Sunday, 4 January 2015


Reindeer band. Checked. 
Secret Santa present. Checked. 
Chrismassy outfit. Checked.
Smile. Checked.

And I'm set to attend the fabulous BUTTERFLY PARRRRRTTEEEEEYYYY~

I mean dinner.

Can you imagine a full house of 100 bloggers at The Apartment?

What apartment? It's The Apartment restaurant at The Curve! Yup, there's where Butterfly Msia held the Christmas dinner this year!

I don't think I have celebrated Christmas with so many people before, not to mention so many girls under one roof! Instead of hair pulling and roaring dramas, the whole event was warmth with chatty girls mingling all around. <3

Registration starts around 6.30 p.m. and we are all given a Beauty Box each! The event couldn't start any better. Those who signed up for the Secret Santa gift exchange also place presents under the Christmas Tree. It's a shame I forgot to snap a picture of it =/ What's Christmas without gifts, right?

The Apartment was serving glorious food to feed all the chatty girls~ (and a few guys) Everyone just couldn't take their eyes off the juicy turkey! *slurp* We just took one plate after another~ Even when there was 2 turkeys, they were the first to be wiped clean off the list!

Green Garden Salad, Fried Potato and Pumpkin Soup for a healthy meal start! I like fried potatoes. <3

Then more choices to get spoiled on! Green Bean Casseroles, Grilled Roots Vegetables, Roasted Chicken with Arrabiata Sauce, Pasta & Rice~ Fattening delicious foooodddd, some would scream. I'll just lick my lips. *yum*


 There's always fruitcake during Christmas but that's the one I always avoid. Anyone loves Fruitcake here? Instead, I'll go for the Chocolate Sinner, Thick Fatty Cheesecake and Devilish Red Velvet cakes! Just fyi, these are not the names for them. so don't go into The Apartment and ask for a Thick Fatty Cheesecake. Haha..

Another prove that I'm not faking it but us girls are really nice to each other. Taking food and sharing them together. *big smiles*

 This is my share. First round. Looks like a lot but it really isn't a lot. Love the broccoli. Yums!

Once they figured out that everyone is done with food, they gave us a wonderful surprise! Gathering the crowd inside and attracting the crowd outside of The Apartment, these girls, Edazz and Yong Choy Peng belted some Christmas song and also the famous Frozen's Let It Go! Boy, did they amaze everyone with their voice! I could hear them again and again! <3

Next up would be a team game~ We were divided randomly into groups for a blog review contest. Definitely a good way to get to know more bloggers in the Butterfly Community! Our team name Happy Chrysalis! Got the chrysalis from one of the book I read 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Should check out that book. A good read although a little draggy near the end.

Now comes the exciting part! It's Secret Santa Gifts Giving time! Don't know who's my Secret Santa but thank you so much for the gifts!

Sorry for the blurry pictures but here's what I got! Korea's No.1 Bestseller Ruby.Aura Radiant-perfection Collagen Drink + NATIO Body Lotion of Yoga Scent Blue Lotus Attar Flower of Ecstasy. Will probably post up a review on them too! ^^

Sorry for another blurry picture.. *swt* but there's my outfit for the night! Just grab a Red & White Crop Top from MNG (RM29) + Black Midi Skirt from Bangkok + a RM10 Reindeer Band from The Curve Bazaar just right outside The Apartment! Haha..

Lastly, what's a bunch of bloggers if they don't take a lot of pictures? Here's a collage of me with the girls!

Lastly, thanks to Tammy and all Butterfly Team who made this night happened! <3

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