Monday, 5 January 2015

December is a month full of celebration. Christmas party everywhere including at Vivelle Medical Beauty! It was just last month that we girls indulge ourselves at a Christmas High-Tea session at Vivelle.

Vivelle Medical  Beauty is a centre that provides professional advice and service on medical aesthetic beauty and is also the only one connected to United Beauty Alliance - in Malaysia.

The Vivelle team consist of Dr.Wang An who has wide knowledge on Chinese medical and aesthetic beauty knowledge from Korea, Kevin who has 10 years experience in beauty industry, Jasmine who has 20 years experience in aesthetic industry and 5 years in the beauty, and Icee who has 10 years experience in skin specialist industry.

The most exciting part of this High-Tea Session was not a girly get together for High-Tea but the opportunity to listen to Dr.Wang An share information about aesthetic beauty be it plastic surgery or being able to improve certain aspect of our beauty without going under the knife. 

With just a simple scan through analysis on our skin and face, Dr.Wang An was able to tell us about our health condition and to be honest, it was really accurate. It seems that Vivelle can not only take care of our outer visible beauty but be able to bring out our beauty naturally by improving our health by natural adjustment from within!

Some girls asked about the reason and causes of disproportion on body flesh and it seems that our own body health is part of the reason too! Not because it was in our family genes or because of our daily body movements. 

We were also introduced the CG24h-D which is a Cell Groth 24h-Detoxification Cream. It is a cream used for application on the face + a massage method to help direct the toxics on our face towards the limp nods under our ear to be disposed from our body. This detoxification not only makes our skin more radiant but also creates a V-shape face naturally without any surgery.

Here is an example of before and after picture from one client. Compared to the above picture, we can clearly see that the flesh beside her lips have been tightened and hence lifting the face to show a V-shape beauty.

Girls with all smiles after a fun High-Tea together and also a fruitful chat with the team at Vivelle. Thanks Vivelle for all the information on how we can improve our beauty and also enlightening us on how we will be able to improve our health with a natural method.

Vivelle offers a very comfortable centre for their consultation and services, even the environment itself makes you feel like a princess ^^

Vivelle is now having a promotion on many of their prominent services such as;
  • 4D face countouring
  • improve on eye bag condition
  • prevent aging
  • V-shape face
  • improve skin condition
  • skin whitening

Vivelle Medical Beauty Consultancy

       服务区域:马来西亚,韩国, 香港, 台湾, 中国,泰国, 汶莱, 印尼. 

Vivelle 唯美3位灵魂人物 时尚医美顾问专家 (Aesthetics Professional )
1. Kevin
- 20年市场行销策略经验于美容行业
- 曾担任Mayfair集团市场开发经理
- 投入医学美容行业有10年经验

2.  Jasmine
- 20年经验于调整型内衣行业

3.  Icee
- 10年美容护理培训经验, 专于皮肤诊断和治疗

V 型提拉,双下巴,肚皮,全脸)






For more information, please feel free to contact them.

address: No.48, Jalan Temenggung 13/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
tel: +603-0911 9697

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