Thursday, 21 November 2013

Been almost a week since my last post. I've been busy, busy, it's so exhausting but it's worth it because everything's heading the positive direction.. :)

Less than 15% to go and I will be done with 1Q84! Can't wait for it!


So, we took a train from あさくさ Asakusa to おだいば Odaiba! With transit of course.

Odaiba is one of the place I was looking forward to during this trip coz it looks really fun!

*Got this off the internet* Look at all the fun stuff! If I was alone, I'd love to venture all around Odaiba whole day! Even thinking back about this place makes me excited!

Before I talk more about Odaiba, I went to visit The Statue of Liberty in New York! Not...

It's actually a replica in Odaiba! Does it look like the real thing? That's Rainbow Bridge in the background. I'm sorry the picture looks pretty gloomy. It has been drizzling the whole day. Hence, gloomy picture. Blame the weather.  =/

This was taken from the deck at Aquacity. We took a break out while waiting for Risa, my uncle's Japanese colleague I got to know during the trip. She goes for drinking sessions almost everyday and she's still so slim it's crazy! She's a really good drinker too. Haha..

Anyway, before she arrived, we went to Daiso and bought loads of stuff! Most of the items are ¥100 (RM3.30) if not ¥200 (RM6.60) To be honest, I think we went into every Daiso shop we see and successfully end up with two or more bags of goods. It's crazy I know. Going to Japan and buying stuff from Daiso? Like what?! Lol.. #Truestory though..

Before Risa arrived, we picked a place and settle down for ひるごはん lunch.

ふげつ Fugetsu Mostly serving おこのみやき Okonomiyaki.

'English menu' for people like us. Haha.. With pictures for a better understanding. 1. ふげつやき Fugetsu-Yaki: Squid, Pork, Beed & Shrimp! Probably their specialty 2. ぶたのおこのみやき Okonomi-yaki Pork. 3. ぶたといかのやきそば Fried Soba w/ Pork n Squid. This is yummy as well :D 4. たまごやき Japanese Omelet *nom nom nom* 5. しおキャベツ Salt Cabbage: Super crunchy and yummy!

I found something funny regarding Okonomiyaki from Wikipedia:

The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki meaning "grilled" or "cooked"

Imagine them asking you: "What Chu Want?" or "What Chu Like?". Are you guys laughing at my lame joke or am I just laughing alone? Lol.

I had おちゃ green tea there most of the time and since we are going to have oily grill stuff, I thought I'd order a cup of hot green tea but they do not have that there. It is not only this place but most places, they do not serve hot drinks. Kinda weird. But then when the cooking starts, I totally understand why they do not serve hot drinks here.

When the pan started heating up, my face starts warming up. During the whole cooking process, it's so hot it feels like a face tanning session. I almost start to sweat profusely. No kidding. It was so hot I felt like walking away =/ and the ice water became my best friend all of a sudden.

All ingredients mixed and fried for some moment before being piled up in a round shape and left to cook. After sometimes, they top it with かtぐおぶし Katsuobushi or more well known as Bonito Flakes. Flip it over, let it cook for a little while more and top it with mayonnaise and sweet sauce.

I didn't really like the burnt surfaces but apparently they are suppose to be like that? Risa said they didn't do a good job with the Okonomiyaki. You have got to believe her because she is from Osaka. Haha..

The Japanese Omelette and Fried Soba is yummy though. *slurp* Wish I could get more of it :D

We walked around for a bit after meal and went in a pet shop. Can't really believe my eyes that pets are being pushed around on strollers and the place where they exhibit the pets for sale? It's like displaying Paris Hilton's Pet! It's just so... your highness style. Do you get what I mean? They even have a cafe selling pet food. Really. Like cakes and pastries for pets.

Right across is a shop selling clothing for dogs. Every piece of it above ¥400 (RM130~) I think. Should be a branded pet clothing label. I don't think it would sell in Malaysia though.. The way they treat their pets there is like the way they would treat their own real blood baby. I'm a little bizarre by this actually, that they would spend for much for their pets.

When we step outside, it was almost dark. Here's the building of ふじてれび Fuji Television. Everytime I read of NHK Fees Collector in 1Q84, it reminds me of this building.

I'm not sure what is it with the round sphere design but somehow, I think it suits the image of Fuji Television.

From there we walked to Divercity. I thought it was just nearby but it was actually quite a distance. Odaiba is a much bigger place than I thought it is. 

Divercity is a pretty new mall with lots of brands including Burberry Black Label and Burberry Blue Label which are cheaper than Burberry. I could only remember these two labels vividly because we shopped there. Not that we bought anything for ourselves. Just for friends who asked for it. :)

As for me, of course I came here for this! Mr. huge Gundam! Haha.. It is really freaking huge! There was so many people around it busy snapping pictures~ 

Another picture of it. Mesmerized yet?

Might as well put up the picture of the back as well :P


What's next?

The famous Kitty with no mouth! Hello Kitty Shop! I think all Hello Kitty fans would squeal at the sight of it.

They sell all sort of things ranging from Hello Kitty cookies, cakes, to stationary, and Iphone case! It's a Hello Kitty world in there.. of course.

With sore feet and tired faces, we head for dinner before leaving Odaiba. It was heavenly to stumble at the right place with good food :D

Appetizer: Japanese Cucumber (my favourite) with some yummy pork lard sauce *tak halal*

Starter: Salmon Advocado Salad


Main: Pan Grilled Pork chop Pasta! Heavenly!

Almost everything we ate in Japan taste heavenly. Haha.. Sounds exaggerating but it's true! Maybe it's new refreshing dishes compare to the ones we usually have here. Change in taste for taste buds.

だいかんらんしゃ Daikanransha / Ferris Wheel at Palette Town! I wanna ride =/ But we didn't have time to go around and it was raining... Again, sorry for the crappy photo. Blame the weather.

Tokyo Teleport Station! We travelled through Doraemon Teleport Door back to our hotel in a blink! I wish! Lol.

But the station name really is Tokyo Teleport. Adding more fun factor to the place itself. :)

Mixed fruits from Kinokuniya before bed. It's a small mart in Shinagawa Station, not a bookstore like what we have here.

But Kinokuniya does mean big bookstore.. right? *confused*

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