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Recently, I have been hearing a lot about non-silicone shampoo but did not pay much attention to them because I still have a few bottles of shampoo in stock.

Finally, I decided to check out Moist, Diane which has linger in the Japan market long enough! One of the much raved after non-silicone shampoo which was formulated with many type of beneficial oil as well! To be honest, it sounds kind of weird to me to be washing hair with an oil-base shampoo. How does it really work? Won't it leave my hair oily and more greasy after that? Come find out with me!

All questioned answered at Moist Diane's Media Launch last week!

What's the rave about non-silicone shampoo? Well, apparently shampoo which contains silicone looks like they are doing a good job to your hair but in the long run, they are actually doing more damage than good

Time to check the ingredients on your shampoo bottle! Can't find the word silicone? Well, that's because they are not directly labelled as silicone, silly! Apparently, If you find any ingredient which end with the "cone" extension, then that is the ingredient you are looking for. It you found ingredients like dimenthiconol, amodimenticone, lauryl menthicone copolyol, it also means your shampoo contains silicone.

So, what does silicone do to your hair? Silicone actually just coat your hair to give it a sleeker, frizz free and healthier look. But as the silicone coats your hair, it is also "coating" your hair follicles, causing clogs and blocking the air ventilation.

Hence, I would say it is just a short term solution to dry frizzy unhealthy hair especially those who went for rebonding / perming / hair colouring / hair bleaching. In the long run, it is definitely damaging.

Water Soluble Silicone = Dimethicone Copolyol . Lauryl Methicone Copolyol . Hydrolyzed wheat protein (Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane) . Any Silicone with PEG as a prefix
Non Soluble (not water soluble) Silicone = Trimethylsilylamodimetheicone . Dimethicone . Phenyl Trimethicone . Cetearyl Methicone . Dimethiconol . Amodimethicon . Stearyl Dimethicone . Cyclomethicone . Cetyl Dimethicone . Cyclopentasiloxane . Behenoxy Dimethicone . Stearoxy Dimethicone

Just as an extra information, Water Soluble silicone can be removed with just rinse of water but non-soluble silicone can only be removed with sulfate shampoo which removes moisture and even strips natural oil off your hair. Sulfate is one of the ingredient in dish detergent and laundry soap. So you can imagine they they will do to your hair. Which also points out the indirect disadvantage of silicone shampoo.

But since silicone gives us a sleeker, frizz free and healthier look, won't non-silicone shampoo gives us the opposite result? Let's find out!

Upon arrival at the event, I was invited to try out a the hand scrub with a mixture of Argan Oil + Brown Sugar. Why hand scrub on a shampoo event? Apparently the idea was to implement the same benefit of Argan Oil on skin care to hair care! Why have I not thought of that?

Small jars of Argan Oil + Brown Sugar scrubs for us to bring home! I always like little sweet gifts like these :D

The event was hosted by the very pretty and friendly Nadia Heng! She definitely did a good job in retaining all out attention! :D Can't stop looking at this gorgeous. Haha..

By the way, she had her hair washed with Moist Diane at The Edge Studio before the event as well. Looks silky smooth and soft doesn't it? Definitely not what you expect of non-silicone shampoo which are usually drying and make your hair look unhealthy.

The launching! Some pretty awesome stuff happened! They pour liquids into the bottle in the back drop and the shampoo throne just rise from the box! Cool, right?

Moist, Diane is not just any non-silicone shampoo. In order to give you a healthy hair for real without silicone as ingredient, 3 technologies have been incorporated into the production of this shampoo range;

- Next Generation (Botanical Rare Oil); is added to the main ingredient - Argan Oil for a synergistic effect.The Moroccan Argan Oil contains Vitamin E which is well known for its healing and moisturizing property. Argan Oil can deeply cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp. It leaves hair feeling smooth but without being greasy. Infused with Baobab Oil which is known as "Tree of Life" as well, it works as a natural hair moisturizer.
- Next Generation (PhytoCellTech); a new plant cell culture technology invented to protect skin stem cells, help reproduce part of the structure with a wound-healing mechanism.
- Next Generation (Phyto Peptides); ion complex technology helps repair hair from the core.

Combining the formulation and technologies with Argan Oil with Cupuacu Butter, Mango Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Lupine Oil, Baobab Oil, Virgin Prunus and Andiroba Oil, Moist Diane provides superior moisturization, shine and further boost repair.

There's three range for the Moist, Diane Argan Oil shampoo;

Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair - this range repairs damaged hair by nourishing deep into the hair. Lost moisture inside the hair are replaced and water is sealed to keep the hair hydrated. Hair will end up looking moisturized, bright and shiny.

Prices at Watsons In-Store & Online:
- Oil Shampoo Damage Repair 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)
- Oil Treatment Damage Repair 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)
- Oil Mask Damage Repair 200g (RM31.90 RM27.12)

Moist Diane  Volume & Scalp - this range recuperates damaged scalps, cleansing off any burden on the skin. It then rebuilds weak barrier and injects moisture into the scalp. Unclogged hair follicles becomes healthier thus produce thicker and healthier hair.

Prices at Watsons In-Store & Online:
- Oil Shampoo Volume 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)
- Oil Treatment Volume 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)

Moist Diane Moist & Shine -  this range repairs dull damaged hair from the core with moisturizations agents leading to a smoother and brighter hair.

Prices at Watsons In-Store & Online:
- Oil Shampoo Moist 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)
- Oil Treatment Moist 500ml (RM29.90 RM22.50)

At the event, I get to try Moist Diane Moist & Shine range and the result was quite remarkable! The effect it has on my hair feels exactly like the result of an expensive hair treatment! My hair feels much more solid and super smooth. So smooth that it is quite unbelievable my hair is not at all oily or greasy when I run my fingers through my hair. 

The Oil Shampoo Moist texture is like all common shampoo liquid with a very slight oil texture to it and it actually lathers really well. The smell is really sweet with a tint of nut and it lingers a little after the hair wash.

The Oil Treatment Moist also has a lingering sweet smell. It does not leave a greasy coat like most conditioners where you can feel it on your hand and require soaps to wash them off. It leave my hair really smooth and silky after.

As I am still using my current hair care back home, I can still feel the smooth and silky hair texture after a few wash. It really amaze me how the moisture and smoothness can retain for so long just by one hair wash with Moist Diane Moist & Shine.

I would definitely recommend you to try it for yourself to experience this after treatment effect after every hair wash with Moist Diane! Get these amazing affordable Japan made hair care now at Watsons in-store and online while the price promotion is still on!

Should you need more info, please do check out the spread below;


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