Sunday, 18 January 2015

Every girls always dream of luscious kissable lips! Which girl heart doesn't skip a beat when they kiss their bf? Unless they're not that inlove anymore, then they might not? Time to get your brain cells working if any of you girl get this dangerous feeling!

Guys definitely don't mind girlfriends kissing them.. without lip gloss or lipstick on. In fact, majority of the guys would tell their girl friends that they are the prettiest in their eyes and there is no need to slap on any make up at all! However, it is also a FACT that girls are less confident when their looks are less presentable. I.e.. they feel ugly, looks pale and etc.. 

SO, most girls would prefer to beautify themselves with make ups before leaving the house. At least, a layer of BB Cream to cover the irregular tones and lip tint to cover the pale lips.

I, for one, am so not into lipsticks although they have a lot of gorgeous colours! First and most important reason being that they dry and crack my lips. Second, they come off so easily during meals that my lips would look pale again. It is kind of embarrassing to be left with just lipstick stained lips at the end of the meal in front of people who I'm not familiar with. My regular is always lip balm tint with colours. It helps to maintain the moisture of my lips and at the same time, give them some colours!

Still, the boyfriend complains and would prefer to avoid my kiss when it was just freshly applied. Haha. 

Last Christmas, I received an awesome gift from the Butterfly Christmas Dinner Party! It is none other than the much mentioned Lips Tattoo by Shizens! I have heard about this but didn't really know how magical it was until I spoke to friends about it!

So, what's Shizens Lips Tattoo? Like it's name, this product will change the lip's colour from pale/dark colour to healthy pink and even looks more plump/moistful than before!

Shizens Lips Tattoo is said to add a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink / rosy tones.

The Shizens Lips Tattoo comes in a packaging similar to lip gloss packing with a lips applicator in it. The lip applicator / wand eases the application on the surface and also along the shape of your lips. When pulled out, the liquid is white in colour and a feels like watery gel.

From the picture above; bottom left - before application, top left - right after application, right -  after 4 hours from application time.

It can be seen that before application, lip are visibly pale with fine lines. After application, lip has a healthy pink glow and more plump / indicating more moisture locked in. After a few hours and after meal, colour still stays, promoting a healthy glow. ^^
I would choose the Shizens Lips Tattoo above all else because with just one application, I get a natural healthy looking lip without much effort and the need for maintenance throughout the day!

Took the above pictures at 2 a.m. in the morning. You must be thinking that I'm just kidding you but this is actually true. Haha. So what crazy stunts am I up to in the middle of the night?

I was actually getting ready as a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. We had to travel from KL to JB and then back to KL. Got to say, Shizens Lips Tattoo kept my lips looking healthy and ease me from the need to refreshing my make up the whole day! Hehe..

Lastly, here's a few photos to share! In all these natural looks, I only applied the Shizens Lips Tattoo without any tinted lip blam / lip gloss / lipstick! Work wonders, right? Couldn't agree more!

The Shizens Lips Tattoo is a product made from Korea, contains 8ml of liquid goodness in every stick and cost RM168 per unit! If I have the budget, I think this is one of the luxury that I would stock continuously! Or else, you can always get one and use it in a more reserved manner. :)

If you are interested to know more information and to get this product, you can easily find them from one of their many outlets listed in their website! Do check them out!

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