Sunday, 1 February 2015

It was a lovely Saturday morning to wake up to with strays of sunlight through the window. It's kind of a waste that I woke up with a slight headache as well.

Have not been having a good week at all being sick since last weekend. Don't really enjoy resting so much, being so unproductive =/ So I decided to boost my mood a little by pampering my skin from head to toe with a mini spa regime at home!

Just got some new stuff from Christmas last year and I'm gonna try them out! So let's start my mini spa!

I'mma start with the face first!

Usually starts with the scrub. I pretty much still like the one I'm using; MIZON's Special Theraphy Honey Black Sugar Scrub. It's a mild exfoliation with natural sugar & rich skin nourishing with honey. I like how it does the job even though it is a mild scrub. It's also good because it doesn't leave the skin dry afterwards. After done with scrubbing, I just leave it for a few minutes to work it's magic before washing it off!

For scrubs, I usually do it in circular motion and gently. Never scrub your face with much pressure because you're not sanding a wooden surface!

Next up, I tried the GARNIER's Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foams. I usually do not use whitening products but was told by my beautician that it is not only for whitening but also for reducing unbalanced pigments on our face. So let's see how it works! I will be sharing about the result 4 weeks later!

The gel is pinkish in colour and smells refreshing! Just need to squeeze a small drop on the finger and foam it up with wet hands. It cleanse pretty well and doesn't leave the skin dry as well.

Then I move on to my body and hair spa! Coloured my hair last year @ Number76 and blogged about it here. Too bad the colour didn't last long. Anyhow, I still tried on the MATRIX Biolage Colour Last Shampoo. I like how it lathers quite well and the orchid smell was so strong and relaxing. Will try it out when I colour my hair again and share my experience on the colour lasting effect. However, it feels too squeky clean after that. Just the right time to nourish my hair with Yoko Hair Spa Milky Rich Cream and remove dead skins from my body with Yoko Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath scrub! Body scrub is essential to exfoliate dead skin, making way for new skin to promote a healthy glow and prevent in-grown hair for those who usually wax. Won't be writing about it here but you can check them out on my previous blogspot here!

After shower, I'm just gonna lay down and relax a little with a face mask! Zen time! Haha.. For mask, I switch between Powder Mask and also Paper Mask. Powder Mask leaves my skin more hydrated and bouncy. Paper mask also fixes my dry skin / oily skin problem and also gives me a healthy glow afterwards. This time, I'll give a try on Nature Republic's Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet!

First time trying a hydrogel mask. When removed from the packaging, the gel mask is protected by layers of plactic on the bottom and the top. The mask also comes in 2 pieces for better fitting. One covering from top to nose and the one from below nose to chin. Surprisingly, I covers better than paper mask and have less bubble spaces in between.

Usually, I would apply the paper mask before adding the serums on top of the mask. As this is a gel mask, I would apply the serum from the mask pack onto the skin before applying the mask sheet.

It feels really cooling and much more relaxing due to the gel texture. The after effect? My skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated! Left it on for about 15 minutes before removing. Pretty similar to most mask except that it's gel type ^^. After removing the mask, I just massage my face in circular motion for better absorption of the serum..

Once almost dry, I applied on the GARNIER Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream. It's a pinky white cream that smells really nice too! Would love it more if it is in a tube, would be more convenient and hygenic especially because creams would get on to my nails when i try to scoop them up from the container. So I could only use a small spatula with it. Hopefully it evens out my skin tone and smoothen my pores as described! Will be doing a separate post after 4 weeks to share the results of this Sakura range Cleanser and Moisturizer!

I always end my skin care with sunblock application! It is important to put on sun block no matter if I am going out or if I am staying at home. You might not see the effect now but if you do not protect your skin now, you might have dark spots growing on your face at later age! So remember to apply sunblock everyday!

That's pretty much my full mini spa regime I'm gonna try to do every weekend! They're essential for a healthy glowing complexion and hair! Hopefully helps to keep me looking young too! Hehe~

Before I end my post, just want to share two daily useful products! Can be used everyday especially now during this crazy hot weather before the Chinese New Year! *sweat* Am not taking the dry and hot season too well.

Previously, I received a L'occitane Advocado Hand Cream from my borther's gf. Was actually my first set of L'occitane products. Now I received a small size L'occitane Velvet Hand Cream. It's pretty convenient to be kept in the bag and for traveling. Quite like the floral smells. Smells kinda like perfume ^^

Also, do check out this Always 21 Aloe Vera Moisturize Soothing Mist! I like how it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized all day! It refreshes myself as well after every spray! Keeps me alert much better! As it contains Aloe Vera, it is very suitable for sensitive skin due to the content of soothing Aloe Vera. Keep one in your bag and take it out for a spray whenever you feel like it! ^^ Works great on hot and dry weather in our country!

That's the end and I hope you enjoyed my sharing of this mini spa regime you can pamper yourself with at home!

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