Friday, 30 January 2015

I had a  painfully sweet experience with the Butterfly girls at the Bubblegum Wax about 2 weeks ago!

Before you think that Bubble Gum Wax is a centre for making fun and colorful hand shape wax as a memorabilia, I should tell you in advance that Bubble Gum Wax  - The Waxing Expert is actually a place where hair waxing / IPL service is offered!

Just like most of the girls there on that day, it is my first experience! IPL / Wax Virgins!

Soft wax treatment is actually quite common for me as I always do it at home for the bottom half of my legs. Therefore, this time around, I will be trying on the IPL on girl's sacred area! The sacred area is divided into two; Bikini - the area visible outside the bikini triangle / area between the thigh and the V area whereas Brazillian - the whole V area where the pubic hair is.

Before the session, we are treated to all kinds of sweet goodies! I guess it is to calm us down. After all, it is our first experience! As good as they look, they are indeed really yummy to eat! ^^ Totally forgot about the IPL session awaiting me.

As a first timer, I guess it is normal to be nervous. Even more after hearing those crazy scary stories! As mentioned, I was going for IPL and I've heard horror stories of those painful zappings of IPL treatments.

I've mentioned about IPL before in a previous post but just to recap for those who missed out on my previous post, IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light treatment where pulse light will be shot on the skin surface with unwanted hair. These pulse light will then slowly kill off the hair root making them redundant for hair growth. It is not magic, hence it needs several sessions before they can be cleared off successfully. 

But well, that's just theories. So how was my first experience?! Honestly, it was crazily painful! I'm kidding. Hehe.. Let me just walk your through the whole process...

I'm just gonna run this through so that I don't bore anyone. It started with a change of cloth to something more comfortable - clean up the related area with a clean wipe - let the attendant check on the area - trimming will be done if hair is too long followed by shaving - wearing a pair of glasses to prevent the IPL from hurting the eyes - application of cooling gel - shots of intense pulse light - replacement of cooling gel - repeat shots of intense pulse light - the end.

Sounds simple? Well, it is nothing complicated to begin with. I was attended by this very chio girl Jessica. Very pretty, very nice and very patient throughout the session. Before she does anything, she will first explain and inform me about it so that I will know what to expect. Guess that helps calm down anxiety. 


To be honest, it could be quite painful but only on areas which are very sensitive towards pain and also where hair is thick / the root is stubborn. For areas less sensitive, it is pretty much like an ant bite. I was told to inform if I ever feel that the pain was unbearable. Then, Jessica will lower down the power of the pulse and change the cooling gel to reduce uncomfortableness / pain.

I'm really grateful for having Jessica attend to me as she was being very nice, careful and attentive. I guess all this helps to give a better experience and most importantly, reduce the pain and making it bearable! Just like the first time for pimple extraction, I guess first time is always painful as we are not used to pain being enforced on that area. Also once there is less hair, pain is reduced as the IPL shots only affect area with hair / black pigments.

That's Jesslyn, the owner of Bubblegum Wax. I guess it's thanks to her, all the attendants are always carrying a smile and most importantly, is being very attentive and caring towards customers during the treatments! I will surely be going back there for my next session until I can strut the beach with my bikini confidently!

Check out this video they made for their new branch!

Here's a list of pricing which I feel is pretty reasonable compare to the IPL chain stores out there.

IPL Packages for HER;
UPPER LIP - 1st trial : RM36 | 10 sessions: RM500
UNDERARM - 1st trial : RM46 | 5 sessions: RM500 | 10 sessions: RM800
BIKINI - 1st trial : RM66 | 5 sessions: RM800 | 10 sessions: RM1500
BRAZILIAN - 1st trial : RM96 | 5 sessions: RM1300 | 10 sessions: RM2200
HALF LEG BOTTOM - 1st trial : RM166 | 5 sessions: RM2000 | 10 sessions: RM3500
FULL LEG - 1st trial : RM266 | 5 sessions: RM3900 | 10 sessions: RM5600

5 sessions Brazilian (S)(F) - RM 280
5 sessions Brazilian (S)(F) with 5 sessions Underarm - RM350
5 sessions Brazilian (S)(F) with 5 sessions Aloe Vera Mask - RM350 
5 sessions Brazilian (S)(F) with 5 sessions Whitening Mask - RM440

5 sessions Brazilian combination (S)&(H) - RM380 
5x Brazilian(H) FOC 1x Brazilian or IPL Brazilian - RM396 
5 sessions Brazilian (H)(F) with 5 sessions Underarm - RM440 
5 sessions Brazilian (H)(F) with 5 sessions Aloe Vera Mask - RM440 
5 sessions Brazilian (H)(F) with 5 sessions Whitening Mask - RM480

5 sessions Half Leg Bottom - RM199 
5 sessions Half Leg Bottom & Underarm - RM280

5 sessions Full Leg - RM350 
5 sessions Full Leg & 5 sessions Underarm -RM440

5 sessions Boyzilian (S) - RM 380
5 sessions Boyzilian (H) with 5 sessions Aloe Vera Mask - RM490 
5 sessions Boyzilian (H) with 5 sessions Whitening Mask - RM490

Yup, that's right! They have waxing for guys too! So, guys with irritating hair, you know where to get rid of them!

RM580  FREE RM80 & 50% OFF (Any 1 Body Part)
Discounts -5% all services
RM1000 FREE RM200 & 1x treatment FOC (Any 1 Body Part)
Discounts -10% all services

They are also having an awesome promotion for month of February! From 1st - 28th February 2015;
1 Brazilian + 1 Boyzilian Waxing is only RM99!

Don't miss it!

Love the Brooklyn Street theme they did for the interior! It has great natural lighting for pictures too! Can't resist some selfies!

Wore my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Zip Leather HI Sneaker too! <3

Sorry, more selfies coming through!

And ofcourse wefie with the babes too! Jacqueline, me, Ker Chi & Rachell.

Jenny, Rachell & me!

Last one with the Butterfly Momma! Cool face with peace sign. Haha.

For more info...


Plaza Damas Outlet;
Address: F.1.7 Plaza Damas (Hartamas Shopping Centre), 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6211 5038 / 39
Sms: +012-5420 662

Casa Tropicana Outlet;
Address: B.1.5 Casa Tropicana, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7887 0669
Sms: +012-5573 266



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