Japanese cafe. Haha.

The interior is pretty laid back and definitely very yellow with cute Gudetama funny scenario posters on the wall. It's good to visit on a Monday evening to avoid all the crowd. <3 Otherwise, it is usually quite full house during the weekends or holidays.

There are only 4 of these Gudetama huts in the cafe and they are usually the "hot seats" in the cafe because of the privacy it gives and it definitely looks more fun too! You can have your own Gudetama-in-action and also two Gudetama cushions to hug!

Just look at that lazy Gudetama lying down, fanning itself with a maple leaf. Lol.

 // Gudetama sliding down my straw //

// Yes I'm hungry and I'm going to slice up Gudetama! //

Guess what did I order? That sounds like a silly question. Haha..

The menu is pretty simple with about 20 items of main dishes, sides, dessert and drinks. They all have a cutey Gudetama face on it.

I ordered the Gudetama Special Hula Hula Drink ($8.50) -  Mango infused Rose Tea crowned with strawberries and it says, "See how happy Gudetama looks in these happy hues?" 

The drink is actually quite pleasant with a soothing and refreshing fruity note.

My frying pan platter is a main called "I'm Cold" Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($26.90) - Let's make our favourite Gudetama snug and toastie with smoked salmon as blankets!  Drizzled with our signature zesty hollandaise sauce complete with mashed advocado, ebiko and tater tots. A vegetarian option is also available if you require.  

Surprisingly, this is not bad at all! I probably read too much about theme cafe reviews saying that you don't go for the food but you go for the aesthetic it offers. It sounds so wrong for a food place but I think it is quite true that the food aesthetic is the focus point here.

I swept everything off the platter so yes, the food is definitely not horrible and the food chemistry is good albeit having more focus on the aesthetic. Haha. Still, it would definitely heighten the experience if they improve the freshness of the smoked salmon slice and if the egg benedict is more runny. The good side is, vegetables are really fresh and tater tots are crunchy and nice without being oily.

The platter is a little too filling for myself so I would recommend it for sharing with an additional side order.

 // Can I bring you home? //

Too blinded by the excitement of being in a Gudetama Cafe, I actually missed out their dessert display which is placed at the payment counter. Oh well, perhaps next time!

// Gudetama Limited Edition Mooncake //

In accordance to the mid-autumn festival which is arriving soon, Gudetama Cafe is having their own Gudetama Limited Edition Mooncake Box Collection for sale priced at $78. The cute Gudetama box itself is already enough to have Gudetama fans scream for it! So irresistibly cutee!

The only annoyance that I felt during my visit to the cafe was that mouldering stench that came from the Gudetama paper mat. It was actually quite strong and I thought it came from the furniture but it actually came from the paper mat. Perhaps it was the wet mouldering stench from the storage room. Hopefully it's not there any more.

// Gudetama Cafe //

This is the other section which is separated from the bigger space with a more wood and steal interior.

// Gudetema Cafe, Singapore //

// Chill Time with Gudetama //

Overall, Gudetama Cafe is worth a visit with menu which actually taste fine, and definitely above average. Now that you heard all about it, remember to drop by and CHILL . . . with Gudetama when you are at Singapore. ^^

Now is also the time to get the Gudetama Limited Edition Mooncake Set too while it's still available!

Gudetama Cafe

a: 3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361 Suntec City Mall, 038983 Singapore.
t: +65 6677 6195

h: 10.00am - 10.00pm