Friday, 20 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! (although by the time I posted it, it's already past 12, lol) Or maybe I should just say.. I hope everyone had a great time! ^^

Here's one of my favourite Jelly Mooncake! <3

My aunt told me I used to hold on to a whole mooncake (the traditional/original type) and ate it all by myself @.@ But now that I tried it again, I don't think I would eat a whole mooncake again. Lol.. 

#The things that kids do..

Here's my 2nd shot of the moon. I think I got a better glimpse of it at Mabul the first time around.   Quite blurry and unlcear unfortunately but that's the best my 55-200mm lense could do. :D

This is the one from Mabul back in 2009? That's about .. 4 years ago.. 4 years since I dived.. freakin' long ago... I'm really looking forward to the next one!



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