Friday, 8 November 2013

Uploaded the photos but could not really get myself to continue this post.. could not get into the suitable happy mood. Perhaps it has got to do with the new reading.. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Intensely addictive. Can't remember when was the last time I actually read something for long.. probably has been too long.. Too long that somehow as I read, simple sentence structure could suddenly confuse me.. it's confusing. Probably telling me that the familiar tends to fade away without practice..

Just bought a pack of Sun Maid Raisin Mini Snack Packs, placed just on the table within reach. Undeniably highly addictive as well.. Popping in one after another. Group of mini packs staring at me. Makes me steal glances at them almost every minute, resisting the temptation to gobble up another mini pack.  

Click open the WMP icon and Utada Hikaru's song starts to play. She has always been one of my favorite. Somehow, I felt like listening to Prisoner of Love and the sound of it actually made me felt better.. Half of the time, I have a tendency to repeat a song that feels right for hours, days, weeks until I get sick of it.


First morning in Tokyo, Japan after a good night rest. Woke up fresh and excited. Traveled from Kamata to Shinagawa.  I will be staying at Prince Hotel N Tower which is just right opposite Shinagawa Station. Apparently, Shinagawa has become a new busy business hub. Hence, Prince Hotel has been the choice of many business travelers.

Ootd: Brown n black striped sweater with moderate thickness, just right for a slightly chill weather paired with a slightly washed dirty blue Topshop Leigh jeans.

Passed by Mister Donut yesterday and again today. Not a fan of Hello Kitty but cute stuff like these Halloween doughnuts do give out temptations. The power of marketing.

¥1,000 (RM 33) for a whole box I assume. If I was alone back then given the temptation, I would have went in and bought it. :) That's how easily I could succumb to the evil temptations of marketing strategies. Lol.

Just right across is Kamata Station, JR Line. The number of people around amaze me. It was about 9 to 10 am but there were still many people hustling around. It makes me wonder where all these people are going to.. why are there so many people traveling around during working hours?

Bumped right into my aunt and uncle when we reach the hotel. Can't check in yet because check-in time starts at 3 pm which is actually kinda late, to me. Stuffed luggage into the hotel locker and went up to their VIP lounge to hook up on the Wifi while waiting for uncle to finalize the lunch meeting arrangement with his colleagues. Right in front of the grey buildings are the numerous lanes of train tracks. Shinagawa Station is a huge hub for exchange of lines.

This is at Tamachi Station. That small secluded area is actually a smoking area. Smoking freely in Tokyo seems to be a no-no thing. Not sure if it is applicable to the whole of Japan though.

Treated to a very scrumptious あさごはん lunch near the station. とりのごはん Chicken set which came with salad, みそしるmiso soup n ちゃわんむし chawan mushi

さかなのごはん Fish set. It should be さんま Sanma, Pacific Saury.

After lunch, we head to しぶや Shibuya! This is actually a tourist info centre. Yup, it's inside that little carriage! :)

That's me and Little Hachiko はちこ. Looking bold and smart but I think he looks cute. Haha. I looked dazed out though. Lol.

It was drizzling and so we went to check out Seibu, a department store of branded stuff you could say. They also have Burberry Blue Label. Apparently it is a cheaper range of Burberry only found in Japan and Hongkong (I think?). The one for men is Burberry Black Label. All these fashion names are coming up with labels to tap into the lower range market. A more affordable brand?

Took a break at McDonald's after that. Here, I'm enjoying my McD Milk. Looks like I just snatched a milk carton off some kid.

Looking right at the crossing between the two Seibu buildings. Even a crossing like this is loaded with pedestrians.

After that we head on to The Loft. Lots of creative stuff in there but things are pricy as well. Just went in for a little eye opening experience and window shopping. Head to Tokyu Hands after that. Similar concept but less pricy. These two companies belongs to two separate group of companies which also operate department stores and train lines, basically, trying to knock each other off the game.

When night falls, we head to あおやま Aoyama for dinner with uncle's ex-colleagues. We arrived early and so stayed outside for a bit.

The place where we had our dinner.

Right after the traffic light is おもてさんど Omotesando. Could be a pricy street but interesting. Did not get to spend time there as planned.

Lock your umbrella? I think it is for you not to mix up your umbrella with another person's rather than to prevent stealing of umbrellas? As stealing is a very very rare action in Japanese culture. I wonder what's the percentage of it happening..

The environment is very warm and comfortable. We had a private room to ourselves.

Starter. Taste like very smooth mashed potato. Very delicious.

Salmon Salad

Famous Chicken Wing. Very delicious as well. Very crispy and still tender.

やきとり Grilled chicken

Smoked duck meat.

Chicken Meat cooked with Dried Chilli. These bunch of people who have worked in Malaysia previously, loves hot stuff like Chili Padi! They requested for stuffs like Bak Kut Teh thick black sauce, chili padi and Darlie toothpaste! Haha.. Hilarious ;P I guess they like these stuff here. Apparently the toothpaste there has no mint flavour.

Pork meat covered in rice ball.

Dessert. Kinda like Brownie covered with Coco powder served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Dessert again. These people keep shoving us the menu although we told them we're really full and we thought it would end when we ordered desserts.

We were so wrong. Here comes another bowl of Ramen. Haha..

They even make sure I don't missed the good stuff in this trip! だいかにゃま Ferris wheel at おだいばOdaiba and the stretch of awesome Ramen shops at Shinagawa - しなたつ Shinatatsu

They even got an umbrella for each of us! These identical umbrellas are selling everywhere starting from ¥300 (RM9.90) 

Smaller room and bed in Prince Hotel N Tower compared to Sotetsu Fresa Inn. The stay cost RM1273.22, averaged to about RM318.30 per night. even after RM150 voucher from =/ Probably because it's at Shinagawa o.o

Compact toilet as usual. Do you know that a part of the mirror do not fog up after a hot shower? So thoughtful of them.

Can't resist a visit to 7-11. Bought Lululun face mask to counter the dry weather there. About 7 mask sheets in this resealable pack. Kind of like the economy pack I guess. It's sold everywhere. ほたて Hotate snack, my favourite! うめほのり Umehonori drink to hopefully give me a better sleep and lastly, NIVEA Cream, also a necessity in this dry weather. Total ¥972 (RM32.08) Sounds cheap, right?

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