Monday, 9 September 2013

Been a very long time since I've been to the cinema. Just in luck, got a pair of free tickets from a friend because he was unable to use it. :) Initially wanted to watch Unbeatable but there wasn't much space left. Just the few front rows.. So went to Pacific Rim instead before it got taken down. 

The starting totally looks like one of those Ultraman scenes. Haha.. but it turned out to be a really awesome movie! Glad I get to watch it :) For those who have missed it at the cinema, you should catch hold of a cd or something.. It's really good :) Here's the trailer to get you started.


and last weekend, I finally got to watch Unbeatable! Overall, I think it is a really good movie~ Really enjoyed it. They have a very real scene of neck cracking which is really shocking and Nick Cheung got really buffed up for this movie too! Kudos to his hard work :D It is definitely worth it :)

Oh! I've also just found out that Crystal Lee, the young girl acting in the movie is actually a Malaysian! She even won a prize for the role! Way to go, girl! You made us so proud ^^

Check out the trailer below which they paired it with a very good version of Sound of Silence! <3

Here's the full song

Lastly, went to We Love Asia 2.0. Got the free ticket from We Love Asia. Only went on Saturday night. The line ups were pretty good but it's a waste that it keeps raining and drizzling on both days.. Mizz Nina put on a really good show but I didn't record it. :E

Just a glimpse of the performance on instagram..

Hope you guys had a good weekend too! <3



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