Saturday, 29 March 2014

Putrajaya 6th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 is here!

I've always wanted to go to one but never got the right company. Especially for photo shooting.. So this year, die die wanna go and lucky to have a friend to go with! ^^

It started on Thursday and it is always best to go on day and time when most people are working! Less human traffic for me ^^ The more I get to enjoy it!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The first time I step foot into Coffee Stain by Joseph at Publika was realllly some time ago. somewhere last year I guess. It was almost full. By then, it has been the talk of the town! Mostly about their latte arts.

I'm not a coffee person but I do not mind coffee :)

The first time I was there, they have a special menu going on as they have some 'limited beans' from Guatemala and Ecuador which they specially brought in for a coffee contest and they won!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

When in doubt/ in stress, go out and breath in some fresh air!

Feels so much better now!

Just met up with a friend whom I've lost contact with since about 10 years ago.. Kind of glad he found me again. Like he said, thanks to Facebook/ Mark Zuckerberg, it is so much easier to keep in contact with your friends and family now. Also easy to find someone you have lost contact with for sometime!

Anyway, am glad it does not feel awkward. We had charcoal steamboat the first time we met again and we had steamboat again today. He didn't realize that we had steamboat previously as well because he's a steamboat person. Have not met anyone that likes steamboat as much as him like it is an ordinary frequent meal choice. Haha..

We were just having random talks and catching up on our life stories and some how he notice that I sigh a lot.. I think I did that too often that it has become a habit. I would not say it was really a sigh. Just like a deep breath.. kinda thing. Not sure why I do that so often but I guess sighing is really a bad thing like how people say, Sigh once and you will get bad luck for 10 years! Well, I seriously hope that's not true or else I'll be having bad luck for all my life! *gasp*

I always feel like my study and work journey has been pretty messed up and I am still in a mess at what I am doing right now. I have no one to point at besides myself for not standing strong on my decision. Somehow, this friend was very motivating and encouraging. Saying all the positive things. I am always impressed with people who are being very positive. Am not sure why it is so hard for me. Things always doesn't feel right to me and when I try to repeat to myself that things are going to be alright, it feels like I am lying to myself. I wonder if this is how low esteem people feel. It is not like as if I choose to be negative. It just feels more natural to me. Like as if I am meant to be like that. I guess this is the dark shadow which is hard for me to come out from.

People say it is easy to comment/give opinion on something not related to ourselves. I find this very true about myself. Always feeling/saying like, how hard can it be? when it is about something/someone else. I would even have the courage to help them out to complete what they dare not do. However, when the I am the one who is in the situation, I feel all weak and cowardly. How many of you actually felt this way before? One of the reason I do not like to bring to discussion/talk about what I do for a living is this. I would say things are not going to well and people would give opinions like, Well, you can do this... or that.. and I would go like but... how? Sounds like a person who gives a lot of excuses, huh? Sounds like the spoon feed culture =/

I have also heard from a few people that What you like to do do not bring food to the table. To be honest, from my stand point of view, I find this really true with a few exceptional cases where a very small amount of people are actually living a good life doing what they like to do best. These are really lucky people. I guess we don't have to do what we like best as a job. We just need to find a job which will allow us to be able to do what we like best to be happy doing what we like. Did I lost anyone here?

Anyway, I guess that's enough for today. Spilled too much beans out of the bag and I hope I did not just spread my negative aura :0

Good night.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

I can actually count with one hand how many times I have been to Parkamaya at Fahrenheit. Probably 3 or 4 times? Bet most of you did not even know this place existed!

This place which is at the top floor of Fahrenheit is actually quite a nice place to hangout. Something different for a change. Quite comfortable for a shopping trip I would say because it is not a crowded place. Can't say that about it in the future though!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Publika is an awesome place for hangout with friends. A lot of unique concept food store with different environment for everyone to choose from.

B.E.N.'s Grocer is very unique at it's own with some food store, restaurant and cafe in itself. Tried B.E.N.'s General Food Store twice and blogged about it once here. Drinks are good but food, not really my preference.

Next time round, went to try out because it looks really intriguing to think that an eatery actually caters to Pork Lovers! Yum!

 Piggy logo cute or wht?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Girls like flowers...
because they make girls happy.

The beautiful Azalea I bought from Ikea.. it looks like it's been hit by drought.. and I'm trying my best to save it. I thought I'm really bad with plants but a friend told me Azelea likes cold weather. Maybe it is the crazy heat here that's killing it. =/ and it's making me sad =(

Don't know since when it started. I'm posting more photos than words. My post seems more general rather than personal now. I guess when we grow up and when we are more aware of the surrounding society, we change. For me, perhaps in a way, I am more protective of myself?

When I was returning from the tyre workshop this afternoon, I kind of witness an accident. I was looking towards my left and I heard a loud bang on the right. What crossed my mind was an accident between two cars or a some sort like a lorry and a car. But what I saw is a car, a motorcycle on the ground and a high school student flung from the motorcycle to the ground. For a moment, the kid was not moving.  People nearby started to go over and assist the kid. It's a relief that kid was able to get up and wearing a helmet. 

It makes me think why I have no sense of safety when I drove at a young age. I guess it is because of lack of exposure and experience. What I meant is physical exposure and experiencing something that happened right in front of my own eyes. That is why there is so much courage and so little room for conscience.

Maybe that is why life is more dull too when we start to work. Well, that is if you are just like the majority of the working adults in this world. Chasing after materials and wealth in this rat race. We tend to be more afraid of many things, following the rules and regulations most of the time. Abiding by the rules as much as we can.

End of rant. Good night.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Let's go fishing!

Nah.. I'm not here to fish. I'm not a fishing person.

I'm just the fish eating person. Hence I'm here to eat! Lunch time!