Thursday, 29 September 2016

Hi girls! 

Understand that the cray cray #CyberSales is going on right now!  But where to get one of the most amazing deal and continue shopping when it's over? Read all about it here right now and deets at the end of the post!

It's late of me but I'd love to share where you can shop direct from Korea in the comfort of your own couch! Yes, it's almost a year since the big change in my life and I have not gotten much time to catch up on beauty products! Still, I've got to restock my beauty products once the old ones has diminished, right?

There's this online shopping which I find really reliable! More now since that I have tried it out for myself! Althea is a name which should be quite familiar by now. You might not have experience it but I'm sure you would have heard or come across it on facebook! 

I was spoilt for choice during my first time shopping there. Everything seems to be on promotion and reviews seems to be amazing! Limited budget but everything seems so tempting! 

My first parcel from Althea, called the beauty box gets me really excited! ^^ They sure know the way to a girl's heart! Purchases was packed in a pretty pink box and send to our doorstep - free of charge for every purchase above RM150. Sure feels like receiving a gift from Santa although I know it's just my own purchase. 

Althea is very generous with promotions. During my purchase, they had a Buy 3 Free 1 promo! Promotions like this usually comes with a lot of terms and conditions but not Althea. I got an Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin Toner worth RM56 as the free item with my purchase totaling RM208 -  which means I get free shipping too! - shipping direct from Korea <3 

Shipping takes less than 10 days - considered a reasonable duration for me!

Items I got from Althea are as below;

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask (80ml) - RM240 RM69

It's an editor's pick with good review! Can't wait to test how it fares!

SkinMiso Pore Corset Serum (30ml) - RM163  RM78

Saw some recommendations and positive review results regarding this product, hopefully it works well on shrinking pores like how the crowd says.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum RM115 RM61
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin Toner worth RM79 RM56 

This is going to be my first try on Innisfree products. Heard a lot about them and hopefully they will do my combination skin some good in terms of hydration and balancing skin condition. 

Althea has 4 promises which won my confident to shop with them long term. It makes me feel that they read our mind as consumers really well and knows what exactly is the values that they need to have as an online shopping portal.

  • Best Price Policy
Online shopping portal is a business war zone. Prices are easily comparable with just a few clicks and most of us are always on the look out for the best price. 

Althea work directly with brands and ship products directly from Korea which gives them a competitive stand on giving some of the best prices we can source. I would not say that have the lowest price for EVERY single item in their inventory but they give the most saving for overall purchases.

  • Authenticity Guarantee
They are 200% confident about the authenticity of their products because there can't be any replicas when they are getting the stocks from the brands directly, right? 

Also because they know how important it is for us consumers to be applying safe products on our skin, they uphold the honour any returns and refund 200% on the purchase value right away should there be any mishap like that happens.

  • 30 Days Unconditional Refund
Any refund does not do the company any good but for the benefit of consumers, Althea lets their customer returns any products which they are not satisfied with, within 30 days. They even cover up to RM6 off the return shipping fees! 

This is something not many online companies are generous of. Especially when the product is shipped all the way from Korea.

  • Safe Delivery
All Althea orders are checked for the authenticity, condition and even expiry before being boxed up. Overall, every order goes through 3 levels of quality control. Every items are also packed nicely and protected properly for delivery all the way from Korea to Malaysia so that we will receive our order in good condition.

With these promises, I do not see any reason to doubt shopping with Althea. So far, they have been doing well with their promises as I have not heard any complains about it. Therefore, I am really recommending any beauty junkies to check out Althea for your next online shopping if you have not.

As for the  current #CyberSales cray cray, Althea is having a Buy 1+1 Laniege Water Sleeping for only RM90. Yes, it's time to stock up for this much raved about item! Today is the last day!


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wondering how is the cafe scene in Ipoh? Well, I can say this place is getting more hipster slowly..

Decide to pop into a cafe to relax for a bit and refuel the fluid in my body after going around under this hot weather. Burps & Giggles it is! It actually consist of two lots of shop but still, space is quite compact inside

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Made my way to Kong Heng Square on Monday (said to be open) looking for Ais Kepal from Bits & Bobs but was greeted with locked grills. Ironically, this is the only place to get it from around this area, Disappointed indeed. Not like it's something really amazing but it's simple joy like this which puts the smile on the kid within us. If you know what I mean..

Anyway, here's a brief walk through Kong Heng Square... They have little stall here and there all selling little gift, trinkets and souveniors.. Do browse through and who knows, you'll see something which you would want to bring back so dearly. :)

Selalu Locks, the Ipoh Town version of love locks! Lock and mark you love memory in this place with your loved ones! Get one for RM18 or 2 for RM30. I wonder how heavy this photo grill can withstand. *sweat face Haha..

Just so you know there's a barber here in case you need a haircut so suddenly. It's chic with the glass panel walls instead of just in some normal shop lot. I wonder if people just go in for a haircut.

Further inside, there's some boutiques inside selling clothes. Love how they preserve the old structures and yet made it operational as a recreational area. It is a waste a lot of heritage buildings in Kuala Lumpur was not preserved this way.

Little did I expect to see Plan B here. If you are looking for a fancier meal instead of the local stall and delicacies here, this is the place you should visit. Although with price tag on a heavier side, the environment is definitely comfortable and a great place to hang out.

The lazy book keeper overlooking a visitor registry book while dozing off... If you're a fan of the legendary Yasmin Yuusoff, you would perhaps like to drop by for a visit.

Similar to the Penang town, there's amazing mural drawings scattered all over the place. I especially like this because it has Marilyn Monroe on it, and very beautifully drawn as well. <3

This one is one of the seven drawn by Ernest Zacharevic around town.

It's a great sight seeing place around the Kong Heng Square with many must eat food, all withing a short walking distance. I would advice to find a place to park and just stroll all around here.

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Kong Heng Square

a: 99, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.